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The Build-a-Bear Workshop at Robina TownCentre opened just in time for the September school holidays and has been busy each day since, helping children create their own furry best friend.
The bright interior leads children to the first and most important area of the store- 'Choose Me'. Now, the bear is stuffed and stitched and each child helps with the stuffing until it is just as softly stuffed as needed. The 'Dress Me' corner of the store contains any article of clothing or accessory you can imagine, even down to shoes, skateboards, glasses or mobile phone. Computers are set up for the children to fill out the name and details of their teddy and a printed certificate is included for authenticity before they reluctantly leave the store.
Build-A-Bear Workshops also provide a party option and, judging from enquiries, this is a popular concept.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. Most Read This Week10 billionaires from Missouri, KC area make Forbes listFuturistic McDonald’s set to open in St. We have two new additions to our little family and they are Rudolph and Rosie and they are a delight. I’m surprised to see you write about Build-A-Bear on a website about being a thrifty mum. Sign up to our email newsletter to be the first to receive all the competitions, news, offers and events at Ocean Terminal.
If I said these two love their Build-a-Bear Workshop friends, that would be an understatement. My two-year-old loves Dogs and decided to get the Bow Wow Wow Bearamy’s Kennel Pals Chocolate Labrador.

I’d have to let my kiddo choose, but whatever she chooses, it will for sure have a tutu on it!
Thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop, one lucky Being Frugal and Making it Work reader is going to win a $25 Bear Buck$ gift card to Build-A-Bear Workshop to experience the magic of creating their very own furry friend!
At Build-A-Bear Workshop you can make your own stuffed animal friends like bears, bunnies, dogs and more! I would either take the six year old to the store, or give the gift card to my 14-yr old who LOVES pandas. I like the Monkey for my oldest, the Spider Man bear for my middle kiddo and the Snow Leopard bear for my youngest.
This unique teddy bear store is a global company originating in Missouri, USA, but their commitment is worldwide: to provide guests with joy and happy, memorable, friendly experiences. If you wish to include a sound for your plush friend, perhaps a 'meow', a bark or even a recorded voice, this is added here inside your bear. Prepare yourself for a long wait here, while kids check out everything to deck out their friend in all the right gear. We were very lucky to be invited to review Build-A-Bear Workshop® , our local one is in the Victoria centre in nottingham. From tiny hats and stuffed bears to the oddities like stuffed Koalas dressed in chick suits. My husband is fairly tall at 6’4 and my 3-year-old loves to tell people when he grows up, he will be as tall as a Giraffe. Whether you go all out for the full Build-a-Bear experience and shop at a local store or you order online, each one in made with love and attention to detail. OH MY!  No matter which furry friend you choose, it will make someone feel BEARy special!

MY LITTLE PONY FLUTTERSHY®, because I know my daughter would be absolutely thrilled to get something like this! Each teddy needs a heart and each child chooses their own and perhaps even a scent for their bear.
They are encouraged to hold the heart between their hands, rub it against their ear so their new friend will listen to their secrets, touch it with their lips so that they will share each other's thoughts and ideas and hold it against their heart so they will love each other forever, before slipping the heart inside the bear.
The Workshop is an absolutely magical place for kids where they can customize a best friend to be everything they’ve ever wanted.
They have everything a little boy or girl could dream up, all scaled down to fit an adorable stuffed animal.
A barcode tag is also added now so that, if ever lost, the bear can be scanned and returned to its owner. While dressing up a stuffed animal may at first seem like a girls idea of fun, I say, think twice!
Each new furry friend you make at Build-A-Bear Workshop comes with pawsome virtual stuff including an animal adventure with an exclusive virtual reward, cool decor to decorate your Cub Condo® house and Bear Bills to shop for virtual stuff.
With so many options from Build-a-Bear my boys can create buddies that are as unique as they are.

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