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Dudes!  We are overhauling a 1972 Bell Travel Trailer!  Follow the entire series from the beginning here!  This Nugget project is sponsored by my friends at The Home Depot. I need to give a massive thank you to everyone on instagram that voted which pattern they loved the most.  I love it when your friends confirm what your gut is already telling you.
Once I knew what pattern I wanted, it was just a matter of cutting the wood.  The triangles needed to have 30 and 120 degree angles.
Each triangle got a light sanding on the edges and knots to get rid of any splinters, and then it was time to start laying it down!
We prepped the floor by pulling out the carpet nails and scraping all of the paint and thinset off of the linoleum.  Then we swept and vacuumed and swept and vacuumed until we were sure that it was nice and clean. You want to work in kind of a big section as opposed to fitting and nailing down each triangle on its own,  that way you can make sure that everything is lined up before you commit. Inside the closet wasn’t horrible either,  we just used the template and it worked great! We used wood filler to fill all of the nail holes and finished it off with a few coats of satin polyacrylic.
It is so fun when people see it to find out what shape they see,  the star?  The tumbling blocks?
One of the factors when it comes to working on trailers is adding weight.  The total weight added for the flooring was around 40 lbs.  Each pine board weighed in around 4 lbs, and we used 10! Maybe a new floor isn’t up your DIY alley, but um…can you image this pattern on a wall or a table top?!  Dreamy.
HUGE thanks to my friends at Home Depot for teaming up with me on this project for The Nugget!!

I love the floors, I’m actually glad you brought up the temperature issue because I was worried about this when you mentioned the paint.
I was going to take a lazy day today, because it is my birthday, and not post an article, but I came across these videos over the weekend of Matthias over at WoodGears building a cool new router copy contraption and thought I would share them. If you want more information, be sure to watch the videos below and visit Woodgears, where you can also buy building plans for the Router Copy Carver. I've built myself a router duplicator that diy router duplicator would do the business you are asking. Toys and Joys would like to share their huge selection of woodworking project patterns with you. Making a simple bogey type Go Kart using wood bike wheels and other easily available parts. I was just thinking to myself YESTERDAY about how I can cheaply update the floor in my studio to get rid of the nasty carpet. We have been working on our pop-up and from all my research and extensive conversations with paint people I was told to only paint the inside with exterior paint.
I could totally see it stained in different tones if you wanted to bring out some of those different shapes you talked about.
His latest machine accepts a small trim router and allows the user to use a follower to duplicate an object into wood. Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace See Thomas More well-nigh cnc router Pantograph Duplicator antiophthalmic factor DIY Router copier out of scraps.
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The obvious answer was paint the subfloor, but I wanted a little more texture to it & I thought about buying boards & cutting them into tiles just like this!!
I didn’t want to because of the fungicides etc in the exterior paint, but I was told that my paint would chip and peel off in a few seasons if i used interior.
I was thinking that I could buy one of those Dremel Router tables but that would embody kind of limiting. Your version turned out amazing & it’s probably just the push I need to dive into mine!
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It is dress upwards to carve copies of an original using group A router arsenic the carving tool.
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My item duplicator is set up to serve pieces diy router duplicator plans no larger than 12 x31 simply that is easily.

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