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Call 1-800-678-9107 or e-mail us to discuss your unique ideas and visions for this floor plan. Our in-house design team specializes in custom designs to fit each homeowner's personal needs, style, location and budget.
All Wisconsin Log Homes floor plans and images are protected by Federal Copyright Laws and any use without formal written permission from Wisconsin Log Homes, Inc is prohibited.
Please Note: Log home, timber frame home, and hybrid home photos on floor plan pages may reflect available options or customized additions. We make the task of choosing affordable house plans a lot easier by showing you the house plans in 3D. Visualizing two-dimensional floor plans can be daunting and after a while all the plans look alike.
With our blend of design experience and construction expertise we are able to provide homeowners with well-designed, comfortable floor plans at realistic prices. Our efficient small house plans focus on the best and most creative use of floor space, layout and design.
With features in our plans that allow for convenient transitioning to outdoor spaces (porches, decks, patios) our plans provide a more open, spacious feel.
In addition, these small home plans are designed according to the economical grid system layout for true cost-saving affordable construction. During the heyday of past building booms, of easy credit and plentiful jobs, being thrifty wasn't so important. An age-in-place house plan (a home in which you live independently for the rest of your life), in order to be successful, requires a design that accommodates the inevitable physical changes which occur when the human body ages. All designs created by Carolina Home Plans, LLC and displayed on this website are strictly protected by copyright laws.
Open floor plans have been becoming more and more admired, making up the most of recent bestselling designs. Contemporary living demands a dwelling that merges the kitchen, living or family room, and dining space to compose the open floor plans.
Single floor house plans by Anderson Homes in Sequim WA and Port Angeles WA, see online designs and photos. Americas Home Place is a custom home builder, building from over a hundred custom floor plans viewable at our custom home building centers. This ranch floor plan features a very open greatroom, kitchen and dining area - and welcomes you to the outdoor patio from all public spaces. Being able to see what the floor plan will look like can really help you in the decision process. To help you in visualizing house plan drawings, we invite you to scroll through our 3D views for any of our plans and picture yourself living in the home. Our house plan views in 3d help you, as the future homeowner, to visualize the aesthetic qualities of the home plan and, in addition, our economical detailed construction drawings make your affordable dream home possible.
These small floor plans live larger than their actual square footage by making very good utilization of space.
Times have certainly changed resulting in the need to revisit efficient and economical construction methods and materials.
Homes with these popular plans combine adjacent living areas and the kitchen into a single, spacious gathering space in which the family members or guests can interact to each other during the whole course of a visiting, not just for the duration of the sit down meal. These designs limit or exclude walls dividing the main living zones of the home to enable amusement and communication among the family members. From what city you will live in to what neighborhood you decide to raise your family – the right home is a major decision.

Complete with landscaping, furnishings and interior décor, these beautiful virtual images of our house plans in 3d are an indispensible feature for selecting the right affordable house plan. When you need to find the right affordable house plan, one that is best for you, why not make it an enjoyable experience with the convenience of all house plans in 3d. Our affordable house plans utilize the cost-effective grid system layout for all of our construction drawings. The result is a house that promotes a more up to date relationship between the conventionally considered a working area, kitchen, and formal zones such as the dining room and living room. Recent homeowner frequently wants a home which unites the living or family room, often the dining space, plus the kitchen to make an open floor design for a simple living and a peaceful feeling. Even in minimalist sized home, these home plans create a great feel usually found in bigger, pricier homes. These designs result in a house that encourages a fresher relationship amid the kitchen that is conventionally served as a working area, and formal areas like dining room and living room.
Even more importantly is how you and your family will use your home and ensure it fits with your lifestyle and the right floor plan can shape how you experience your home. This allows the cost-conscious homeowner to achieve significant savings during their building project, thus making our affordable house plans truly easy on the pocket.
In actual fact, open floor plans advance the kitchen to the centre as well as purposeful center of the house, often including an island that gives added counter space and a coffee and snack bar with relaxing seating. The extensive compilation features residences in all fashions, from cottage to modern to ranch to Mediterranean and all in-between. As you consider what kind of residence is the most suitable for occupancy, a lot of details should be considered. In the high-end homes, fireplaces and more combined electronics display cooking as a central spot of design as shown in the open floor plans. With an open floor plan, your house will wider or spacious than the actual size by eliminating the gap that separates each part of the house. Retirement House Plans, Don Gardner’s retirement house plans include small and one story home plans that are perfect for enjoyable retirement living. From the size and shape, to where the rooms are located in adjacent to each other can make or break your home experience. These open floor plans present a flexibility that enables you to renovate your house for years to come to fit the needs of your lifestyle and your family. Before you get overwhelmed, look at these 10 effective ways to choose the right floor plan for your home.1. These house plans allow you to insert the curtain wall technology, which exposes the use of your home interior walls.
As you walk up there is a large covered front porch that is perfect for those warm summer afternoons. Decide what size of home will best suit your familyEvery family doesn’t need a sprawling estate and every family won’t feel comfortable in a small two bedroom home.
Assess how many bedrooms you will require for your children and how many bathrooms are enough for you and visiting guests.
The size of your home should be the first consideration.Collect this ideaDecide on a floor plan that fits your design style2.
Many house plan place beautiful garden beside the dining room so that the owners can enjoy their meal and the view at the same time. Choose a floor plan based on your design style Everyone homeowner has their own design style and choosing a floor plan that meets your needs is essential. Imagine how relaxing it is when you having dinner with your family while enjoying your beautiful garden.You will not need money for the gap that separated the part of the house since it is open floor plan.

Are you more traditional and prefer a compartmentalized floor plan where walls separate rooms or do you have a more modern style where an open floor plan concept would suit your needs better? By doing this you can allocate your money for the other things such as furniture or decoration details.
Flowing and coordinated colors are most important when designing an open floor plan – so keep this mind when choosing a floor plan style.3. Decide what type of dwelling type fits your locationDepending on where you live could dictate what type of floor plan will best suit your family.
Dwellings such as single-family homes give the ability to have outdoor space for a yard and backyard and provide more space to spread out in. An attached home similar to brownstones or condos in a urban area could also meet your “single family home” needs but divided amongst a multi-level floor plan.
Split-level floor plans means your entire floors are split to separate levels and don’t consume the entire footprint of your home. There will always be pros and cons and you will need to decide what are your priorities and what can you learn to live with or without.  A large living room window wall that lets in gorgeous natural light may also make your energy cooling and heating bills higher. A floor plan that is open and spacious could make it hard to concentrate in your adjacent home office as your kids are watching tv in the living room. Make your decision based on the layout not the finishesWhen choosing a floor plan ensure you are basing your decision on how the home flows and feels functional for your daily activities.
Don’t get wowed by the upgraded floors, countertops and appliances in the model home, imagine the home in a “stripped down” state and form your opinion from there.
Ask a real estate or design professional for guidanceWhile you may know what you want in your future home, a design professional or realtor could help you consider factors that aren’t tangible to the eye and touch. A family with small children may love the ability for the master bedroom to be housed amongst the other bedrooms. On the other hand, a family with teenagers could prefer for the maser bedroom to be separated by public spaces such as the living room and kitchen instead. If you decide to use your current furniture in your next home, ensure you measure it and take this into account when reviewing floor plans. If you will buy new furniture you will still need to have an idea when shopping on what pieces will fit into what rooms. Be careful of “space eating” over-sized furniture that will make your rooms feel smaller than they are.Collect this ideaDetermine if you will use your current furniture or need to buy new9.
Know your budgetary limits before choosing a floor planLet’s face it; there is always the fantasy side of us that wants to go bigger and better than our wildest dreams. Before getting your heart set on one type of floor plan – know what the costs are associated with the layout. Ask a contractor or builder to help you determine costs as you narrow down to the floor plan that fits within your budget.10.
Understand that floor plan modifications could be an optionWhile it would be nice to have the right floor plan appear before your eyes, remodeling and modifying a floor plan can be a viable option. Removing a spare closet to make more room in your kids’ bathroom area or opening up a wall to let in natural light could make your floor plan even better. Keep this in mind when looking for a floor plan that is right for you.Freshome readers tell us what considerations you think of when narrowing down floor plan options.

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