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No matter how much you do to the chassis of your pro touring machine, there is still only so much tire you can fit under it and still be able to steer with the kind of geometry needed to quickly travel around the road course or autocross.
The choice is still going to be up to you, but here is some instruction from Lazze on how to make yourself a set of steel fender flares with an inner lip and the whole deal.
Hot Rod Garage Makes A 512 Cubic Inch Stroker Out Of A Throwaway Block And Jams It Into This Awesome Fury Station Wagon!
There’s gotta be a better way than stretching then shrinking then re-stretching the same section of metal, but his results sure look nice.

Following that we’ll be doing our chassis fabrication and suspension installation which is going that the chassis be precisely located. The solution for covering those big tires becomes a matter of personal preference and style, as well as what car you have started with. They may not be exactly what your project needs, but they show you the principles and how to make some of your own with the right tools and practice. You could easily do a taller, but smaller, version of this as a fabrication table for small projects. We'll give you credit for the submission (of course) and what is cooler than showing all your gang that you have a story on Bang Shift? Some cars, like Datsun Z cars for example, have a ton of bolt on simple flares available that work great.

Modifying it to be what we need is an option, but when I can across this cool video from Eastwood showing them building their own chassis table, I knew this is what we’ve got to do.
Mobility is going to be key for me, since we have limited space in the shop, and this one seems like just the ticket.

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