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I recently watched a little video from Kent Weakley about the dangers of using UV filters on your lenses.
The second image is particularly interesting, because the UV filter has almost no chromatic aberration but the sans filter image has a pretty bad red CA. When I first started looking at this and where the one was focused the other was completely out and I thought, what the hell happened here?! First, I want to get out of the way, the difference in shutter speeds that you can get using this much ND filtration. I could have done a number of other more scientific tests, like actually photographing a test pattern but I wanted real world examples. Of course the polarizer will be used for making the skies look better sometimes – but then it will be added on demand. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my local code lets me go up to 250 sq ft without a paved driveway. You can easily get just about any PTW through a four foot door without doing the mirror dance.
I do have some shelves for smaller parts, larger stuff will have to go up above in the loft. This pic is from that thread, although I don't remember why I saved this particular one, don't think it was the best. Just making your "cantilever" look more like a bay window on the side of the shed should look better to the wife and inspectors, too. Should be possible to do it on both sides of your shed (flanking your bike work area) if you want even more space, but you'd need to figure out what tools would be usable in a recessed area. Thought maybe if your floor socket (for the bender) was in front of a recessed work area (or maybe if you had 2 or three sleeves in different places) you wouldn't need the floor space in the back for the bender and could put non-move-able stuff back there. Not sure what would work for your budget, but if it were me, I'd think about if I'd ever consider using that space to pull a car engine (to fix my vehicle), or unloading a bike (with no wheels) from the bed of a pickup, or unloading anything heavy. Okay, while trying to get a permit for the shed I'd picked out, I learned that the city "might not" approve anything over 120 sq.
I saw this small outbuilding online and I think it makes good use of the window seats I originally proposed. They could be built to provide a standing-height workbench with cabinets under them without narrowing the workspace inside.
6x4 plastic apex garden shed review compare prices buy online - Amazon toys: more than your average toy store. On initial inspection, especially at this resolution there really isn’t much of a difference visibly.

There might be a ever so slight color shift in the red of the brake light, but nothing drastic by any means. There might actually be slightly more contrast in the white light lens in the UV filtered image.
The lens without the filter is getting a very slight red cast in comparison to the filtered version. I must have bumped the lens (though I was using the timer) or something, because the UV filter image is tack sharp in comparison to the slightly blurred image without a filter.
One test that I should have done, however, is with strong clear light sources, like an incandescent lamp either in front of the camera or just to the side. If you are really paranoid of dropping your lens, you can do as Kent said and use a lens hood. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. I went to talk to the planning and codes folks at city hall and they were very forthcoming, pleasant and helpful..
Use a four foot metal commercial man door (they're out there, see my workshop thread) and you'll get back some wall space, plus you won't need a separate man door to get in and out.
Probably the drill press and the grinder; maybe the blaster or the washer (if you could take the legs off and figure out how to incorporate them into the cantilever of a bay). I'd try to build a little higher now, then sometime down the road try to pick up an overhead bridge crane. For the difference in size, cost and functionality, I couldn't justify the time and hassle of a custom design and build. Yes the cost would be much more, but you should be adding value to the house in the long run.
Once you have used all the options for your Sheds & Garden Furniture search, you should find the lowest price. It was done partially back in film days because of damage UV rays could do to the film itself.
There might be some slight saturation reduction and almost like it’s slightly lighter, which I would think is odd. There were some other areas in the non filtered image that looked a little red cast as well, but this was probably the best example. So besides the slight color differences I really don’t see much of a real difference between the two. It is hard to see at this size, but there is obviously going to be more motion blur with the slower shutter speeds.

With a really good filter, it might be less, and of course the more filters added to the end of your lens, the more dramatic the changes. My amazon link above has some examples in user submitted images of just how bad the Tiffen UV filter is at lens flair. A filter in certain circumstances probably isn’t going to affect your image that bad. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. This very clearly shows that the UV filter is causing some serious cyan chromatic aberration. Overall though, as a comparison, these two images need to be thrown away, since the focus is so different between the two. He didn’t seem to go into absolutes on what exactly the effect to your photos would be, so I went ahead and tested it. I’m thinking there are some effects to the contrast as well, but again it is difficult to see at this size. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.
I took a variety of photos on a 50mm 1.8 Canon lens with a Tiffen UV Protection Filter on a Canon 40D in different situations, with the exact same settings once with the UV filter and once without. I don’t intend to show each filter at 100% for expediency, just what I can for example. This may be caused by the swaying cattail leaves in front of it, but I kind of guess more toward the stack of glass added to the lens. Then again, maybe it has to do with the sensor capturing light for a longer period of time.
I've unloaded pallets of supplies with one, pushed over a pallet jack, and saved myself a lot of aches and pains.
Other than that, I can see some more noise in the dark areas of the tree and maybe a little less sharpness. In that case, since ND filters specifically reduce the amount of light into the camera, I only adjusted the shutter speed to compensate.
Also surprising, I don’t really see any more chromatic aberration until I add the UV filter into the mix.

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