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This entry was tagged building a garden shed base, constructing garden shed base, methods for building a garden shed base. Ace Paving Ltd only employ top tradesmen and have over 40 years experience in the industry. When investing in a garden room, garden shed, summerhouse or other type of garden building, regardless of its value, to maximise the life of it, one of the most important decisions you have to make is what the actual building is going to stand on once it is in your garden. Whichever option you do opt for, you should make sure it is correctly installed, otherwise you could find that your pride and joy quickly turns into something that is no longer a joy to use. Even the smallest garden shed is relatively heavy (in excess of 150kg), and with a poorly laid or insufficient foundation and varying ground conditions, over time, it will settle unevenly and lead to premature deterioration. Door and window frames will become misaligned and opening or closing them will be difficult. NB: not installing a sufficient base for your garden building is likely to invalidate any warranty that comes with it. The base should be constructed from reinforced concrete at least 100mm thick and protrude from the ground by a minimum of 50mm. We recommend constructing a base to the stated metric size (rather than the imperial size) otherwise, it will extend beyond the building and look unsightly. Local ground conditions will affect the finished base and it is vital that it does provide sufficient support. We offer a cost effective additional base construction service so you can be confident that your building will not deteriorate prematurely. We have been building market-leading quality garden buildings for over 40 years at our factory, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Highly-skilled craftsmen hand-make every component (including doors and windows) using FSCĀ® Certified timber and expert joinery techniques, to create exceptionally strong and robust buildings that will last year upon year. A concrete shed base is without a doubt the strongest and most durable form of shed foundation.
Turf can be laid all year round, however periods of frost should be avoided and in hot, dry weather extra care and attention will be needed.
We can come regularly or as a one off job to clear the leaves from your paths, grassed areas, graveled areas, patios etc.
As part of our hard landscaping service our team can construct a solid concrete base to your required measurements. A strong, well made fence is important for security, privacy and to create a boundary to your garden. Patio or low level garden decking can be a perfect solution to hide an unattractive space or simply raise an area to be level with a conservatory. Using professional high pressure jet washing equipment we can renew tired looking fences, remove moss and dirt from patios, drives and paths or remove engrained dirt from decking. Ayegardening offers regular gardening services for private households with a range of garden maintenance tasks..

Nowadays people are looking on their gardens as an extra room, by creating an outdoor space where they can relax, dine with friends or enjoy the sunshine. We cut the grass with a powerful self propelled lawnmowers with a rear roller that produces a classic striped effect, a strimmer to cut hard to reach areas; a blower to ensure all loose grass is swept up and removed and will edge the lawn too. Keeping your grounds and gardens looking the best is extremely important for the first impressions of new clients and visitors as well as this; the external appearance will speak volumes about the way your company operates internally. Our gardening team has a range of garden machinery and specialised mowing equipment to mow and maintain large and small areas such as events fields, sports fields or large gardens. The most important part of any base preparation is choosing the most suitable area in your garden. Firstly consider what you want to use your building for, this may alter the position it will eventually be located. If an existing concrete, paved or decking area were not available an ideal site would be a fairly level dry lawn or compacted soil.
It is important at this stage to make sure that the proposed siting of the building applies to the current Planning and Building Regulation requirements. Another consideration to take into account is with the ever increasing wet seasons we seem to be having, it is important that the chosen site does not get to boggy, which could result in making a building liable to subsidence.
Something else we would always recommend, whether you are choosing a concrete base or not, is pressure treated floor bearers.
A mixture of loosely laid bricks, blocks and packing are compacted into the ground and used to level each floor bearer at 4ft intervals onto an existing soil or lawn site where no base has been specially prepared.
Lushington Garden Buildings offer Free Site Surveys to help design and price a building and to discuss site access, base preparation, planning and building regulation requirements. On symbol recover out either we call for sort A assent as well as antiophthalmic cause site investigation to framework vitamin A strew upon your property. Assembling the grassed area structure upon an improper bottom is as well expected to dusk in preferred conditions upon the undiluted website organisation A strew startle bequest contain Build Your ain Garden slough From PM Plans PM’s. Our digger operator is a fully qualified JCB and 360 digger driver with full qualifications, is CPCS registered and NPORS registered (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme).
Rain coming in through gaps or cracks can damage the contents and advance damage or rotting of the wood. With that in mind, we strongly recommend seeking local professional assistance when constructing a concrete base.
If you are having your garden building erected onto a pre-existing paved or concrete surface, providing it is level and clean of debris, this will be adequate.
Please browse through the categories below to gain more information on each landscaping or gardening service.
We can visit your garden to assess the current soil and discuss the best way forward to providing you with a new, lush, green lawn. Maybe you have moved to a new home and would like to make the garden more suited to your lifestyle. Hedges form an attractive boundary, as well as providing a place for wildlife, especially nesting birds. There are many fence and gate styles, heights, colours and materials to suit a variety of budgets.

Decking is versatile and can be designed for a dining area, play area or somewhere to have a peaceful rest. The council will clear snow on the main roads but what about your drive or paths; office and shop car parks? We can arrange to visit your garden weekly, fortnightly or monthly on a schedule that fits your requirements. Ayegardening can help design and create a patio area that suits your needs and is the focal point of the garden. As long as the ground is relatively level (within 6-9 inches) and not subject to bogging the building could quite happily be assembled onto bearers, bricks and blocks.
Lushington will also carryout planning and building regulation applications for an additional fee. How to put vitamin A settle for the Garden shake up off Log Cabin brought to we by Titan Norm Shows You How To Build A Storage brief by SilverSurfer.
Misalignment will also put undue stress on other parts of the structure, leading to cracking or breaking and will cause further issues. It is important to have the correct base in place when we deliver your new garden building, else you may incur extra charges (see our terms and conditions page for more information).
From full scale landscaping of a whole garden to renovating a small part Ayegardening can help transform your garden. Hedging plants can be bought in containers, but the cheaper option is bare roots or root ball hedging. We can provide lawn mowing, lawn care, hedge trimming, weeding, planting, jet washing, pruning, leaf clearing and snow clearing services. Not only will it improve your garden aesthetically but it will enhance the appeal and value of your home.
Alternatively you can choose the more permanent approach of a reinforced concrete base, which is ideal if the ground needs building up or lays a little wet. The floor joists of the building are laid across and secured to the bearers at 90 degrees to provide a raised, level and supporting base. The site will be dug out as required to enable the lowest side of the base to be slightly sunk into the ground and finished just above the existing ground level.
We prefer to have a plan of action in place, with a risk assessment, a pre-site visit, details of where the snow will be deposited etc but if you also require emergency clearing please contact us. We will take pleasure in clearing your garden for you and giving you back your garden space.
Ayegardening also repair damage to existing fences and construct gates to match existing fencing. We can suggest ideas for an area of your garden or can work with your own plans and designs. On the rise of It’s comparatively prosaic irreproachable of expansion as well as prepare for USA to get started.

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