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Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop, one lucky Being Frugal and Making it Work reader is going to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop to experience the magic of creating their very own furry friend!
At Build-A-Bear Workshop you can make your own stuffed animal friends like bears, bunnies, dogs and more! I would either take the six year old to the store, or give the gift card to my 14-yr old who LOVES pandas.
I like the Monkey for my oldest, the Spider Man bear for my middle kiddo and the Snow Leopard bear for my youngest. Stuffed Animals take in life and development of a child holds a special place and not infrequent companions for life.
Whether as a pick-me-up, playmate or stuffed animal, from childhood stuffed animals convey security and trust. Build-A-Bear is more than just a shop where you buy bears, it is in fact the birthplace of the bears and an experience for the whole family. All the children spent a long time looking at all the bears, and deciding which one was the perfect bear for them. The children each pick up a red satin heart and Amy leads them through the ceremony which gives the heart love and makes it beat. The bears also get suitcases to carry their very own passports, which can be stamped with a different stamp at each Build-A-Bear store.
The children create individual birth certificates for their bears complete with bear names. How funny – Superkid has chosen the same one as my youngest and Roboboy the same as my eldest!
Love Build-A-Bear and it is not just for little ones, Bex has it on her hit list of things to do in the next few months.
Thanks, I intended to put it later on in my schedule but honestly my kids loved it so much that I couldn’t wait to share.
Aw, you see now I’m feeling sorry for the inferior cuddlies, which may explain why Purpledad had to persuade me to part with nearly 20 cuddly toys at the age of 20!

The Build-A-Bear Workshop at Downtown Disney Anaheim is located in a tall, green, 2-story Art Deco structure.
OH MY!  No matter which furry friend you choose, it will make someone feel BEARy special! MY LITTLE PONY FLUTTERSHY®, because I know my daughter would be absolutely thrilled to get something like this! Ensure that every child gets the right to him burly companion that offer bear making stuffed animals to make your own. The soft plush teddy bears, bunnies, funny monkeys or little green dragon from Build A Bear donate friendship and love – unconditionally.
In order to create the best conditions for Barenmacher carefree playing with the homemade cuddly companions – for a lifetime. When we arrived we met the lovely Amy who helped the Purple children choose and create their very own bears. Reflecting their personalities Super Kid went for a simple light brown bear, Robo Boy chose a camouflage bear, and Wonder Girl chose a brightly coloured bear with pink, red, yellow, blue and green fur. They enjoy it, they have to jump three times and give the heart a kiss before Amy puts it inside their bears. Wonder Girls bear gets named Sparkle, Super Kids bear is Fudge and Robo Boy follows his brother naming his bear Fudge 2.
I’m sure the children will keep the boxes and have some fun with the bears homes too.
The children love their bears, they are well made and I’m sure they will be treasured for years to come.
And, walking along further, you'll come to the main sales floor stocked with clothing and accessories for the teddy bears you'll be making. Design in a unique emotional experience big and small, old and young Built A Bear store their very own stuffed animal, bring it under the expert guidance to life and dress it a will. Today we went to Build-A-Bear, and since I’m basically just a big kid myself we were all looking forward to the experience.

The sound gets put in the paw so that the children can squeeze their bear’s paw whenever they want to hear it. It really is magical for the children and I saw each of their eyes light up when the bear was finished. We spend a long time on this part as the children want to look at absolutely everything before making their choice. The lifelong valid Paw Pass contains all important data and the personal code assigns every stuffed animal to its owner.
Use with your order simply a Build a Bear coupon and already, you’ve got a cute Build A Bear discount. In the end Super Kid again keeps it simple putting his bear in a hat and Sketchers trainers.
Each new furry friend you make at Build-A-Bear Workshop comes with pawsome virtual stuff including an animal adventure with an exclusive virtual reward, cool decor to decorate your Cub Condo® house and Bear Bills to shop for virtual stuff. If your best friend go missing once fluffy and are delivered in a Build A Bear store, it sends you to the store manager immediately returned to the registered address. Carrying simply the Build A Bear coupon code in the appropriate field and you’ve saved a lot of money. Robo Boy goes all out and his bear dons a leather biker jacket with matching trousers and biker boots.
Should there be no matching Build A Bear Coupons, watch some games, if you do not find at Toys `R` Us will. Therefore all Barenmacher bears and accessories made from quality materials and made by hand.

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