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Big kitchens are great; all of that space and storage can make for a beautiful and put-together space. We rarely use all of the space in our drawers in the kitchen, which is why I loved this idea. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. They are a great way to store things you need easily accessible, and they’re pretty so that’s a bonus!

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Bulk items can take up precious space for those items you need easy access to, which can be very difficult when cooking. This will save your counters from clutter and keep your cabinets open for the bigger, more unsightly items. If everything has a specific place and you keep it there, the kitchen is a lot more likely to feel tidy and not nearly as small.

Keep a checklist of your kitchen staples and the amounts that you need on hand at any given time, and try your best to stick to only purchasing more when it runs out. Having a place for everything (and maybe even labeling it for the rest of the family) will ensure things stay tidy.

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