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Floor Plan Drawing RequirementsUse the following checklist to ensure your drawings are complete and provide enough information to verify Building Code requirements. The drawings and specifications prepared for your project are an integral part of the Construction Contract. It’s easy to see why it’s imperative that these documents accurately reflect any design decisions or materials selections you may have made during your project’s previous design phases.
This drawing contains all pertinent project information, including Project Overview, General Notes and any other important requirements. Coordinated with the drawings, the specification include the identification of materials, fixtures and other client selections. Detailed plans prepared at ?” scale that show walls, stairs and windows locations, including dimensions and door and window symbols or sizes. Drawn at ?” scale, the foundation plan sets forth foundation construction, overall dimensions and openings. Drawn at ?’ scale, roof plans are coordinated with floor plans and elevations and indicate roof planes, pitches, overhangs, gutters, chimneys and roofing materials. Detailed elevations done at ?” scale, they are coordinated with floor and roof plans and show the front, rear and sides of your home. These interior and exterior 3D overviews depict what your finished project will look like and enabling you to get a very realistic view of your new home.
The foundation, typical wall sections, eaves and other framing details are included and usually drawn at a larger scale.

Typical door and window elevations, locations, details and specifications that are pertinent to your project are included and are usually drawn at a larger scale. Indicate the size and placement of cabinets, cabinet schedules, placement of fixtures and appliances in relationship to windows and doors, and any ceiling height or floor changes.
Show the size and arrangement and size of kitchen cabinets, and any floor or ceiling height changes.
Show the arrangement and size of bathroom cabinets, appliances and fixtures in relationship to windows and doors, as well as any floor or ceiling height changes. Indicate the arrangement and size of cabinets, fixtures and appliances in relationship to doors, windows, and any floor or ceiling height changes. Show ceiling height changes, coffered ceiling, exposed ceiling beams, tray ceilings, vaulted ceilings and any other pertinent ceiling details. They are used by suppliers and subcontractors to tell them what the home will look like, its size, what features it contains and how it all goes together. The inclusion, or exclusion, of an item from the drawings is crucial to resolving disputes that may arrive over any discrepancies in the construction phase, as well as who bears the cost for such miscalculations or errors.
They provide an overall representation of the project and set the standards for construction. They may also include outbuildings, pools, fences, garden structures and proposed grading lines.
Flooring materials, ceiling heights, thresholds and anticipated furniture layouts may also be shown.

Also noted and dimensioned are all electrical and plumbing locations as well as concrete slabs and any other slab penetrations. Exterior elevations typically include roof lines and slopes, cladding information, windows and doors, and vertical dimensions to critical floor and roof heights. They are used to explain such important information as changes in roof, floor or ceiling heights, and to further clarify plan information. They include a floor plan and view of wall framing, show the location of shear walls and other framing requirements, and include beam sizes, framing details and unique structural specifications and conditions.
They include floor joist and joist size, spacing and direction, floor beam sizes, framing details and unique structural specifications and conditions. They include wall studs, plates, spacing and height, header and beam sizes, framing details and unique conditions and structural specifications. Any one or all of them may be used on your project, and their inclusion and level of detail will be noted in our contract.

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