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Whether it be hardwood or treated pine we can have a full range of designs to suit your needs. Just Timber Products manufactures a large range of pre-fabricated cubby houses to suit all types of imaginations. We have a large range of garden products, which include garden bridges, garden arbors, wagon wheel seats, garden work benches and outdoor furniture. We can supply them in pre-fabricated panel form for easy installation or we can supply and install with our trade qualified staff. Decks to blend in with your existing structures or decks to increase your outdoor living space. Why not get rid of the old tiles and give your home a face lift with Colorbond steel roofing. We install timber retaining walls all over Sydney constructed with quality H4 Treated Pine sleeper or logs.
Prior to living in Spain, I spent many years in Asia where without patio furniture covers my teak lounge chairs wouldn’t have lasted one monsoon or typhoon season. Top rated storage buildings by Lifetime – experts in prefabricated metal shed designs that don’t bend, dent, buckle or crack.
While standard metal sheds may be prone to rust, the Lifetime steel sheds are rust resistant and maintenance-free! Although the Lifetime metal shed models are too numerous to describe each in detail, as an example of the quality, features and price, consider model number 6405, a metal storage shed that’s 8 by 10 feet. The entire structure is built from steel that’s powder-coated for rust resistance, and the walls are double sided high density polyethylene resistant to cracking and denting as well as being fully UV resistant. Rust proof large metal storage shed with steel roof trusses and double polyethylene walls that offers over 100 square feet of interior space – that’s what the Lifetime model number 6446 steel shed offers.
If you’re considering spending money on a steel garage, not only for protecting vehicles but to have storage space for garden equipment and backyard tools, then you may find the 15 by 8 foot metal shed (crafted by Lifetime) to be an excellent alternative – not as a garage but as a place to store the items that shouldn’t be in the carport or garage with a car, boat or RV.
The Lifetime steel shed kit comes complete with vents and decorative screens, windows and shutters, skylights, double doors, a set of interior shelves, peg boards as well as corner shelves and large boxes for storage.
In the following video, notice the roof trusses that support the structure from within, how the exterior and interior walls are sleek and maintenance free, how easy it is to organize and store large equipment and small tools as well as household and garden items in the storage boxes and shelves, how the doors are wide and tall enough to allow easy access, and how the skylights illuminate the interior of the metal shed so you’re not fumbling around in the dark. While we’re on the topic of metal and steel products for the outdoors, it’s worth noticing (although we wish Lifetime had metal carports and garages in the same design as their storage sheds) that some of the best metal garages and carports are those by ShelterLogic. There are high-end options, but just as a quick example of what’s available, look at the ShelterLogic 10 by 20 foot metal carports that can be extended, used open with canopies or closed with sidewalls.

A metal carport by ShelterLogic can cost as little as $100, although the one we feature is mid-priced at about $330 and it’s a good overall size for most vehicles. Look for the Arrow Free Standing metal carport designs such as the CP1020 metal cover that’s available online through trusted distributors.
If you need something more sturdy, almost industrial-strength, as a metal cover for a boat, RV or large vehicle, we suggest the metal cover designs by Versatube Building Systems. The 10 foot high steel garages by Versatube come with roof trusses to support a system that can withstand snow and rain. Take a look at some of features of the Versatube steel garages and see how easy a patio cover or garage can be erected in a weekend using the convenient all-inclusive kits. For more information on building or buying outdoor structures please consult related posts where you’ll find other unique carports, metal patio covers and ideas for aluminum and steel outdoor buildings. On behalf on the Board of Directors, staff and homeless pets, thank you so much for building such a unique and special dog house that was featured at the Home & Garden Show on February 24-26. The time, energy and expense that you invested into the project were remarkable, and in turn helped raise over $4,000 for the Humane Society SPCA of Bexar County. I wanted to make sure you all know that I appreciated your professional building manner of getting the job done. Your company installed a new 12x20 shed for me in January and I have been meaning to tell you how pleased I am with the whole process of ordering, installing and completing the job.
The city I live in required a permit to build the barn and the morning your crew showed up our building official happened to drive by going to another job he was looking at, that evening as your crew was leaving he again was going to another job and decided to drive by and later (when he was passing my inspection) told me he was surprised at how quickly your crew finished.
They are a great way to protect your window from natures elements but also to return some of that good old world charm.
Our range includes Gable end kits, handrails, frieze rails, bargeboards, finials, flower boxes, Internal & external arch kits, verandah brackets, baluster cutouts, screen door, verandah posts and lots more. Pool Filter covers and small pool side storage sheds are also attractive ways to tidy up your yard. In this site I explore furniture covers and also constructing patio covers over porches and decks and also inexpensive alternatives like awnings, canopies and patio shades. Buy the best outdoor shed structures that combine steel reinforcement with high-density polyurethane for exceptional strength and durability without maintenance.
They’re uniquely crafted with HDPE (high-density polyurethane) that’s reinforced with steel.
This is the design that retails for just over $1,000 and features skylights, a window, interior shelves, peg strips and corner storage boxes.

The Lifetime steel roof trusses are designed to withstand snow during winter and protect the structure from denting or bending.
Notice how easy it is to store tools, mowers, summer garden supplies, bicycles, lawn furniture, camping gear and other items so they remain safe and protected year-round in the steel sheds that come with a ten year warranty. Choose the basic models or add extension kits and create your own steel garage design with a lightweight heavy-duty canopy covering. Then have a look at the Arrow sheds and metal cover carports that have solid roofs and are free-standing units that measure about 10 by 20 feet (in prefabricated kits) sold ready to assemble. They offer an excellent selection of metal garages that can be open or closed, large enough for a bus, or small enough for a VW bug. But what’s unique about these steel garage styles is that they come in funky colors like evergreen, burgundy and hickory moss, just in case plain old grey, white or stone colors aren’t enough. Othon and his helper could not have been any nicer or worked any harder, they were true professionals in every respect. Whether it be  on a water tank or slab, square, hexagonal and octagonal, gazebos make a fabulous addition to any yard. The Lifetime metal shed kits are sturdy, UV resistant and come in 7 to 15 foot designs, with the smallest units priced under $850.
The dual materials offer strength and protection from UV deterioration, while requiring no painting or annual maintaining. Stop using your garage or carport for garden equipment, fertilizers, tools and outdoor garden supplies!
Unlike many cheap metal shed kits, the Lifetime products have A-frame steel roof trusses that provide exceptional support and allow for a high ceiling so air circulates. Choose which metal carport design suits your space by browsing other products from Arrow and ShelterLogic. These high-end steel sheds can be expanded to custom dimensions using extension kits that start under $200. Get organized with a shed that can accommodate ALL your outdoor storage needs and withstand the elements, including snow and prolonged UV exposure.
I am truly pleased that I chose your company for my needs, and I will be happy to recommend you any time that I can.

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