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See our most popular sheds, the Kent Apex Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed, Essex Pent Wooden Garden Shed and Canterbury Garden Shed Pressure Treated! A concrete shed base is without a doubt the strongest and most durable form of shed foundation. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
On the face of it that does seem like a much more straight forward option and much less faff then concreting. Excellent stuff, its starting to look a lot more feasible now and will hopefully be able to make a start on it over the weekend. I'll be pinching a bit of woodland at the back of the garden and building a shed approx 2.5mtrs x 4mtrs. This will have 2 advantages for me - 1) not having to build the ground up and 2) I can keep the corner on the highest point of the ground, just above ground level, so the whole frame will be floating, thus helping keep damp away.
I prefer to use class 1 scalping's than sand it binds better and is less lightly to shift also once its bound by the concrete its very very strong (Its the stuff they use under roads) meaning you can use less concrete! Note i used wood shuttering at the rear against the (crooked) fence as that's OK to leave or cut out at a later date, I put down about 4-5inches of concrete on this base,and a tip is see the wooden stakes in the scalping's they are level with the sides of the shuttering they act as a guide to help you judge by eye and with a level if you have any low spots in the middle when leveling the scalping and pouring in the concrete! Yeah looking at the shutters I was guessing at a good 300mm in there, can't beat a massively over engineered shed base tho, that ain't ever going to let you down. Here I am giving a site details where you can get all the information related to shed kit, custom made sheds, clorbond sheds, commercial sheds, diy sheds and farm machinary sheds.
Call Today to have your shed quoted instantly on 3 D computer programme, at customsheds Shop, 162 Memorial Ave, Ettalong or book an appointment to visit your home or work place (on the Central Coast, NSW area's Only). You could make a suitable base by digging down a little and laying some grit sand and then bedding some concrete flags on top of the sand, then you can point between the gaps using mortar.

You could also use railway sleepers- they will last for ever almost, and usually available at fence and shed suppliers! Would it be an idea to build the base up in a similar way to the concreting with a frame filled with earth and grit topped with flags? I think a concrete base means you should pay rates on it, sleepers or flags and its no charge. Surely the point is that the shed has a concrete base that it sits on and is not permanently fixed? I don't think any temporary building in a garden (such as a shed or conservatory) are taken into account when determining the ratable value of a property.
I would guess that this would apply to any building that did not require planning permission to erect. We erected a shed that was on a concrete base and sited it over 1 metre away from a boundary fence to allow access to the fence and trees for pruning.
It is extremely important that all garden buildings are constructed on a firm and level base which is constructed from the correct, durable material.
We also specialize in Custom Made Sheds and delivery areas include London and the South East, including Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex. Not as perminent as concrete, should you ever decide to move the shed it'll be real easy to put the area back to garden. Shutter it up with tanalised timbers fill it in with gravel, whacker it down firm, staple DPC to the bottom of some 3x2 tanalised and sit the shed base on the tanalised timbers. If you do use scalping's just make sure they are well whacked down and if using shuttering like I've used at the front here remove it when the concrete is still green as it will separate easier and less lightly to chip the base edges !
According to a regulation that I read somewhere, if a shed is erected nearer than 1 metre to a fence then it has to be dry lined or made of fire proof materials.

Assembling the base incorrectly can lead to future deterioration of the product such as doors dropping out of square, thus becoming complicated to use or causing a water leakage.
Note: The incorrect assembling of a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to void any guarantee that may come with your shed. First of all, always remember that placing the base too close to any walls, fences or other objects may cause problems. Having done plenty of concreting over the years, this approach was a doddle, but does lack the STW Extreme Engineering approach. Branches are likely to grow and come into contact with your shed, so do your best to avoid.
Check for overhanging foliage regularly as any rubbing on the roofing felt may well lead to your shed becoming vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and even rain. The reason for the original excavation to be 2" bigger all round is to take into consideration the wooden frame, you will now have an internal area exactly 8'x 6'. If you decide to use thicker timber you will need to take this into consideration at the stringing out stage.
A concrete mix of 5 parts ballast 1 part cement should now be mixed and poured into the area, enough concrete should be poured so that it is just proud of the formwork, it can now be tampered down level and flat using a straight piece of solid timber, the result is a smooth level concrete pad.
This wooden frame can then be levelled into the pea shingle for a well drained wooden base.
Which ever base you decide to build it is important that the floor has enough support the entire length of the building and this support has to be level and flat.

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