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Well, we all love to look at cars and motorcycles, but nobody really talks as much about boats, helicopters, and planes.
Of what I saw on Youtube, not many people talk about this vehicle and it'd be neat to obtain another emergency vehicle, outside of the usual ones you hear about, for instance the Police Bike, Unmarked Cruiser, Police Transporter, LSPD Buffalo, Park Ranger Granger, Lifeguard Granger, etc, etc, etc.
I got killed really quickly on it, it's near impossible to escape, boats are so slow and 4 stars were on me. In GTA IV, the Police Predator does not have the built-in machine guns, having been replaced by two Police Officers at the back who will shoot the player with Carbine Rifles; the Predators themselves only begin to appear from a 3 wanted level onwards. All you do is hit L1 or L2 and the Police Predator fires the machine gun, and it's not on the sides, I believe it's on top of the boat.
All you do is hit L1 and the Police Predator fires the machine gun, and it's not on the sides, I believe it's on top of the boat.
Yeah I have one of those at my dock slip, but are you sure you're not just firing your hand-held weapon like you can from cars?

Yeah I also have one stored at my marina slip and you fire out of it just like in a car using your Micro-Smg or AP Pistol(or any pistol) but unfortunately there are no mounted guns. I initially got the boat because it has the roof on it to protect you from helicopter fire, and it does work like a charm, but the Police Predator is really slow, second slowest I believe after the Marquis?, though I think it is also the most armored.
Also one tip, though you might already know, that's helpful especially while in a boat, is that you can outlast the helicopter with 3 stars. Hmm, if I was just shooting my SMG, it was shooting like 1 bullet per second, very very slow, usually you unload a clip in just a few seconds. You'll have three stars and very little time to jump in the boat and evade the wanted level.
Found out later that the Tropic also has a roof(sometimes, but you can buy it for a cheap 25 grand and just select it from the d-pad list and if it's not the version with the top just switch to something else then back) and is faster and more agile as well. After it's been on you (not in search mode but alert mode with it following and shooting you) for awhile it will be called back to base and if your not in view from other law enforcement you will go into search mode and lose the wanted level.

It's not as tough but with the localized damage and the fact that all boats seem to be pretty resilient, it can still eat a lot of bullets and last quite a while, at least in my experience. The chopper will come back eventually though so use that opportunity to make sure your not seen by another boat or whatever.
It only works on 3 stars though, once your on 4 you lose the opportunity as there are two choppers on you.

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