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These attractive camping trailers are small enough to be towed almost anywhere by almost any vehicle. They belong to the family of small camping trailers that were very popular in the 30's, 40's and 50's.
Campers World - Outdoor World CampingThe campers world is all about getting back to nature and enjoying the great outdoors. A Camper Village For All SeasonsThe camper village concept emerged from the ever increasing number of people traveling or even living full time in their camper van conversion or larger motorhome. Camping Box For Small CampersWith an addition of a camping box, your van or MPV will turn in a comfortable mini camper van conversion in a matter of minutes. The Terracraft is a sharp-looking 3-wheeler concept that aims to offer a unique hybrid of the motorcycle riding and car driving experiences.
Scheduled to sell for less than half the price of the current cheapest car in America, the Elio is a 3-wheeled "car" that hopes to shake up the automotive world. Auto rickshaws, also known as tuk-tuks, three-wheelers or by numerous other names, are a common sight on the streets of many Asian cities.
The presence of the head of Ford Motor Company at the Bangkok Auto Show was no accident – the New York Motor Show was on at the same time.
Epic Electric Vehicles is set to unveil its three-wheeled electric Torq Roadster at a public event on April 6.
Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowWhen we asked readers to submit their coolest, craziest, most all-consuming DIY projects, we knew we'd see some off-the-chart innovation (with video, plans and more). Some years ago to streamline camping, we sold our commercially made 18' Komfort travel trailer and converted a much lighter cargo trailer instead.
A cargo trailer conversion has a big advantage over RVs and popups at many towns along interstate highways. With a wheel on the front jack, I found the 6 x 12 to be quite maneuverable on level paved campsite driveways. Rather than email questions, I recommend using your own ingenuity to convert your own camping trailer. Teardrop trailer sites can be useful, even though a cargo trailer conversion begins with a ready made shell, frame and axle.
At first, I tried bunk style beds, but quickly switched to one large bed platform in the back half of the trailer.
To mount the platform, I attached about 6 to 8 L-brackets to the metal side ribs with self-tapping metal screws. For more storage, two oak kitchen cabinets were stacked one on the other, with backs against the trailer front. To hold the cabinet doors shut while pulling this camping trailer, metal loops were attached to the floor and underside of the shelf. Most campgrounds we visit have electric hookups for RVs and travel trailers, so I bought an electric heater.
Typically, we cook outside, and it keeps smells off the interior, like bacon, or other foods that may cook a bit smokey.
At first, I used one of those very compact office refrigerators, but eventually removed it and use a cooler now, which works fine.
Several shelves are mounted in the trailer, using strong shelf brackets and screws attached to the metal side ribs. Since the enclosed trailer is the main investment, it is relatively inexpensive to modify and change the interior if your family grows, needs change, or new ideas develop. Don't forget, the online trailer forums and sites have a lot of ideas for building these homemade travel trailers. For anyone with vision, a few building skills and a great set of tools, several of these portable buildings by Dix Enterprises in Wichita, Kansas can become a personalized tiny house. The Lofted Porch comes in 11 sizes from 8X16 to 14X40 and starts at $2,625 up to almost $10,000. Each Better Built building will be custom built to your specifications, allowing you to specify such things as overall building size, door and window sizes and locations, and shingle colors that blend with existing structures. I suppose the thing you can do is, if you have a place to live and the time to do it already, is to take the plywood splice plates out and put in better quality ones before you finish out the houses. I’ve seen this type of construction for gambrel roofs in a lot of shed and cabins, basically they will not pass code in most areas for a dwelling. We have a builder in our area who builds a portable cabin, or even a utility building as though he was building a home, and at prices that compare favorably with his lower quality competition.
On the roof rafters, a few well placed Simpson connectors would go a long way to make them more structurally sound. Here in AZ I have heard that WeatherKing.US has similar buildings that may have been approved by local communities (Navajo, Hopi Reservations) for habitation as a home. Inspired by another thread here, I was wondering what we can (or already have) design for a quality home-built boat trailer? I've never read the Glen-L book on building wood-frame trailers, and am not too sure how the DMV would like that, but am willing to consider all or partial wood frame elements. Not willing to consider torsion axles, or suspension systems rated for 1000+lbs, both of which seem to be the only lightweight ones readily available from Northern Tool and other major retailers. I understand that commercial trailers exist with all or most of these elements, but prices are usually well over $1200 for the Trailex aluminum models with spare tire, winch stand and winch. If the main spar were made of wood, hollow, thru bolted and glued and with a solid telescoping inner spar it would facilitate launching at shallow launches. It wouldn't be remotely strong enough to handle the weight and forces of trailering unless it was massively thick! As for something like the Yakima trailer, that would be great if we could source the parts separately.
My Aeroflow trailer has torsion suspension, and is scary to tow empty as it will do repeated 3' vertical hops on bad freeway sections. Remember, once you get the trailer license and title you can modify or upgrade it virtually anyway you want with no hassle from the authorities.
Save them to your computer if you want copies, as things tend to come and go when I need space on the website. We see a couple of those gorgeous light aluminum trailers with motorcycle wheels every year at the big canoe shows, but a couple grand for a little trailer is far more than I'd ever spend on one. I've converted two of these for small boat trailers, using a long steel tube for an extended tongue and wooden homemade bunks. He mentioned a swinging or removable tongue, which some prefer because it shortens the whole package, making it easier to store. I used a Harbor Freight trailer for several years, but even though I always rinsed it after each launch into salt water, it eventually rusted into uselessness.

There is a subculture of incredibly skilled hobby machinists turning out work that is awe inspiring for anyone who has ever stood before a milling machine or to those who simply appreciate great work. The project has a very detailed, two year long thread over at Home Model Engine Machinist, where builder keith5700 details everything he did, the troubles he ran into while learning his way through the tough spots and photos galore. This isn’t some CNC masterpiece, this is a manually machined and sometimes even hand machined project that looks like the full size prototypes it emulates. Combining the skill in design, machining and finishing with the technical knowledge and skill of incorporating the fuel injection makes this a real masterpiece.
He made the tiny spark plugs, machining an outer sleeve, and pressing a electrode through a hollow core and then pressing that into the sleeve. Some of the questions you guys have about spark plugs and fuel injection are covered in his build thread.
As a machinist I see a beautiful finished product but I also know the amount of time that has been invested is monumental. The popularity regained in the 1990's, when the first "DIY" plans appeared on the internet. Its retractable roof and doors can offer weather protection and aerodynamics, its tandem double seat replicates the motorcycle pillion experience, and its unique steering system means the driver can manually dial in a tilt angle to replicate the sensation of leaning a motorcycle into a corner.
It eschews the trendy electric powertrain for a small gas system, but thanks to its small, light, aerodynamic design, it promises to keep drivers away from the gas pumps for as long as possible. An evolution of the traditional pulled or cycle rickshaw, the gasoline-powered vehicles, which are used as taxis, are a major source of pollution in many Asian cities. With the new roadster, Epic founder Chris Anthony has shifted emphasis from range to raw performance and fun (Anthony was also a co-founder of the ill-fated long-range Aptera EV).
After all, when it comes to welding, building, modding and wiring brainstorms into reality, who does it better than Popular Mechanics readers?
The concept is all about balance: Lange positioned the batteries below the chassis's center of gravity so, like a sailboat skeg, they prevent the car from tipping over. Countless times when a few hours sleep was needed, the vehical and trailer were inconspicuous pulling into the parking lot of a big hardware or box store, or restaurant.
There are a couple of online forums where people share ideas for these home made travel trailers. In case there is no picnic table, a small folding aluminum one is held under the table against the wall with a cord. But I bought a small compact movie player instead to conserve space and keep things more simple. Those provide plenty of space to lay stacks of jeans, extra shoes, paper plates, books, or food containers like cracker boxes or chip bags. Better Built Portable Storage Buildings by Dix are outdoor storage sheds, barns, garages, cabins and offices that are built onsite in Kansas and then delivered by truck. I took your link and looked at the barn cabin which is the lofted style and it has the same 2×4 roof joists and particle board braces. These are a great step in the right direction, a much more affordable idea and they can be customized. 32 X 12 lofted cabin with give room for bed above door, 12 x 14 living area, 12 x 12 kitchen and small dining area, a 6 by 6 bathroom, and 6 x 6 storage closet.
Bald Eagle uses all 2x4s instead of 2x6s in the loft and floor, they use OSB for the floor, and OSB on the outside, instead of T-111. When I first saw his work I was a little surprised that he could afford to stay in business. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. It's a superb trailer and nothing using leaf springs will ever even be remotely close when it comes to a smooth, quiet ride.
Mine is very hefty, but a guy who built a Slider sister ship found a johnboat trailer that was narrow enough that the hulls sit outside the wheels, so that he can use a much shallower ramp than I can. Those intake pipes on the manifold were roughed in on the mill then hand finished with a grinder. This is what a lifetime of learning, working and practice leads to, stunning work that can be appreciated by a wide range of hands on builders as work of the highest caliber. I have a desk drawer full of pretty parts that should assemble to be a running 43cc v twin. But the COOLNESS factor is multiplied by 100, and its actually ridable unlike the boss hoss. Hundreds of magazines your local store never has along with all the rest, including all of your favorites.
As long as you have a hitch, you can tow them.They are an excellent companion for camping or fishing trips and of course they can be used for any other kind of your favorite outdoor activities. The name naturally comes from the streamline design of a human teardrop.Today these camping trailers come in a variety of designs, but they all keep the same practical philosophy. Lifting the outside cover, exposes enough room for a neat galley with a gas stove, sink with running water and even a cooler or a camping refrigerator. In case of a few rainy days you can always get an awning to cook under it and still be able to sit around outside.And don't look for showers or toilets here. It was already the world's second largest producer of trucks, behind only the United States.
This year's winning inventions range from a submarine to a beer dispenser to a jet-powered go-kart, but they all have one thing in common. Turn on both 2-hp motors and the headlights, which once served as aircraft landing lights.2. Just like his electric dragster, a 2007 winner, the car is assembled from recycled parts: The front and rear differentials came from 1975-76 Pintos, the brakes are from a Yamaha motorcycle, and the steering gear is a helicopter-tail-rotor gearbox. I had a bearing go bad in Redwood National Park, but was able to get the drum into Eureka and back in 2 hours by 4pm.
The compartment beneath holds extra sleeping bags, the tent, spare tire, dining canopy, extra food, water jugs, tools and more.
Two small legs were added in the center to support the center, still allowing gear to stow easily. I screwed the bottom cabinet to the trailer floor, then attached the top cabinet to that lower one. Someone could also use catches like those used for commercial travel trailers, or others designed to keep young children out of cabinets.
We put a small clear plastic storage container in the middle of our cooler to keep some packages out of the water, and lay the blocks, milk and other items to the side. One shelf across the back high overhead of the pillow area, holds folding camping chairs, extra paper towels and other things.

But one benefit I enjoy from a converted cargo camping trailer is the near instant readiness.
Often, I omit site suggestions so I don't have to keep track of what is still online or not. Windows provide natural lighting, and a traditional style metal door provides security and convenience. The end of the cottage features a larger door for adult access making it a very versatile storage shed.
I doubt that it would take much of a wind load to turn it into an expensive pile of kindling.
My experience with this kind of building allows customers to ask for special features, like windows that match their home, to have the interior left unfinished on the inside so elctrical outlets and switches, etc, can be placed where needed, and I’m sure other features could be requested.
As far as customizing is concerned,it is often hard to correct the basic structural flaws this building would pose to be used as a dwelling. They need reenforcing to walls and roof structure to handle the high winds of Northern AZ, and the snow load has to be improved. It would be nice to have a very lightweight trailer for a very lightweight (say 350 pound) boat, but stock hardware tends to be heavy. Combined with roof racks or front mounted metal platforms, you can carry with you just about anything that you need for your adventure.And it does sound so much better than a leaking camping tent in the middle of a stormy night, doesn't it? A comfy bed for two people  (and a small child) and on larger models even a couple of kids using a double bunk bed. Here you will also find cabinets, drawers and other types of storage compartments to store your camping food and cooking supplies.
You can of course always use the comfort of portable toilets and portable showers if you wish so.It all really ads up to a unique camping adventure, the simple way camping should always be. With just 18 vehicles per 100 population (America has 76), the Thai domestic market offers promise.
They deftly address a challenge—even if it's only how to get from here to there, very fast. The steering wheel controls how much the car leans, and that determines the turning radius. This enclosed trailer cargo conversion tows easy up hills, reaching campgrounds in less time. One of your most important parts of planning is probably going to be the balance of weight for accessories and gear. The location seemed practical, because the storage can be accessed from the back by opening the back doors, or from inside too. That one has a front so stuff does not bounce off traveling, and we open the back doors for access.
If we get tired on the road, we can pull over in a rest area or parking lot and take a nap immediately. Dix claims all of their portable barns, sheds, cabins and garages are built to hold up under heavy use and provide a lifetime of service. I think there is a place for several different levels when it comes to value, but it is rare to run across something that good. Ive also hear that the windows need to be sealed better, may leak around openings – damaging interior finishes. Maybe what we're really searching for is very economical, lightweight but durable rolling parts.
Cabinets and other gear compartments will keep most of your camping gear neatly tucked in on board of the camper.So, let's take a look at some of the most common teardrop designs and options available around. The world's auto makers are focusing their quest for growth on Asia and Bangkok is now key to the Asian automotive market. He turned an old fire extinguisher into the casing of the combustion chamber, for example, and the outer casing of a Mitsubishi Galant catalytic converter into the flame tube inside the chamber. Since most of our camping is coastal, I saw no need to pull the paneling and add insulation. Basically, almost any components can be added or omitted, as long as you balance the weight so the trailer does not fishtail down the road or put excess weight on the hitch. I looked at a 7' x 12' or 7' x 14' and decided those were too wide and a bit too big for my needs. The oak cabinets hold all the plates and utensils we need without getting too elaborate, although we do have a French press for coffee and a few other special items. Most of the buildings are for storage, livestock and gardening, but three of their designs may make a great tiny house: the Lofted Porch, the Portable Casita and the Mini Cottage. Not everyone has the time or skills to build something like this but they can tackle simple jobs like extra strapping on the trusses, etc, if they felt they were necessary. The Yakima Rack and Roll weighs 150 pounds and only carries 250 pounds and is ridiculously high in price.. The final choice was a blue diamond plate accent 6' x 12' with double barn style doors in back, a side door, windows and vent. With one window opened for fresh air, that unit is great when it's cold outside and no electric is available. If we want snacks, plates or cooking utensils on the road, only a minute is needed to open the door and grab items. Back when I used to sell them, the capacity on most of the Holsclaws in that size range was 500-600 lbs. Our trailer has been used countless times for my adventure to the Coast Redwoods and Oregon coast.
The inside of the building is still open with exterior stud walls that can be left unfinished, or you can finish the interior any way you want. I keep extra water and propane bottles in it, and use small blankets or towels as needed to stuff the voids for travel. Cup holders are mounted on both sides in the back for drinks, and a few hooks in various places. Still, the nearly 500-pound go-kart accelerates briskly, zooming from 0 to 60 in about 8 seconds.

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