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Let's face it, when you have a boat or other personal watercraft you tend to need a lot of other equipment.
This plastic storage container serves as a strongbox for your marine, fishing, or boat accessories. This waterproof storage cube comes with a hinged door trap that can be lifted up to store items directly on your floating dock. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Bass fishing season starts at different times in different parts of the country – largely depending on when the Largemouths spawn. Large Fishing Rod Storage Box – At eight feet long, this impressive marine-grade fiberglass fishing rod storage box is perfect for storing up to three full-length fishing rods, and all their accessories. 6’+ Fishing Rod, Graphite – The bass hunter’s most important tool, a good graphite rod will last you for years, and is considerably more sensitive to the bite of a bass than fiberglass alternatives. All-purpose reel – Depending on your level of fishing experience, you’ll have to choose between a spinner reel and a bait caster. Fishing line – A 12 pound test is the minimum grade you should go for, but depending where you fish a 20 pound test might be a safer bet. Small Polymer Dock Box – Tough and durable, this boat storage box is an excellent choice for storing hooks, bait and other fishing gear.

Hooks – You should always have a good variety of hooks to choose from, depending on the size of bass you encounter. Sinkers – Bullet sinkers are the classic choice for bass hunting, as they make it difficult for fish to detect them.
Bait – Purists still use real worms to catch their bass, but plastic is increasingly taking over as the sporting standard.
Don't settle for less when you can get the best dock box on the market sold to World Class Marinas from New York to Singapore. We understand that having a place to store this equipment so it is safe, out of the elements, and easy to access when you need it is important to you. The storage box is 20 inches wide x 30 inches long x 11 inches deep  It easily mounts to the top of your floating dock through the connecting pin.
The storage cube comes in the same standard size as our other cubes, so it can seamlessly be incorporated into your dock design. Make sure you’re ready to bag some big ones by loading up your boat storage boxes with everything you need. Down in Florida, it can be as early as February – but in northern Minnesota and beyond, it can be as late at May. It features three built-in rod hooks to hold your rods securely, plus stainless steel hardware to lock them away securely.
The spinner is more versatile and better suited to beginners, but many bass masters swear by bait casters.

Made from Marine-Grade High-Density Polyethylene, it’s resistant to the elements and features stainless steel hardware and locking. Whether you use live bait, or plastic, a standard worm hook in variations of large, medium and small is a good set to begin with.
Bring a selection – from quarter ounce all the way to eight ounce depending on the depth of your fishing area.
Make sure they have line cutters on them, so you can quickly and effectively trim the line when you reel your catch in. That's why we offer 2 storage options that integrate perfectly into our floating dock designs. Please call one of our representatives at 1-866-272-6773 to receive a custom freight quote for this item. The best part is the sandwich-core bench-like lid, which means this box is tough enough to be used as a seat as well as for storage. Don’t forget a top water lure while you’re at it – if you fish early in the morning, or late at night, top water lures are often the only thing a bass will bite at. Trionic extra heavy-duty dock boxes are rotationally cast in a mold with impact-resistant polyethylene resin.

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