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New evidence from the radar imaging taken so far is to be sent to a team in Japan for analysis.
Japanese expert Hiroaki Watanabe pointed at images on a screen which he said showed a false wall within Tutankhamun's burial chamber, his colleague believe they will find Queen NefertitiA King Tut, as he is affectionately known, died around 1323 B.C. The closest planet to the sun appears to get hit by a periodic meteor shower, possibly associated with a comet that produces multiple events annually on Earth.
The clues pointing to Mercury's shower were discovered in the very thin halo of gases that make up the planet's exosphere, which is under study by NASA's MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging) spacecraft. A meteor shower occurs when a planet passes through a swath of debris shed by a comet, or sometimes an asteroid. Earth experiences multiple meteor showers each year, including northern summer's Perseids, the calling card of comet SwiftTuttle, and December's reliable Geminids, one of the few events associated with an asteroid.
The suggested hallmark of a meteor shower on Mercury is a regular surge of calcium in the exosphere.
The suspected cause of these spiking calcium levels is a shower of small dust particles hitting the planet and knocking calcium-bearing molecules free from the surface.
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory built and operates the MESSENGER spacecraft and manages this Discovery-class mission for NASA. Sense of importance: Speaking over the radio while still underwater, Putin (pictured) said he hoped the discovery would shed light on Russia's 'historical development'. In 1991, two German hikers stumbled upon a frozen corpse that had been immaculately preserved beneath the ice in the Eastern Alps for over five millenia.
Now, scientists collaborating across the world have isolated and mapped the genome of a bacterium in Icemana€™s stomach called Helicobacter pylori, which lives happily in the guts of half the present-day population.

Using DNA-amplification techniques, meta-genomic diagnostics, and targeted genome capture, scientists have identified Icemana€™s H. Because Icemana€™s strain is more closely related to Asian than various Asian-African hybrids that exist today, this finding also suggests that Asian and African strains had not yet mixed at the time that the Iceman lived. Shockingly, none of these ailments contributed to his ultimate demise: he was killed by an arrowhead unleashed by an unknown enemy.
Though the bacteria in Icemana€™s gut provide only a single sample, scientists are excited to connect the dots with research in other mummies around the world a€“ just not in ancient Egyptian mummies, unfortunately, because their stomachs were removed as part of the mummification process.
Hunt and others anticipate that Iceman will continue to be the gift to science that keeps on giving.
The smallest bits of dust, rock and ice feel the force of solar radiation, which pushes them away from the sun, creating the comet's sometimes-dazzling tail. Comet Encke has left several debris fields in the inner solar system, giving rise to the Southern and Northern Taurids, meteor showers that peak in October and November, and the Beta Taurids in June and July. Measurements taken by MESSENGER's Mercury Atmospheric and Surface Composition Spectrometer have revealed seasonal surges of calcium that occurred regularly over the first nine Mercury years since MESSENGER began orbiting the planet in March 2011. This process, called impact vaporization, continually renews the gases in Mercury's exosphere as interplanetary dust and meteoroids rain down on the planet. However, the calcium spikes found in the MESSENGER data were offset a bit from the expected results.
We accept all space related events in our calendar and all it takes is about 5 minutes for your to fill out the online event form. Approval ratings were just under 90 per cent as Russian state-run media has intensified his promotion since the seizure of Crimea in February 2014.But not all of his bizarre adventures have turned out to be success.

Since the discovery, the 5300-year-old mummy a€“ known as a€?Icemana€? or a€?A–tzia€? a€“ has proven a paleomicrobiological goldmine, shedding light on diet and lifestyle practices of humans in the Copper Age. But now after the initial reading of the scans, we are saying now its 90 percent likely there is something behind the walls.'A He said he expected to reach the other side of the tomb's wall within three months.
The larger chunks get deposited like a trail of breadcrumbs along the comet's orbit a field of tiny meteoroids in the making. However, the general background of interplanetary dust in the inner solar system cannot, by itself, account for the periodic spikes in calcium. This shift is probably due to changes in the comet's orbit over time, due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter and other planets.
In staged scuba dive in 2011, he apparently found two ancient amphorae off the Russian coast close to Crimea, but it turned out the urns had been placed there for him to find.He has also brought up ancient Greek pottery shards that his spokesman later admitted had been planted.
It is for this reason that its presence in Icemana€™s ancient stomach has grabbed the attention of evolutionary biologists from Austria, Italy, South Africa, Germany, and beyond. While researchers dona€™t know how for sure whether he would have experienced stomach pain, it likely was not the worst of his problems.
Examination of the handful of comets in orbits that would permit their debris to cross Mercury's orbit indicated that the likely source of the planet's event is Encke.

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