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Wood logs may seem really useless, and as something not creative, but they are something completely opposite. This ideas will blow your mind and make you start at this very moment to create er piece made of wood log. All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. These coffee tables can be considered as one-of-a-kind, as no two pieces of timber look exactly the same. The beam coffee table is made from a reclaimed timber tied together with two inset walnut feet and three walnut splines. Fallen trees or industrial cast-offs for the basis for a range of unique designs from Brent Comber. Using reclaimed scaffolding planks for the top and base, this scaffold coffee table is wrapped with steel and riveted together for an industrial design. Created from a one-of-a-kind hardwood slab set on a frame of four steel boxes with a blackened or powder coated finish, these coffee tables are locally milled from sustainably harvested trees. Handmade from carefully selected Douglas fir beams, which are known for splits and knots, this unique coffee table has a silvered top. This one-of-a-kind coffee table is crafted from a huge trunk with a smaller section of trunk serving as the base. Made as a mosaic of salvaged wood pieces from different species, and arranged together, this unique table top is made from left over scraps from the production of larger furniture items.

In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to start destroying trees just to be able to use the logs. It is finished to a smooth shine, but not to remove the scars of it's past, including nail holes and iron stains.
For these designer tables, the simple beauty alder pieces are crafted into wonderful unique shapes.
The powder-coated steel base crosses through the wood mosaic and serves as the support for the round glass top.
However, if you do stumble upon this type of things, you might consider bringing them home. Here are some examples of how you can turn wood logs into creative art piece for your home.View in galleryThis particular creation was made out of the birch logs that a couple had used for their wedding as the table number holders. They were then useful and quite unique and usually people would just throw them away after they’ve finished using them. However, there’s another option and this one includes 2.5-4 inch thick branch(es), adhesive picture hanging strips, a saw and sand paper. The result is this beautiful art piece.{found on curbly}View in galleryHere’s another example of how you can use wood logs and this time we’re talking about larger pieces. This improvised table is now used as a mini-garden and the materials used to make it are perfect for this purpose.

All you need is a wooden plaque and a dry fallen branch or a lumber log for the base and voila, you have a unique piece of furniture for your home.View in galleryView in galleryNow it’s time for a more complex project. All you need is some logs that you need to slice into pieces 2 inches thick and then press them on the ground.{found on domesticatednomad}View in galleryAnother simple project would be lamp.
In this case you’re free to choose the size of the tree stump you’re going to use as a base. Just dig a whole into it and add the light fixture and you’re done.{found on ikeahackers}View in galleryA similar project would be creating a flower vase. If you want you can also add a lacquered finish for a more glossy look.{found on thecsiproject}View in galleryIf you like rustic pieces, you can also consider a wood log to create some practical storage shelves.
In this case you’ll have to slice it into 1-2 inches thick slabs, slice the part that will become the back of the shelf, screw brackets to the wall and to the bottom of the shelf and you have a perfectly functional storage shelf.{found on ds} View in galleryAnother very creative idea and so far my personal favorite is a wooden clock. You can also leave it plain in case you’re aiming for an artistic look.{found on curbly} Share this postAdd to Flipboard Magazine.

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