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Fans of Farmville, if you are seeking a more complex experience, this game may be what you are seeking.
I spent countless vacations on a farm during my childhood and I enjoyed the day to day jobs. Once you have harvested your crops, you will need to transfer them to your silos and storage sheds via a tipper. Controls are very confusing to start with but after a lot of repetition, they eventually become second nature.
A nice addition to the game is the ability to speed up time, but this is not exactly as it seems.
If you are looking to get things done more efficiently without the cost of using hired employees, then you will find the multiplayer option advantageous. Farming Simulator ’15 does not differ greatly from the previous versions when you look at the graphical presentation. Farming Simulator ’15 is basically a grinding experience seeing you inch toward the goal of growing your farm and becoming a very profitable business person. I am a 36 year old gamer, I play on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo WiiU and PC.
Farming Simulator ’15 brings lots of tractors and machinery to your living room in high detail, but can managing a farm be fun?
It does give you a brief run-through of basic controls while getting you to conduct a few tasks but after that, you are on your own. You now can purchase chainsaws and automated equipment that will plant or cut down trees and stumps.
Unless you take the option to play in multiplayer, you will have to do everything yourself. Speeding up time will effectively see the day and night pass much quicker and also see crops growing much faster than usual, but physical movement and machinery motion is not affected in any way. It includes 47 different real life brands in great detail, all having their own advantages and features giving you freedom of choice. This mode gives you and your friends, or strangers, the opportunity to work together to manage your farm and streamline operation. Sure there is now flashing lights and mud appears on your machinery but other than that, there is nothing outstanding about the visual quality.
Scattered throughout the map is multiple icons to advise what certain places are for but these quickly become a hindrance than helpful. As a new farmer, in an attempt to replicate reality, you start with a hefty debt to the bank and your first main goal should be to clear this debt which will take some time. Other harvestable produce includes Wheat, Canola, Barley, Corn, Potatoes, Sugar Beets and Silage.
Sale prices are viewable from the menu that shows the current price offered allowing you to decide which location is offering the best price.
Therefore if running in the slowest speed, a paddock can be seeded in an hour of game time (not real time) but in 120x speed, it can take as much as a day. For example, one player can tend to the livestock, while another is sowing seeds, another heading another paddock etc. If you enjoy games based on grinding out the same task over and over then this may suit you.
I now primarily play games on Xbox One and am enjoying all that the new generation of gaming is offering.
Your starting machinery is very basic and covers the smallest area at a time which means progress is tediously slow.
I would have liked to see an option for local multiplayer where I could play split screen but unfortunately this is not available. It has a decent amount of graphical disappointments and the lack of music leaves the player with nothing but constant engine sounds. As you progress, you will have the option to upgrade you machinery to cover larger areas as well as purchase new equipment that serves different purposes. It is obvious that the focus of the detail has been granted to the machinery only, these machines are exact replicas of the real things.
The experience can be very monotonous and mind-numbingly boring but the process of achieving your goal is strangely addictive.
If there is something in the way, they will just stop and sit there until it is either moved or you take over the controls.
This seemed promising with the up-beat introduction music during the opening video and promotional trailers. Also, if you want them to do multiple paddocks, you will have to move the equipment to the next area and line them up before starting again because once the current job (paddock) is finished, the hired worker simply disappears.
I should also mention that the cost of hired workers is quite expensive, however it is the only way to speed up production by accomplishing multiple tasks at a time.
The rest of the game is only populated with farm animal sounds, wet weather and engine noise. Seriously, if you are manually controlling the tractors and harvesters, all you can hear is the mind-numbing sound of the engines. I searched everywhere for some hidden option for music but alas it is not there, so you will need to load up your collection on your DLNA server and snap the Xbox One’s media player pretty quickly.

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