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The pictures on the left are from day 1 of my weight loss journey February 14th, 2012.  The pictures on the right are of this morning May 26th, 2012. I am feeling really good, most of my clothes are practically falling off of me, so time for some new ones in smaller sizes, awesome!
What workouts do you do?   Anyone want to join my facebook workout group, I’d love to support and encourage each other? Many New York and New Jersey home owners are turning to Insulated Concrete Forms from Foam Form Technology to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.
Building with reinforced concrete walls can provide durable protection against future storm disasters.
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) have been widely used to build hurricane-resistant, safe and energy efficient homes for over 50 years, according to the Portland Cement Association. Northeast homeowners are looking at the successful construction methods used in the Midwest’s tornado alley and Florida's hurricane-prone regions for real world storm survival evidence. In Harrison County, Mississippi, homes built with ICFs were the only structures to survive the onslaught of Hurricane Katrina.
Foam Form Technologies is a leading supplier of Lite-Deck and Flexx-Block insulated concrete forms for residential and commercial buildings. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. 1- Obviously, the owner of this house is Paris Hilton, but this isn’t for herself but for her spoiled dog.
I’ve had my share of trips to sheds with a flashlight, so when we planned a new garden shed, I started looking for the best way to get some juice to the location.
Check your local codes, but the basic requirements are (1) adequate gauge wire and breaker, (2) GFCI protection on the circuit, and (3) special underground wire or conduit.
You can run your wire underground in sealed PVC conduit or you can use type UF underground cable, as long as the wire is protected with conduit wherever it is exposed. Once we knew where the shed was going to be located, we dug a trench from an existing exterior junction box (j-box) to the new outbuilding. We ran PVC conduit to protect and route the wire underground, leaving enough extra length for us to decide where to place the first outlet to be installed in the shed. We added extra pieces of conduit to protect the wire against puppy teeth between the ground and the shed floor.
Wire strippers have gauge-specific notches so you can find what works for the wire you are using.
There are usually two ways of attaching wires to common household outlets: screws on the sides or holes in the back. Insert the remaining wires into their proper terminal holes (white to silver and black to gold) and tighten the screws to hold them in place. We decided to make our light switch accessible from the outside of the shed so we could turn on the lights regardless of the door we used, and so we could turn on an exterior floor light without going into the shed.

If you are experienced with a reciprocating saw you can make a plunge cut, but it’s usually safer to drill a hole to get started. Cutting from the back works well because the saw teeth are cutting on the return stroke, which helps prevent tear out.
Because this j-box wasn’t really designed for this application, we pre-drilled on the stud side of the box and fastened the box to the stud with screws. We attached the light fixture j-boxes to the ceiling joists and ran wire from the left light to the light switch. We connected the black wires and the ground to the light switch, and connected the white wires together inside the switch j-box using wire nuts. We cut about an 8-inch section of romex and stripped the outer insulation so the individual strands could be used for pig tails to connect to the light fixture. Three black wires are connected together at the first light j-box (feed, pigtail and the line to the next light in series). The wires on the floodlight fixture were multi-strand, so we wrapped them around the 12-gauge wire and bent the larger wire back over the multi-strands before covering the connection with a wire nut.
Remember to install the supplied weather seal gasket between the exterior fixture and the j-box. Before connecting our new shed wiring to the house, we tested the circuit to make sure we had tripped the right breaker.
Finally, some creative conduit work allows us to use a pre-existing hole in our power source exterior j-box keeping everything properly sealed. Three winners will be chosen to receive the following prize packages, each will include: 1.
And I thought since I am about halfway there in my weight loss journey I would post my 25lbs weight loss pictures.
Homeowners across New York and New Jersey are rethinking how to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy.
But Some owners prefers Luxury and glamour for their pets, so here you will find a collection of the most luxury dog houses of all, maybe you can inspire from, As a Human, I  believe me you will get jalousie of them. It contains an air-conditioner, a spa, a plasma TV, and a scanner in front of the house to prevent any other dog to enter.
It’s very easy to clean, and it allows natural light with those plexiglass in the front to keep looking on the surrenders while sitting in the house.
Sometimes the answer to that question is a technical one and determines whether or not you need a building permit. An outlet on the outside of the house provided a source for power, so we dug a ditch from that location to where we would build the shed.
I figured the wire could use some extra protection in case I get the idea to build an alligator pit and forget that the shed wiring is there. We then drilled a hole through the bottom plate of the shed framing and through the floor, and threaded the wire from outside into the shed.

The added challenge is because the outer insulation is not just a sleeve like regular romex, but fills all of the space around the individual 12-gauge wires as well.
The ground wire, however, is usually fastened only with a screw, which means you’ll need to bend a small loop for connecting it. We used the switch j-box as a template to mark the opening so we could cut it against the stud from inside the shed.
After marking the j-box location on the inside, we drilled partially through with a spade bit. This gave us enough of the circle to finish marking and cutting the j-box opening from the outside.
I'm totally jealous, I sprained my stupid ankle and haven't been able to work up a sweat in a week! I am struggling with 6lbs left of baby weight from my 1st (and only) and she will be 1 in just 2 weeks =( Besides the 6lbs, it's the inches that are killing me!! No content on this site, including text and photos, may be reused in any fashion without written permission. Building with reinforced concrete walls can provide durable protection against future storm disasters, while offering long lasting safety, energy, and comfort benefits. The house is two stories, with a black chandelier in it, comfortable beds, awesome balcony, and more. However, the type UF cable we used was a pain in the butt for stripping the insulation to make j-box connections. Earthway will continue to produce and market the Prizelawn brand product through the Prizelawn Dealer network.
My hubby is going out of town for Army work and I am going to surprise him hopefully with some good results myself. Location, purpose and size of your outbuilding determine the fit and finish, but one thing I try to do if possible is get some lights in there. My journey in and of itself is beautiful, stretch marks and all.I'm pretty pleased with that!!!I did not reach my goal of losing 10 lbs, but I DID reach my goal of getting into a size 29 jean!!!I was very pleased with the Shred and recommend it to anyone looking to tone up or drop some inches. I love the new challenges that it brings and enjoy sharing my triumphs, messes, and adventures with you. I hope you enjoy reading about our busy lives with babies, cooking, gardening, trucking, and bargain shopping. I actually put on 12lbs in a few months after getting off birth control last year, and not changing anything else. I am 5'2 and so far, I have lost 22 pds since March, just by cutting portions and exercising about 3 hours a week.

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