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You might grow up in a community where having a house without a fence would not be complete.
But building a garden without building a garden fence is even more incorrect because something will feel like its missing. Even worse, you might let your garden to be ravaged by different kinds of animals or even persons. You need to also design it not only in the way it wraps the garden, but also the height and the Wight.

For instance, wood materials usually serve double purposes not only as a fence but also as a means to ward off pests and wild animals.
If you are planting vegetable garden, you will need to heighten the design because you are trying to shield off your garden from wild animals or pests such as rabbits, insects, or even deer’s. Then, you need to pour the right amount of cement on order to solidify the ground and enable it to stand. But if you do want to build them yet you don’t know how to, you can learn it from this very own articles.

Woods such as cedar usually also contains a natural pesticide that could also ward off insects and bugs. This is very important especially if you are planning on having a vegetable or flower garden that is prone to animal attack.

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