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Directions: Plum Street Garden is at 2202 3rd St, Detroit, Michigan 48226, near MGM Casino.
Ashley explains that the greenhouse holds tomatoes and other crops planted for early harvest.
Jeff Klein, in red shirt, explains the philosophy of Detroit Farm and Garden, his retail garden center. I’ve been scanning a lot of my old 35mm negatives and slides for the ongoing 1965 Impala Hell Project series (using a time-slows-to-crawl 1999-vintage SCSI film scanner), and I ran across this series of panoramic black-and-white photos that I shot in the early 1990s. The car was a Seafoam Green 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe, and my housemate Anthony had inherited it from his original-owner grandmother as a teenager. And drive it he did; his job required a 60-miles-each-way commute, Oakland to Santa Rosa, through some of the most apocalyptic traffic that the San Francisco Bay Area had to offer.
The ’51 Chevrolet was actually a perfectly competent motor vehicle by modern standards, provided that the driver planned ahead a lot more than he would with a newer machine. I’m not sure where we were driving that day, but it involved a drive through Oakland to Interstate 580.
Zooming in on the last photo reveals a nice pair of Down Behind The Barbed Wire Fence finds. The one location I could identify in this sequence was this shot on MacArthurthur Boulevard near 72nd Avenue in Oakland, which was my neighborhood at the time.
I was born in Detroit in 1951, and my parents brought me home from the hospital in a green 1951 Chevy two door. Unless your local two-legged predators are snipers, you’re probably much better off with a shotgun! Of course, it also has front disc brakes and 3 point belts, which were both standard by that time. I wouldn’t describe these cars as beautiful, but rather workmanlike in that form follows function. Imagine my surprise while walking home for lunch from elementary school when my grandfather stopped to pick me up in a brand new 1964 Rambler American 440 2-door hardtop in dark blue and white!
As someone who uses a stock ’37 Plymouth P4 as a daily driver, let me point out it is quite possible to understand all such complaints yet simply perceive them as not possessing merit. Ours was not quite upscale enough to have the sound system like Anthony’s, unfortunately, but we did have that very desirable simulated clock.
A man driving in Michigan took his 2005 Dodge Magnum practically to the limit in the wee hours of the morning on May 19 when the Michigan State Police caught him on radar going 153 miles per hour on Interstate 75 near Detroit.
Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. Carmakers around the world are cutting production as inventories build up to unprecedented levels.
This is indeed a sorry state of affairs and the silver lining in the cloud is we might expect car prices to come down!!

View My Garage I hope if we could import one of those without paying customs excise duty. View My Garage While the cars may indeed be excess stock or unsold cars, the pictures would look no different when taken during full economic boom. I heard from a friend that buyers in the UK is having a buy one get one free offer on some models of KIA! In India its business like any other day, most of the talk about slowdown is in the air only! All these cars lined up are pieces of junk, otherwise also they won't have done any good to the planet, rather would have caused all sorts of pollution - air, noise, etc. On a serious note its a saddening picture, each of these beautiful machines could have made a home into an enthusiast's heart such as ourselves and members of this wonderful forum. Yes coming to the most important question, none of these cars will be dumped into India, due to the various homologations involved with ARAI & its paper work and costs.
Thinking aloud, the Indian car manufacturers wanted protection against foreign imports, ironically they cut their own feet in times like these, they could have imported some stock into India. Manufacturers having a large stock pile of older models may not even think of launching new models, may hold onto new model rollouts.
View My Garage It should take another 1.5 - 2 years for the world to recover from this financial mess.
Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « A rival to the Sultan - The Sultan of Michigan! At The Car Connection we are continually striving to get you timely, relevant information about the vehicle you are interested in. Plum Street Market Garden is a stunning 1.75-acre site owned by MGM Grand Casino in downtown Detroit. Ashley, shouting over the rain, shows us seedling of peppers, tomatoes and other warm weather crops.
The seedlings will be distributed by Keep Growing Detroit, part of the Detroit Agriculture Network. During this period, I was into low-tech artsy stuff: black-and-white 110 film (yes, such a thing existed), prying open disposable 35mm cameras and reloading them with hyper-grainy 3200-speed film, hacksawing off the lenses of thrift-store cameras and JB Welding beer-can-sourced pinhole lenses onto the wreckage, and so on.
This was the only car he had ever owned at the time, and so for him a very loose and rattly— though extremely original and unmodified— three-on-the-tree-equipped 40-year-old Chevy was a perfectly normal daily driver. The Styleline, while underpowered and primitive by 1992 standards, never missed a beat during all of those miles, requiring only regular tune-ups and oil changes. Uphill freeway onramps required a great deal of patience and the ability to spot the correct opening, and even fairly short downhill grades would cook the brakes in a hurry. The thing about those cars is they really can be repaired, unlike the tin cans we drive today.
They told me that on the way they listened to Douglas MacArthur’s farewell speech on the radio.

Michigan State Police First Lieutenant Michael Shaw told Autoblog that officers initially saw the man on radar doing 79 mph in a 70-mph-zone, and they started following him. Shaw said that he didn't know what engine was in the wagon, but as enthusiasts, we're curious.
Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. Honda is halting production at its Swindon plant in April and May, extending the two-month closure announced before Christmas to four months. The world is in a huge 'correction mode' financially and therefore all the areas are affected equally. If this goes ahead for a few more months, each and every sector of worldwide business, finance and industries are going to fall sharply into a big ditch. Even car dealers all over face the same situation,with their parking lots filled with cars awaiting sale. All cars are piled at port before shipping and will wait at lots before they are delivered to dealers. Automotive business along with construction are the ones to take the major HIT.The dealership I work for are having pileed up stocks like this. At Plum Street, staff and volunteers produce transplants for gardens across the city as well as grow fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers to boost sales and improve access at local farmers’ markets and restaurants The garden provides Keep Growing Detroit with a place to model appropriately scaled, production-focused urban agriculture.
A bolt or lever action is like a manual transmission, very enjoyable if you can operate it well.
After all, the 2005 Magnum RT was governed to 130 mph and the SRT8 wasn't unleashed until 2006, which means either the wagon must've been derestricted to hit such high speeds or that police have the year wrong. And I am also talking about Indian car companies which are owned by a foreign manufacturer (like your toyota for instance). So the pictures are misleading, they will look the same irrespective of economic condition.
Price corrections will happen & old giants will go down making room for newer ones like the bloom of spring! Most of the resulting photographs sucked, but the effect worked pretty well for interior shots of a scurvy, property-value-lowering ’51 Chevy full of my scurvy, property-value-lowering friends. If you were going to pick a car from that era to drive daily, you could probably do much worse.
Jeff explained the process of designing Plum Street Market and the philosophy behind Detroit Farm and Garden. My friend himself lost his job as he worked with an OE supplier for honda and ford who has already shut down.

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