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The Fast Track system may come with directions and hardware for you to install everything, but here’s an overview of the process and the resulting shelving units with some pictures. Once you have all the materials that you will need, line up the rail using a stud-finder in a position that maximises the number of screws that can be drilled into studs, preferably starting with one.  Once you have a start position picked out, drill a pilot hole for this screw and attach one of the screws loosely. I just finished installing this system in a closet, with the horizontal rail up at the ceiling level.
Customize your  closet with accessories such as shoe cubbies, drawers, and sliding baskets. Adjustable rail system provides the flexibility to place shelves and accessories wherever you'd like, and change them as your needs change. Holding six to eight pairs of shoes, shoe shelves expand the storage potential of your closet by organizing your shoes. A special thank you to all the customers who purchased items in my shop within the last year! This holiday season Matt and I were so busy that neither of us were able to spend substantial time for Christmas shopping.
Vanilla Coffe Sugar Scrub Normally I would save the "best" for last, but this one was my favorite! Vanilla Almond Brown Sugar Scrub I actually used salt in this recipe instead of white sugar because the brown sugar is so soft.
The plan was to makeover the right side of my closet and switch my dresser to the other side. Once I had all the uprights secured I started snapping in the brackets and adding adjustable shelving (no cutting needed!). It holds up to 12 pairs of shoes and is compatible with any Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ kit. Use as two shelves or one with no commitments because it is adjustable at any time and requires no cutting.

These cell phone pouches are perfect for easy charging stations, can be made to fit any cell phone type and size with your choice of fabric! Black Decorative Celtic Scroll Shelf Brackets1 piece of reclaimed wood - Sanded and cut to size 2 curtain rods small enough to fit inside the holes of the shelf bracket. I used one rod to hold a large construction paper roll for all my son's artistic endeavors. I decided on giving them cash and letting them shop for themselves, but, I can't just give them money.
I love citrus and coconut smells and had to keep myself from eating all the sugar scrub instead of using it for my hands. I also wanted to get rid of the hanging sweater organizer which always seemed to hide my sweaters and bring my jeans down off the top shelf (I wear these the most!). Once I had a clean slate I followed the directions on the Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ closet kit and began tracing the holes for the hang rail, tapped the drywall anchors and started drilling in the hang rail.
You can use the rail covers to help space and level the uprights or you can be a nerd like me and use a magnetic level (I love cool tools!). I love the rows of shelfs and then the lower hanging area – we did that in our closet to and it makes so much more room then just one long hanging rod! But I was disappointed to find that when the rail is at the ceiling, you can’t hang the vertical brackets on it, because it hits the ceiling. Great for anything you would store in a dresser, the kit includes easy-to-follow directions and hardware needed to assemble. However, arts and crafts, bills and spills, and every other nicknack always find their home on my clean countertops. Books, batteries, pens, pencils, veggie seed packets, screwdrivers and toys were some of the things I found that needed a place to go. Luckily when I moved into my new apartment, the management said I could install new closet shelving.

The Rubbermaid HomeFree series™ closet kit was what I needed to turn my messy closet into a real dressing room. The rod support hooks clip into the bottom of any of the brackets which makes customization so easy!!! I was (finally) able to take all of my clothes out of boxes and easily access my sweaters, pants and jeans! So, I decided to add something sweet to the cash gift and make each of my family members a sugar scrub for their hands! I wanted to maximize the current space since I had to leave two storage boxes full of clothes stored away when I moved in due to the hanging space in the closet.
The first upright is installed 6” from the wall, but don’t worry, a handy spacer comes in the kit! It's simple but classic and the perfect gift for any bride or groom to personalize their new home!Remember that you can always custom fit your order with any available fabric options in the shop! I also use my master closet as a storage space for many other things besides clothing such as suitcases and sports gear. I also used Rubbermaid Clever Store clear containers to store additional winter items and bathing suits. I have used homemade sugar scrubs made with olive oil and it would leave a layer of stickiness on my hands.
Place your coconut oil container in the microwave for about 40 seconds and it should do the trick! Have a nice medium size mixing bowl to mix the ingredients together and then spoon the scrub into a small display container like a mason jar.

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