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While your possessions might not initially seem to need climate control, think about what could happen to them if you’re storing them for a long time. Climate controlled self storage facilities are a wise storage rental option for many businesses and individuals. Temperature controlled storage rentals maintain an environment of particular benefit for a business which deals in perishable goods. On the other end of the thermometer, climate control facilities have air conditioned storage space when beating the heat is required to ensure goods and valuables are protected. Electronics are very vulnerable to changes in temperatures and humidity so renting a climate controlled self storage unit is a great idea for those wishing to protect their investment in virtually anything related to electronics.
Musicians who want reliable protection for their instruments are ideal candidates for the benefits which climate control storage rental can provide. Climate controlled self storage units are a wise choice to protect and preserve valuable paper products and documents. Proper storage space is playing an increasingly crucial role in the ability of business to meet document retention requirements.
A good rule of thumb when determining whether climate-controlled storage or a common drive up access self storage unit can benefit you is to simply ask: would I feel secure in storing these items in my garage in this climate?
I learned about the damage from humidity about 20 years ago when I put a sofa in a public self storage unit that was not climate controlled.
Just because your belongings are stored in a clean, dry space doesn't mean they're completely protected from the elements. Climate Controlled Storage Springfield MO - Eastway Storage 417-864-7867 Menu Skip to contentSERVICESCLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGEBOAT STORAGERV STORAGEPRICINGABOUTBLOGCONTACT CLIMATE CONTROLLED STORAGE Have you ever stored something in your basement and later find it smelling musty or maybe it’s curled from being too close the furnace or the window? QC Storage offers a wide range of climate controlled storage options that is sure to fit your needs and your budget.
These four climate controlled storage options are perfect for all of your personal treasures.
And if you’re still unsure if you need it, read the Top 10 Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage. In some regions the onset of winter and steady freezing temperatures reinforces the need for a secure climate controlled storage rental.
Climate controlled facilities and heated self storage units will prevent damage which results from exposure to freezing temperatures and dry air which accompanies low temps. Self Storage in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and other Texas cities are examples where demand for climate controlled storage units is high due to the hot climate.  It is important to note there are some perishable items which are unable to be stored in many public self storage facilities like perishable food items, plants, flammables and explosives. Though you might not think of a vibrating recliner or a pinball machine as a candidate for climate control storage, these are examples of electronic goods subject to damage from swelling and contracting which changes in temperature and humidity can cause. While rock bands tend to think of their equipment as more durable than that of a jazz trio or string quartet, most musical instruments, including electric guitars, are subject to alteration from extremes in temperature and humidity. In fact, many self storage facilities now offer wine cellar rental space in various sizes to serve those who lack the room or capital to invest in a wine cellar in their home or business. For this reason climate controlled storage facilities are being utilized as an affordable option to address this often legally required practice. If the answer raises doubt or is a resounding no, then a rental climate control self storage facility will benefit you. I have a lot of electronic equipment that I need to stay nice as well as things made of wood.
It was a beautiful couch a girlfriend had bought for me and it was ruined by mold rot caused by humidity.
You probably know that you need an action plan as far as packing similar items together and in what order to load the moving truck. The fact that they have stood the test of time is proof of their superior materials and craftsmanship. You have expenses that you must cover in order to keep operations running smoothly, and two of your biggest expenses are probably your office space and your business supplies. It takes a lot of work to relocate your life, and there are so many details to keep track of. Instead of piling all your boxes by the front door, marked boxes can be taken directly to the rooms they belong in.

Those items can bake or freeze in a storage space the same as items that are sitting in the car parked in your driveway. The ideal climate conditions are a rare occurrence in the naturally diverse weather patterns of our area.When deciding where to store your property, there are few things to consider before you go with the climate controlled storage center that is closest to you. From baseball cards, Harley Davidson motorcycles or just about anything that you need to have in a well-kept climate controlled environment! Self Storage rentals in Denver CO and the Boston, MA area are a good example of facilities in areas where cold temperatures are a concern. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check with the prospective climate controlled storage provider to see what items are permitted for self storage. The steady temperature ranges and controlled humidity of climate controlled storage provide protection from the elements, and give the storage space renter security and priceless peace of mind. Paper and paper products are also known to harbor mold if stored in a facility subject to humidity.
Finding rental self storage for your important documents has become simple at Rent It Today.
Hope this post and comment helps people realize the damage that high humidity can do to things stored in dark places.
If you have to put your antiques into storage instead of keeping them in your house, you may worry about what kind of shape you’ll find them in when you go to retrieve them from the unit. When there are lots of things to look after, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget something. They can also get damp and moldy like things placed in a dark closet  or basement at your home. We are Eastern Iowa’s premier storage facility offering amenities like 24 hour access, secure metal roll-up doors and of course these units are climate controlled! Even more temperate climates like Cincinnati OH, Self Storage facilities offer temperature controlled storage space. There are a few things you can do to help you figure out just how much space you need.Make appropriate use of the space you have. If you are ordering in bulk, preparing for a move or expanding your business, you may be in need of additional storage. One way to do this is to find a storage unit that can house your boat when it's not in use. Fortunately, you can help preserve the conditions of your valuable belongings by putting them in a climate controlled unit. These buildings maintain an average temperature between 60-80° using central heating and cooling. If you are storing small items, put them in standard-sized moving boxes so they will stack evenly.
Having a climate-controlled unit means that your antique items will not be subjected to the extreme temperature changes of the changing seasons.Humidity, or the lack of it, is the enemy of many antiques, especially wood and paper items. These are just a few reasons you may find yourself with an overflow of office supplies and a shortage of space to store them. These are a few things that might slip your might, but are still useful to remember.It is vital to transfer all of your necessary records, whatever they may be. In a regular storage facility, it’s kind of like putting your furniture or valuables in the back of a parked U-Haul and leaving them to smolder in the heat or cold.
Plus ALL of our climate controlled units have bright, energy efficient, fluorescent lighting! These type units help prevent warping, cracking, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and infestation of pests. An important feature of climate-controlled storage is that you can control the humidity levels, not just the temperature. Many people lack the room on their own property to store a boat, and it often takes up garage space that is better suited to things you use on a more regular basis.
Self-storage units are used to house everything from business files to excess furniture to camping equipment. What goes on outside of the storage facility is likely to be going on inside of the facility, with the exception of precipitation (hopefully).

If you think you can get by with a five-foot by five-foot unit, try measuring out that footprint in your home or garage and marking the space with masking tape. If you have items that need to be kept in a somewhat moist environment, you can accomplish that. Supplies used around the office aren’t the only items your business may need a storage unit for.
Be sure to pack essentials like toilet paper, a toothbrush, some snacks and everything else you need to stay comfortable. Having a separate space for your boat means nothing is displaced.Many people keep their boats outside, but this leaves them highly vulnerable to the elements.
Because they come in various sizes, you can free up as little or as much space as you want by utilizing self-storage.2. With climate controlled storage, the temperature inside the storage unit is regulated and the humidity is controlled. If you have excess inventory, you may think it’s time to upgrade to a bigger office, but it can be extremely pricey to expand to a bigger office space. Facilities aim to keep the temperature between 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter. Are you getting this storage space to fill a short-term need, or will you be adding more items in the future?
Paying for a larger office means you will also be paying for additional electricity, resources and maintenance. Avoid this with a reliable storage space.When your boat is kept in its own storage unit, there is no need to worry about theft or vandalism. The humidity is kept below 65% at all times of the year.Having the climate controlled inside of your storage unit can prevent damage to your furniture, electronics, artwork, fabrics, and whatever else you store. Self storage, on the other hand, can provide you with the extra space you need without the exorbitant price tag. SavingsMany self-storage facilities are climate controlled, which means your property isn’t in danger of damage from moisture, mold or dry rot. Extremely high and low temperatures, along with humidity, are the top factors that bring damage to items kept in storage.
A standard self storage unit can be a great place for big items like furniture or smaller items like documents and business samples. Also, bacteria, mold, spores, fungus, and pathogens are far more likely to get into your climate controlled storage unit if you’ve chosen a regular unit over one that is climate controlled.Eastway Storage Center offers climate controlled storage units at a very reasonable price.
The added expense over a regular unit is a small price to pay to keep your property in great shape.
This is great for keeping bulky items together or for keeping protective blankets on furniture without harming delicate surfaces.4. It would be incredibly disappointing to go back to your valuables, furniture, and other property in your storage unit only to find that it is overcome with mold, warped by heat, or disintegrated from bacteria or termites.
In the long run, renting a climate controlled storage unit is a lot less expensive than having to replace property damaged in a regular storage unit.Because climate controlled storage units are made to keep your items protected, you can store more things such as documents, microfilm, tapes, sonogram recordings, electronic devices, art, fabric and other sensitive material that you may not have thought possible to keep in storage units. Ball up individual sheets to create cushioning at the bottom of each box, then use more paper to wrap individual items.5. The climate control will keep your items better protected than any regular storage unit could, and you will be able to store several other types of things in a climate controlled unit than you ever could in a regular unit. This is for color-coding your boxes, so you know where they go without having to read the labels.Now you know exactly what you need, so don’t put it off any longer! The benefits of a climate controlled storage unit are worth that added cost.For your climate controlled storage, contact Eastway Storage Center at 417-864-7867.

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