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Our free car parking and car storage service is especially for those guests who need to drive to Auckland Airport from afar, and then have to leave their vehicles in costly airport parking at Auckland Airport. Free up space on your driveway, safe in the knowledge that your car will be checked regularly, so that it is ready to use when you come to collect it. Self-storage units may in some cases feel like a glamourised garage space, and here we are looking at the best ways to store a car in self storage for a long period of time. We could list the various things that need doing to optimise the car for storage, but the one process that will cover it all is simply putting the car in for a service. An important distinction with storing a vehicle compared with regular climate controlled self-storage, is that most likely the unit will be completely outdoors and at the mercy of the elements.
Your storage company or local mechanic may have more advice to offer, and as always you are very welcome to share any further hints and tips in the comment section below. Whether you have an expensive classic car that you’re trying to protect or just looking to lessen the use of your car for a while, vehicle storage can help you out. Place some plastic wrap on the windshield wipers to prevent them from sticking to the glass. The car should be cleaned adequately and all food removed to reduce the risk of attracting animals and insects. We understand that choosing a self storage facility to entrust your vehicle is not a decision made lightly.
Many municipalities have ordinances against long-term parking of an RV in a residential area.
Finding a storage facility that offers the type of storage you are looking for to store your RV, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor unit is easy.
Enter your city or zip code in the search box to find available self storage facilities closest to your location.
The Great Park Prestige Car Storage was formed by two avid car enthusiasts with over 50 years of Classic Car ownership between them.

We provide a one stop solution for secure car storage requirements on a long or short term basis.
The Great Park Car Storage offers a variety of options and can also cater for additional services and requests. If you have a particular request for your car and its storage, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Staying with us will take the stress out of looking for a suitable car park and rushing for a transfer to the airport. Before you can even consider putting your car away for a few months, the important matter of insurance needs to be addressed. As such as you need to ensure that your car will be able to withstand any changes of climate, but most importantly remove the influence of any pests that may be able to enter the unit from outside. A storage unit helps to eliminate the risk associated with leaving your car out in the open for long periods of time when not in use. In fact, it is better to overinflate the tires since the stationary position will cause them to deflate quite a bit. Or as winter approaches, especially if you live in Chicago or Philadelphia, you may want to shield your RV from the harshness of wintertime. Consider an indoor unit to protect your boat against the harshness of New York winters or an outdoor unit if you live near the coast.
Why not start or finish your travels by spending a night with us and let us make it stress-free for you? Perhaps you have landed a new job contract which means you don’t need a car to commute or you are able to catch a lift every morning. You are not going to leave your car somewhere to be forgotten about for a few months without adequate cover in place, and the storage company are going to need proof that it is insured. The last thing you want when taking it out of storage is to find leaks and things not functioning as they should be.

You ought to cover a car with a heavy fabric, taking care not cause any scratches whilst taking it on and off, plus it is recommended to block the exhaust pipe with a plastic bag tied around it. If you’re heading out of town for a while or have a collectible car that you don’t use often, then take all the headache out of worrying where to put it by renting a self storage unit.
Search using your zip code or city to find a wide array of self storage units to fit your needs. Once you have found the unit that will best store your RV, you can reserve it right online.
If you don’t have space at your residence or you don’t want to store your boat at expensive marina, then a self storage unit may be an affordable solution. A self storage unit may offer a temporary solution to store and protect your motorcycle from the winter season especially in cities like Chicago or New Jersey where winters can be especially harsh.
Similarly, they are going to want to see all the evidence that documents this car as being yours otherwise they are not going to want to go anywhere near the idea of keeping it for you. Ensure that not just the internal fluids are seen to, but the car gets a very thorough clean and wax too as this will assist in keeping the exterior in good condition throughout the storage period.
Any other entrance points you can find also ought to shielded off, but don’t forget to remove these when it come to take the car out of storage again. When it comes to storing you ought to remove the battery (very old batteries need to be kept off the floor as cement drains them) and if you are able to jack the car and put the wheels on stands that will do a good job helping maintain the suspension and tyres whilst not being used.
You can also purchase materials and fabrics that emit an anti-pest scent which will also deter any critters.
And make sure you have nothing left in your car when you leave it, especially anything that might decompose or attract pests.

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