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Magickal uses: In traditional aromatherapy Juniper essential oil is used to detox the body, as a parasiticide (parasite destroyer) and antiseptic.
Magickal uses: Cedar wood chests are ideal for storing magical supplies (except herbs and essential oils). Eastern Red Cedar are attractive evergreens that are grown as a large shrubs or small trees with a dense pyramidal form. We listened to our readers, and this is the only thing we'll say about endorsing Bernie or Hillary.
This story first appeared on the Guardian and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. King Solomon used them in the construction of the temple that would bear his name, the Phoenicians used them to build their merchant ships, and the ancient Egyptians used their resin in the mummification process. Emblazoned on the national flag, currency, and the country's national airline, the cedar is the one great unifying emblem of this small Mediterranean nation. The cedars, some up to 3,000 years old and almost all of which are now protected, need a minimum amount of snow and rain for natural regeneration. But, with sectarian difficulties forever dominating the political agenda, the fight to preserve Lebanon's cedars can be a frustrating one.
Elsa Sattout, whose doctorate entailed a multidisciplinary study of Lebanon's cedar forests, defended the country's approach and noted the cedar is protected by law, but said more could be done. She also highlighted a mass spraying project against Cephalcia tannourinensis in a joint effort between the American University of Beirut and the ministries of agriculture and environment. Mother Jones encourages readers to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus, or OpenID to comment.
Juniperus communis, or Common Juniper and Juniperus Virginiana, otherwise known as Cedar wood (Cedar for short). Notice how this medicinal property coincides with Juniper’s magickal use of purifying homes and fields.

The cedar of Lebanon has a fragrant resin that has been used since anent times: in incense, cosmetics, for embalming, and to treat leprosy and parasites. Atlas Cedar Wood (cedar atlantica) and Red Cedar Wood (juniperus virginiana) are the two main cedar wood oils available. The Eastern Red Cedar is often used for windbreaks, screens and for median strip plantings in the highway. Centuries of deforestation have already seen the tree's 500,000 hectares decimated to its current 2,000 hectares, and it has been added to the IUCN's red list of threatened species, albeit at the lowest level of threat. Since 2009, for example, Starbucks and the Association for Forest Development and Conservation have partnered to plant several thousand cedars in areas of Lebanon afflicted by forest fires. Help hold the powerful accountable by funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation today. So as a special treat I will be posting occult correspondences for both these popular magickal and medicinal herbs. Juniper was widely used as incense in Summer, Babylon and Egypt for spiritual purposes and to honor both Goddesses and Gods. Juniper can be used for protective rituals designed to ward off negativity as well as to purge such negative energies from a person or place.
Today this oil (or actually the Atlas Cedar subspecies of this herb) are used for its pest repelling properties and is favored amongst aroma therapists to treat chronic anxiety, cystitis, skin problems, and bronchial issues.
It was the most popular and widely used incense in Mesopotamian regions and by pre-contact Native Americans.
They share very similar properties and so can be used with equal effectiveness in magical aromatherapy as well as in other magical rites that call for such ingredients. The Eastern Red Cedar will grow in a variety of soil types including clay and is very drought tolerant.
So why is the marketing campaign so awful?Who Will Speak For the Trees?Fourth graders petition Universal Pictures to improve the green message of the film version of The Lorax.

You can inhale Juniper essential oil (or dried herbal sachet) while visualizing it’s energies guarding you from negativity and danger.
The fragrance of both wood and oil promotes spirituality, simply inhale the sweet antiseptic and calming scent before religious or spiritual rituals to deepen connection with deity or spirit.
The new foliage on an Eastern Red Cedar appears needle like with an attractive dark blue-green color. Centuries later in Europe, branches of Juniper were smoldered and carried around fields and farms to release their protective energies, guarding both livestock and crops.
You can also use this technique for internal purification, inhale the fragrance and visualize thusly. As the foliage on an Eastern Red Cedar matures they turn to a dark green color and appear scale like. Juniper can be used as parts of health-maintaining rituals, regularly smell the scent while visualizing yourself eating correctly, exercising and thinking positively. This is a technique I (Tytus Lionheart) use often as I suffer from anxiety, stress, and high-blood pressure: Smell the aroma and visualize yourself as poised, calm and in control of your own life. The Eastern Red Cedar also has reddish-brown exfoliating bark that peels of in long vertical strips. I keep a small container of cedar to use for this very purpose, it honestly calms my tension and brings my mind, body and spirit into balance; Highly recommended (with usual medical treatment from your doctor) for those suffering from these ailments.

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