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Over €10 billion of public money and a few times more of private funds have been invested in the city of Warsaw over the last decade and it’s only the beginning of Warsaw’s development, says Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Mayor of Warsaw, in a video interview with Emerging Europe at MIPIM. This property, close to Tolga village and a short drive from Tinaroo Dam, offers excellent options with a liveable shed for now, land approved to build a new home for the future or store your gear and go see Australia. Make the most of the current improvements to live-in or extend or build a new house as you choose. Researchers show that certain personality traits are associated with higher social well-being.
Psychologists often use the “big five” traits – extroversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness and neuroticism – to describe personality.
Social well-being is related to an individual’s connectedness to the larger community and the belief that he or she can contribute to society’s growth.
University of Illinois psychology professor Brent Roberts and postdoctoral researcher Patrick Hill used data from the Mid-Life Development in the U.S. In the MIDUS study, participants answered survey questions to determine their big five personality traits and social well-being on two separate occasions about nine years apart.

An analysis of the responses revealed that adult social well-being is linked to personality over time. And Sparks Corporation is no stranger to such kind of process as our investment decisions come from a high sense of responsibility. Near level, this acre features a council approved colorbond shed with liveable amenities, established fruit trees and gardens and a fenced area for pets. A person who scores high in extroversion, for example, is highly outgoing, friendly and active. Those who scored higher on extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness had higher social well-being.
Similarly, if you improve your social life, you’re going to see the benefits with respect to an improvement in your disposition,” Hill said.
Sparks Corporation endeavor to provide services as wealth custodians while keeping in line with sound principles of management and transparency. We consider the well-being of each client we manage with utmost care, making sure that equal treatment is maintained at all times.

Those who gained in these traits over time often showed comparable gains in their social well-being. Sparks Corporation focus primarily on preserving the worth of client assets before looking for strategic measures for sustaining financial success according to each individual’s risk level.
Efficient stewardship of our client’s assets marks our commitment to providing further benefits to the firms we work with and to the total economy at-large.
Although previous studies have shown that these traits tend to stabilize over time, evidence also has shown that they can change as a person ages. Working together with other companies who maintain this stance leads to providing protection against market turbulence and to exploiting potential opportunities.

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