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Storage Facilities - Storage Facilities London listings and information about several companies offering self storage solutions in Great Britain. Aussie Self Storage is location on a great location in South London, just down the Thames River, a central location with very easy access.
Big Yellow self storage in Battersea is conveniently located for the following areas for domestic, business and student self storage: Battersea, East Hill, Latchmere & St John's Hill. South East - Self Storage South East London, listing of companies with storage services and facilities around South East London area, Safestor, Big Yellow, Easistore are some examples. They have all kind of Removal Vans like Transit Van, Luton Van and 7.5 tons Large Removal Van. Advantages of self storage you have access to your belongings during the period of storage.
All NHS staff are entitled to 10% off your ongoing storage costs over and above any current new customer offer and 15% off all packing materials. If you continue to browse our website we will assume that you are happy to receive cookies. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Every Thursday evening at around six o'clock, Terence goes to visit his mother in north London.
As property prices rise and housing space gets smaller, more and more people in Britain are renting self-storage units to act as their spare room.
We are the innovative leaders in the UK self storage industry providing individuals and businesses with an unrivalled product – the best locations, the best quality facilities and the strongest brand.
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Big Yellow supports local worthy causes such as the Southwark Tigers, the first inner city rugby club for young people in England. With over 700 units in 40 different sizes to choose from, every business storage need can be catered for. Simply Removals is fully reliable and specialist of moving single items, flat to a full house or an office.
It's something I like to keep to myself."Terence, 56, potters off down a long brightly-lit corridor, takes a key out of his pocket and opens a locked door to his left.
Beyond is a room, 250 foot square, containing a battered old armchair and an urn containing his mother's ashes.
At Easystore in Tonbridge, Kent, the units have housed anything from a collection of designer dog jackets to glass-fibre dinosaurs, taxidermist models, diesel trains and a personal collection of 500 shoes.
There are no mobile telephones, no colleagues asking awkward questions and no sound other than the shuffle of footsteps or gentle piped music. Warehouse managers have spotted desperate couples using storage units to conduct illicit affairs.
This, for Terence, is the beauty of the self-storage unit.He is not alone in discovering the benefits of a steel-bound room of one's own. The London Ambulance service hires a 2,000 sq ft area in Bow for medical equipment and a premiership football team is said to house its gym in one.Then there's the solicitor at King's Cross who rents his self-storage unit to practise the flute in his lunch hour and the man in east London, who tried to set up an art gallery in his (he wasn't allowed to). There's the man who has soundproofed the walls of his unit to use it as a recording studio and the errant husband in Wells, Somerset, who keeps a vast collection of pornographic magazines in his. The number of warehouses has increased tenfold, from around 30 a decade ago to more than 300 today.
Another male customer, unbeknown to his wife, keeps an extensive wine cellar so that he can enjoy a leisurely afternoon's drinking."It's not just the men," Mr Glenister says.

At the Big Yellow Self Storage warehouse in Bow, east London, Ibrahim Khan, the deputy manager, 37, prides himself on his attention to detail.
He is in charge of 1,800 units in a vast warehouse perched in the middle of a busy dual carriageway and surrounded by abandoned building sites."I had one customer whose unit began to smell because he was using it to store old tyres. I told him, 'You can't do that because it's a fire hazard,' " says Mr Khan, his brow knitting at the seriousness of the situation.
A policeman turned up last week with a warrant to search one of the units for stolen goods. Of course, the 24-hour access allowed at some depots, the anonymity and security combined with the affordable rent (Big Yellow offers a 10 sq ft cubicle for A?18 a month) are all rather attractive to would-be criminals.Sometimes the crimes are ones prompted by absent-mindedness. The late author Gustav Hasford, who wrote the book on which the film Full Metal Jacket was based, received a six-month jail sentence in 1989 after a few hundred of the 650 cubic feet of books he kept in a Californian self-storage unit turned out to be overdue from nine libraries.But others are a little more serious. Two years ago, staff at the Big Yellow Self Storage company in Brighton alerted police after one of their units started to smell.
In it, police discovered the body of Jane Longhurst, a teacher who had been murdered and kept in storage by her killer, Graham Coutts, for 25 days.Since then, security has tightened and all Big Yellow depots now have pin access codes and regular patrols. The walls of each unit have a gap at the top through which concerned staff can peer if anything arouses their suspicion. But otherwise, discretion is assured and you can spend all the time you like talking to your mother's ashes, enjoying your taxidermy collection and all manner of other bizarreness.

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