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Metal Garden Sheds are ideal as a storage solution for garden furniture, the lawnmower as well as any valued clutter from the house; in view of the fact that they are considered more secure than traditional wooden sheds. Metal Garden Sheds are ideal as a storage solution for garden furniture, the lawnmower as well as any valued clutter from the house; in view of the fact that they are considered more secure than traditional wooden sheds. Metal garden sheds are made from galvanised steel, the 'traditional' corrugated iron or aluminium.
We manufacture metal sheds to ANY SIZE from small garden sheds to keep the mower dry to agricultural buildings to aircraft hangars, the choice is yours. Custom Metal Buildings supply a range of small, medium and large steel sectional buildings. We supply quality metal sheds which are designed and manufactured to suit a variety of needs, from the humble garden shed to garages and workshops, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Custom Metal Buildings offer a flexible, low maintenance, cost effective structure that can be made to fit any situation. When compared to traditional building costs with virtually no maintenance, it's easy to see why more and more people are turning to Custom Made Metal Garden Sheds. Also known as portable sheds, Better Metal Buildings installs and delivers storage and tool sheds across the continental United States. Mini-Storage Units…                      Our Mini-Storage Units are the perfect addition to any backyard.
I do my best to go above and beyond for the service of my customers and their needs for their projects. He has interested prospects but we are giving everyone an opportunity to come get this before it's gone. At The Shed Guy, we take pride in being a local-based business utilizing the unique, unparalleled craftsmanship of the Amish community, guaranteeing 100% hand-crafted, quality-built sheds and buildings customized to meet the customer's specific needs and providing our customers with quality products at a fair price.

The word bespoke stretches back into history from the origin - bespeak (be-speak) or as we like to think of it, let it be made exactly as you spoke.
This may seem a little old fashioned in these days of mass produced, ready-made products, however, we dare to be very different when it comes to providing a service that puts smiles on peoples faces. Bespoke Garden Sheds and garden buildings that suit your precise needs are what we strive for. We are more than willing to mix and match, adjust or remove, add or increase almost anything (within reason) for your tailor-made garden sheds.
There are numerous types of garden buildings available on the market that may be explored to produce a design that meets your requirements and complement your garden. Wooden sheds require more frequent maintenance with a recommended annual slap of treatment to prevent premature rot. Every Steel Building comes pre-welded, pre-cut and pre-drilled allowing the building to be installed onto a foundation in a fraction of the time of other more traditional builds.. The a-frame style has to option to add a vertical roof, rather than the standard horizontal roof.
Depending on the size of storage unit, garage roll up doors are available to make for easy transporting of larger items in and out of the storage or tool shed. This is the reason why we love to speak to people and manufacture bespoke garden sheds exactly as you ask for it to be made. In addition to this, wouldn't you just love to have something that wasn't bought at your local hyper-market chain that stands out as something completely unique in the world of garden buildings.
Whether you need custom-made garden sheds to fit your existing concrete base, extra windows, wider doors or georgian windows, double doors for your shed, more headroom, a partition here or there, verandahs, shelves to store your bits and bobs .. Just let us know your exact requirements and we'll be more than happy to discuss your options thoroughly.

Maybe an escape from the wife, husband or kids? Or maybe you are just looking for the perfect recreational retreat where you can entertain your friends? Then you have metal garden sheds that are pre-treated, painted at the factory or clad with metal panels coated with plastic that can be resitant to outside weathering for a considerably long time. Some models without floors are available. Customers may install cement pads or lay other additional foundation down for the install of their storage unit. Better Metal Buildings recommends vertical roofs because they are stronger and better resist leakage over time.
Other options include, but limited to, windows, transparent panels, mobile home anchors, insulation, cement anchors, concrete supports, and more. Our storage buildings can be installed on the ground, on concrete, on asphalt, or on a wood base. Now, ask the 'ever so friendly' assistant if you could possibly have the shed made with an additional 3 inches of doorway and while they are at it, could they also please supply the shed with windows 4 inches smaller with the roof at a slightly different angle so that it will fit under your prized apple tree .. Whatever the reason, we can turn many of our first-class sheds into a class-1a liveable retreat.A Sheds n Homes steel building has many purposes, and now we have made it possible for you to turn a number of our sheds into liveable areas. All of BMB buildings are available in any combination of the twelve to thirteen color options (depending upon the provider) they offer.
The compact steel structures can fit just about anywhere, adding needed storage space to wherever. The 12 gauge steel is the stronger of the two and comes with a 20 year rust through warranty.

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