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This was the simpler of the two to build because of its very basic construction with identical rails at the top and bottom of the legs.
Once I had cut all my rails and legs to size, it was really only a matter of screwing everything together.
This system is super forgiving too in terms of aligning everything true and square because there are 22 screws per corner bracket. After building the first table, I started the process all over again only this time I at least had the first table on which to to work. The open rails on this table also called for these pass-through brackets which weren't as sturdy as the corner system. So I used a 4x4 rail on the base and these corner brackets to beef things up (there are a ton of other Simpson building brackets available for every possible building configuration). Here's how they looked at the end of March, when I first suspected that I might get apples for the first time. After all the lumber runs to DBS this past week, I'm finally ready to start building the worktable for the garage. For day three of my garage focused life, I went back to Discount Builder Supply and picked up the last of the lumber for the worktable build project.
I've got a pair of velvet slipper chairs that I bought on ebay a few years ago and had reupholstered that have gotten pretty stained from use.

I set out first thing this morning in search of the brackets I need to build the garage workbench which I described in yesterday's post. After I vacuumed, I laid down some scraps of plywood that will make a good base for the few pieces of furniture that we're storing back here.
First of all, the rat situation required that all the stuff from the crawl space be moved into the main parking section. For some reason that declaration, coupled with the fact that there was no room for Ethan to work anywhere anymore, has led to complete and utter disarray. So to put a stop to this nightmare, I've come up with this little sketch for the basic layout and I'm going to make building this station a priority over all other projects. I worked on a piece of ply to make sure that everything was flat and not warped or twisted and I tried to make sure that the areas where I was attaching screws were free from knots. I will give a complete play-by-play on the worktable build as soon as I get it completely assembled and varnished. I've also seen more than a couple injuries, like bad ones, and I've had a few scary close calls, myself. I'd like to clean them up a bit but I'm really undecided on whether this can be a DIY job or not. My goal was to avoid having to secure the bench to the concrete wall for stability (accomplished).

There were a few droppings back there on the east side, but I think they may be from the rat eviction day.
Oh and there was also the fact that I was bedridden for a week because of surgery and am only now getting almost full mobility back.
Plus we are going to need to purchase two tool cabinets, which will be probably the most $pendy part of the project. I plan to retrofit that later, after I get the garage put back together.There are three plywood panels that make up the top. On the other hand, I am ridiculously capable of using a chop saw, safely, and get serious satisfaction out of building stuff. To make sure my seams are strong, I reinforced with an additional rail that the ply screws into across the seam.I had originally thought I would use some sort of leveling hardware to deal with the double slope.

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