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So far we have looked at double strollers that are suitable for twins or babies born within a year or two of one another. A sit and stand stroller is just the thing you need to get kids with an age gap from A to B. Size-wise, sit and stand strollers are narrow, lightweight-ish (they are missing that extra seat after all) and can be hauled in and out of the car fairly easily (compared to other double strollers). Once your child can walk there is little chance that you will be able to strap him into his stroller seat. At this point he will absolutely love being able to hitch a ride with his younger brother or sister. As a mom, I sometimes feel like a cattle herder trying to keep my kids together while out in public.
There are times when I was not comfortable with my eldest walking alongside me and his baby sister (even though he was perfectly capable).
When this happened I would simply tell the eldest that it was ride time and he would scoot on up, keeping both of my kids together an easy to manage.
With smaller sized wheels and not a whole lot of suspension, sit and stands are going to be a struggle to push off road (especially when weighed down with two heavy kids).
This isn’t a big deal if you are a city dweller as chances are you will only come across concreted sidewalks and the smoother surface of shopping center floors. For those of you that walk frequently walk across rugged terrain like grass, gravel and the like; I wouldn’t recommend a sit and stand at all. Many parents overcome this obstacle by having both an all-terrain stroller and a tandem stroller and alternating between the two depending on their journey. Sit and stands definitely favor your baby with the infant seat taking up the majority of the space on the stroller.
If you need your older child to be seated for longer trips with an infant seat installed then the you are better off going with a sit and stand that has an optional full-sized second seat, or look at models where the infant seat sits at the rear of the sit and stand.
This stage is only temporary mind you and once your youngest child is sitting in the front seat your older child will have more room available at the back. While your little infant rides up front nicely shaded by the attached canopy, your older child will be sweating it out in the rear.
If your family is tight knit and gets along perfectly then you can disregard this downside.
Surprisingly, all entry-level sit and stand strollers are quite similar right down to the price and weight.
The Sit N Stand Ultra allows you to carry up to 50lb in the front and 50lb in the rear before reaching the maximum weight limit.
Even fully loaded, the stroller is quite easy to push helped by some surprisingly decent suspension (for a basic sit and stand). Placing the infant seat in the back allows you to interact with your baby while you walk (and laugh as your baby pulls funny faces) and allows your older child to sit comfortably in the front (although the front seat will be cramped for any child older than 3 years).
Once your oldest child is ready to use the sit and stand section at the rear, your infant can be moved to the front, either in a car seat or in the regular seat the infant seat has been outgrown. Note: The Chicco 360 ONLY fits on the rear of this sit and stand (not front) but it reclines your baby too far back. It is worth mentioning that some brands of infant seat will not fit underneath the front shade canopy. When using the regular front seat, a 5-point safety harness will prevent your little one from escaping the Sit N Stand while you are on the move. If you want the option of a second full sized seat with canopy for your older child then baby trend also makes a regular tandem double stroller with two seats that also converts into a Sit N Stand. Folding is easy enough to do with one hand, although latching it and lifting it with one hand is a different story. Underneath the stroller is a large storage compartment with more than enough room to throw everything you could need to bring along on your day trip. If your kids are greater than 2.5 years apart then you are much better off going with the Joovy Caboose, (which is shorter and easier to maneuver). Graco is currently updating the RoomFor2 to feature their newer Click Connect system (superseding the Classic Connect) – Due to be released at the end of August 2015. Their previous model was good enough to score second place in our list of entry level sit and stands.
The Standard Joovy Caboose (not to be confused with the Ultralight or Varylight) is another popular entry-level sit and stand. By far the shortest entry level stroller (from front to back) the Joovy Kaboose doesn’t feel like a train when you push it.
While this is much, much easier to steer than the sit and stands above, it definitely isn’t easier to steer than a single stroller I learned this the hard way trying to juggle the Joovy Kaboose and two children on the subway. After my oldest child watched me put the breaks on the sit and stand a couple of times he was more than happy to have a good go himself. Fortunately it’s pretty easy for you to remove the wheel brakes, you don’t even need to bend over. As you would expect, a 5-point safety harness is found on the front seat to keep your little one safe and secure.
The Bottom Line: I know this review reads quite negatively but the Joovy Caboose is actually a great stroller if your older child only uses the stroller to stand.
This is still he easiest to maneuver sit and stands that you will come across if you are spending less than $150.
The Varylight can carry the most weight out of all the sit and stands reviewed, max of 55lbs front and 55lbs rear (that’s a whole lot of child). In it’s compact form the VaryLight allows you to use the stroller even if you are only taking your youngest out for the day and offers much more maneuverability. Surprisingly, even in it’s most compact form, there is still enough room for your older child to stand on the back (Expand the stroller if you need sitting room).

While it may be difficult to see in the picture above, the stroller can actually extend an extra 6.25 inches.
Another one up that the Caboose VaryLight has on it’s competitors is the sheer number of seating positions that you have to choose from.
While there are some positions you probably won’t use (like the 2 infant car seats at once) it’s nice to have the option. Speaking of choice, the Joovy Varylight is available in numerous colors including Blue, grey, purple, red and silver (although it’s just the seat and canopy that change color).
As with the Baby Trend stroller mentioned above, the VaryLight gives you the option to either place your infant seat in the front OR back with your child facing you.
Speaking of infant seat, rather than have a universal adaptor that uses a strap to hold the infant seat in place, the VaryLight sells separate adapters that are tailored to your specific brand of seat. Unfortunately, if your infant seat is on that list then you are going to have trouble installing it on this stroller.
I am hardly what you would call strong but I can lift most strollers into a car with a good amount of heaving.
In fact, I am confident that you could incorporate this stroller into your work out routine to get that perfect beach body you have been craving. If you have those days where you need to constantly lug your stroller in and out of your car (we have all had them) then you will probably want to invest in a second lighter stroller for such occasions.
I strongly recommend you practice shortening and lengthening the stroller as well as adjusting the rear of the front seat. The bottom line: If your looking for a sit and stand that come sin a range of color, can shrink right down, fits through doors, and handles rougher terrain (although not all terrain) then this is the sit and stand for you, if you can afford it.
Before we wrap up the guide, I thought I would quickly comment on the Joovy Caboose ultra light. Anyway, I actually had to look online what the difference was between the Caboose Ultralight and the regular model. Larger canopy – To be fair I quite like this feature and am jealous the standard model doesn’t have it. Parent Console – Sold as an optional add-on for the regular caboose, comes standard on the Ultralight. Lighter Weight – One of the lightest sit and stand strollers on the market, made from lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminium ( I suppose planes do have to be light in order to fly). The bottom line: Not enough added value to justify the price difference between this and the basic Joovy Caboose. We use cookies to help deliver our services and give you the best experience on our website.
Use our new extendable shelf inside your kitchen cupboards to create extra storage space when stacking crockery etc. The shelf extends up to 58cm wide making it ideal for use as a plate rack or how about to store tins and dry food inside your cupboards. August 8, 2013 By Living Solutions Interior Design As you can tell from my lack of writing, it’s been busy around here!
I had our contractor build a hamper cabinet {missing one of the hampers…it was upstairs at the time!} to fit our hampers.
Cleaning supplies, pet supplies and laundry supplies are kept in the corner and right cabinets and the higher cabinet is for paper towels. And I added a clear shoe organizer over the back of the door for all our little stuff, like batteries, felt floor protectors, etc. This is a huge benefit to any impatient parent as aslow walking toddler can make it take much, much longer for you to reach your destination. You will be huffing, puffing and cursing the stroller Gods if you are brave enough (or silly enough) to take a sit and stand across any rougher surfaces. Since sit and stands are not painfully expensive, buying one as a spare stroller can work quite well.
This doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for your older child in the back, particularly if there is a big age gap between the two. If you live in exceptionally hot areas (looking at you, Arizona) then you will need to make sure your older child is wearing appropriate sun protection, otherwise he definitely will get cooked. They invented the Sit N Stand concept years ago and continue to produce many different models. Since the average child doesn’t reach 50 lbs until 6 years of age, this sit and stand will be in use for quite some time! This seating arrangement would be better suited for kids that that closer in age – like an infant and a 2 year old.
You can also lock your older child into the rear as well using the three-point safety harness on the platform seat. One downside to the reclining seat is that it does eat into the space of the child sitting in the back. A parent tray located just below the handle (an absolute must on strollers) has a compartment with a lid for you to stash away your phone and keys, keeping them nearby to grab at a moments notice. While it is definitely better suited to children who are closer in age, If you don’t want to fork out the extra cash for the Joovy Caboose VaryLight (a near perfect sit and stand in my opinion), you will be hard pressed to buy a better sit and stand stroller than this.
When an infant car seat is installed, strapping your child into the 3-point harness located on the rear reveals something quite alarming: there is almost no sitting room for your older child. If you are considering this as a solution then I would argue that the added cost blows this out of the economy sit and stand tier and you should instead be considering a premium sit and stand.
Funnily enough, if your child only stands at the back of the stroller then this sit and stand is exceptional.
If you want cup holders nearby for yourself, you will have to buy a parent console Which is sold separately. While it may not be as pretty to look at, you will be thankful when your little ones diaper leaks or he spills his juice all over the seat.

This combined with Joovy’s amazing customer service is a major reason why people love this sit and stand.
In fact, it’s pretty much the only sit and stand that I would truly consider to be called premium. It can handle a little more terrain like rougher concrete due to its larger rear wheels and 4-wheel suspension system. It can convert from a shorter more compact stroller to much more roomy sit and stand (similar to how a telescope extends). While it definitely doesn’t feel as agile as a single stroller, it does a good job of imitating one considering it’s main appeal is the sit and stand feature.
While that may not seem like much, it eliminates a major gripe of mine that is found on the other Joovy sit and stands, the lack of seating space for the passenger in the back, even when the front seat is fully reclined (although it’s still squashed when a infant seat is being used).
If your children are closer in age then your older child will be able to comfortably sit in the front before being booted to the back when the youngest outgrows his infant seat. Forget the abswing, or exerjerk or whatever phony gym equipment the talk shows are pushing, this thing will build muscle.
While the video may have been pretty light on information, it does give you a lovely visual guide as to how the VaryLight works.
It is a good example of a sit and stand stroller with entry level features priced in the ‘premium” range.
I’ll be honest: besides the larger canopy, I couldn’t tell the difference between the two, least of all determine what could possible justify dropping an extra hundred on it.
You will need to do your own research to determine which one is most appropriate for your lifestyle.
While it definitely isn’t perfect, it contained the least amount of deal breakers for me at an affordable price. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Wickes website. Lots of projects, time enjoying summer with family and getting ready for the school year coming up! On the big, left wall, under the turquoise framed art, there will be a gallery wall of photos of my kids being messy. It’s so much more functional and makes the never ending chore of laundry slightly more tolerable. I'm a wife, a mama to three little kiddos and the owner of Living Solutions Interior Design. Like with most other doubles, the storage basket under sit and stands are generally large and spacious. While you probably wont notice this with your older child standing, it becomes brutally apparent when you need him to be seated. If your kids constantly fight then chances are you will not want them as close as a sit and stand allows. Our pick of the bunch is the Sit N Stand Ultra, not only because it is Baby Trends cheapest Sit N Stand, but because it offers just about everything that the average parent will need.
With both of your children trapped, you are now free to torture them with an out of tune version of “Let it go” (payback is a bitch).
While this wont be a problem if your child is standing, it will definitely get tight back there if he is sitting.
When folded, the Sit N Stand fits in the trunk of a Honda Civic Sedan (12.5 cubic feet of trunk space, 2015 model), although there won’t be much room to spare.
While your newborn will only be in the car seat for about 6 months (before transitioning to the regular seat), that is a long time for your older child to only be comfortable while standing.
Located right next to the foot rest on the rear of the sit and stand are little red levers. I was able to get my toddler to kick the habit of playing with the breaks after reminding him a few times (sometimes a little too loudly). In fact, it is good to the point that this review would be completely different and it would almost completely good things I have to say about it.
This seems like a major cash grab by Joovy, since both the Baby Trend and Graco sit and stands include parent consoles inside the box. If you are stronger than me (very likely) you will still have to put your infant down to get this in the car, it will be impossible to balance both your baby and lift this monstrosity. I have a kindergartner and a new preschooler this year and my husband is starting his last year of law school so life is about to get CRAZY!!! The idea is that I can sort laundry before hand to go into the wash and as it comes out of the dryer for each person and one for anything extra like towels. I strive to create comfortable, beautiful spaces that offer ultimate functionality for my clients, as well as for my own family and home. Fortunately a sit and stand is the next best thing to a lasso, and it won’t give your kids rope burn.
You may not miss the cuo holders but as a parent who loves to keep bottles of water nearby, they were sorely missed.
If you do it half way (or don’t lock it in properly) then your stroller will very likely collapse halfway through your walk, resulting in owies and bruises for everyone.
I finally got some more of my favorite Ikea Ribba frames yesterday, so those pictures will go up very soon.  Where the ironing board and closet door is, there was a cabinet. Here, you'll read about my latest design client projects, projects going on around my own home, and what I find inspirational for it all! We took that out, enclosed some of the garage to make a closet and added a built in ironing board.

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