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We also undertake consultancy in assisting the entrepreneurs in procurement of land anywhere in Karnataka. Irrigation equipments Like drip irrigation, sprinklers, rain guns etc., can be adopted to conserve water for intensive and extensive fodder cultivation, there are subsidies available from government for adopting these systems. Sheep & goats are exposed frequently to internal parasites like – nematodes, tramatodes, and custodies. Designing and construction of type designed sheep & goat shed, which are scientific, cost effective and affordable.
Insurance facilities to sheep & goat in collaboration with reputed insurance companies.
Grazing the sheep and goat in the entire pasture and leaving them there for the whole season is the extensive system of rearing. Rotational grazing should be practiced under which the pasture land should be divided by temporary fences into several sections. Under this system, it is advisable to graze the lambs first on a section and then bring in ewes to finish up the feed left by the lambs. Semi-intensive system of goat production is an intermediate compromise between extensive and intensive system followed in some flocks having limited grazing.

It consists of provision of stall feeding, shelter at night under shed and 3 to 5 hour daily grazing and browsing on pasture and range. It is a system in which goats are continuously kept under housing in confinement with limited access to land or otherwise so called zero grazing system of goat production in which they are stall fed.
It implies a system where goats are not left to fend for themselves with only minimum care.
Intensive operation of medium sized herd of 50 to 250 heads or more oriented towards commercial milk production goes well with this system particularly of dairy goats. It merits exploitation of the system of feeding agro-industrial by products as on pangola grass (Digitaria Decumbens) with carrying capacity of 37 to 45 goats per hectare. The litter material has to be turned periodically to remove the foul odour in the pen.
Alternative other dicotyledonous plants like desmanthes, subabul etc., can be used as well. Maize: Is a unicut variety – 80 days crop – cultivation practices repeated every 3 months to grow 3 crops in one year.
Lucern: Perennial in nature, itgrows on again after each cutting, 1st crop comes with in 3 month and next cutting once in 40–50 days.

All animals are to be given preventive vaccination against all the preventable disease as per the following vaccination schedule. Therefore they are to be de wormed with appropriate de worming medicines once in 3 months regularly. By the time the entire pasture is grazed, the first section will have sufficient grass cover to provide second grazing.
InDG is a Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Government of India initiative and is executed by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Hyderabad.
Few of the important varieties of fodder trees are – drumstick, agase, thagache, subabul, glyrecedia, alavana, hebbevu, kamara, etc., these are fast growing trees, they can be planted along the boundary of the land and also on the bunds and in waste lands.
Fodder trees gross better with drip irrigation and they are permanent sources for fodder especially in summer season.
East west directions must be covered with complete walls with door, where as north south directions must be open with mesh for adequate cross ventilation.

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