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Ahrens, steel buildings, materials handling, grain storage, mining, design, construction and industrial buildings.
But this is the first company to my knowledge that offers a complete home building kit thata€™s ready for assembly. Some might find it practical as safe, temporary shelter while their permanent home is being built or as a cabin or storage building. With its own steel manufacturing facilities in South Australia and Queensland, an in-house design and engineering team and site erection crews in several states, Ahrens offers a vertically integrated delivery approach and cost-effective solutions.
Introducing a wireless grain monitoring system that will give you real time grain temperatures and RH throughout your ground pile. Which then require efficient storage shed, and utilized in various roles, are outdated ceiling.

Stacking scoria bags around the outside would provide plenty of insulation and possibly be less expensive than buying a second layer of metal or second grain bin. Some people aren’t strong enough to do earthbag, adobe, concrete work and other labor intensive building methods.
The most interesting thing about this product is it has already been designed and fabricated as a home. I’ve thought of that as a topper for an earthbag building, and checked it out last year.
Our grain bunkers do not require footings, are free standing and can be anchored if necessary. Flat Grain Storage is quickly becoming the most popular and cost-effective way to store grain.

And I really like the idea of combining a systems container with all the mechanical systems with one of these grain bins. Pole barn kits will also give you more room, for the same price, but probably won’t be as sturdy as this grain silo.

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