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Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati, in partnership with Architectural Digest Magazine recently held a contest that invited applicants to design a dream garage fit for parking a Maserati. According to him, there were two main objectives in mind: to create a pure and restrained minimalist environment that allows one to focus on the car as a piece of art and to create the ultimate experience for the driver to arrive at home.
BTW, If you come across other cool garages that you think need to be featured here at Home-Designing, please mention that in the comments. There was also another parallel contest for a concept garage that explored new horizons in garage design.
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To formally introduce, we are no designers, no highflying architects, no technocrats, and no geeks. Facade Converted To A Fold-Away Garage-Door: This is a clever architectural solution to a San Francisco homeowner's wish to add a garage to an old Victorian home keeping the historic appearance intact. Hangar Home Conceals Garage: At first glance this may look like any standard home, but at the press of a button, the front opens to reveal a full-sized hangar. Underground Garage for Multiple Cars: Similar to the above one, but this one has parking space for multiple cars. Cool Garage Door Stickers: When talking about garages, how can we miss these 'cool garage door stickers'?
Most Impressive Garages Around The World: We are sure that once you see these garages you would definitely agree with us that super cars need super garages.
Nine-Car Garage House: While designing KRE House (nine-car garage house) the client had prerequisites for architect Takuya Tsuchida. Great detached, rustic 3 bay garage with a large studio apartment, including a full kitchen and bath, above. Stroovi is Your #1 Resources of Interior Design Ideas for Living Room , Bedroom, Kitchen Design and the entire home - The Number #1 Directory of Interior Design Inspiration, Landscaping and Gardening Ideas!. Usually a 6 car garage is reserved for automobile collectors, mechanics, and people with a lot of land and a lot of money.

DIY 3-car garage plans enable you to build a space to not only hold vehicles, but to give you additional space for storage. You'll get one, two, three and four-car garage plans, carports, an Fifty-Eight Garage, Workshop, Carport and Small Barn Plans and all of the Garage Building.
Four-car garage plans and larger garage designs are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Search our collection of four car garage building plans with several design styles and sizes to choose from..
The task of building a large garage can now be undertaken by almost anyone who can handle tools and know how to follow a plan. This is the place where you will find just the right 1 car, 2 car, 3 car or 4 car garage plans. The garage design contest received many interesting entries and Maserati just now announced the winning design. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter! Unlike the typical garage of today, the design redefines the notion of the garage from a space of storage to a place that exhibits the quality and prestige of the car.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. To preserve the Victorian facade, Beausoleil Architects turned the original bay windows into a secret garage door. This is an aircraft hangar on the shore of Lake Harney in Florida that was converted into a residential house with a hidden garage door.
A unique design that retains the decorative appeal of your garden and provides parking space together. If you want to make an impression these realistic garage door stickers are sure to attract attention of all. The house needs to have a nine-car garage, and added to this was the possibility of viewing one of the cars from the living room. Hopefully, you can gather extensive information and guides about 3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans and Garage Apartment Floor Plans, which can give more value for your own home and garden.

This particular digital photography of 3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans has dimension 800 x 600 pixels.
We have the world class sources for Garage Apartment Floor Plans inside of the Apartment category. You can gather Garage Apartment Floor Plans guidelines and read the latest news of 3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans in this page. You can pick one for additional space, for a work seat range, for a pad above with living quarters finish with a minor kitchen and washroom. Your source for exceptional garage building plans, garage blueprints, four car garage plans, hipped roof garage plans. The upstairs layout comes with a generous-sized living room, kitchen and bedroom with a full bath.
The idea was to take what could have been an uninteresting facade and make it more neighbors friendly.
You can download the 3 Car Garage Apartment Floor Plans digital photography above by clicking the right mouse within the digital photography to get the high resolution version. After you have chosen the right plan, ensure that your 3 car garage plans accompany a rundown of materials.
1476-4 by Behm Design – Spacious 2 car garage with extra space had very few headaches with the City of Columbus building department.
This record might as well give you a thought of the cement, wood, steel sections, material, paints and other fundamental segments required for building your garage.
It's all great to uncover an extraordinary 3 car garage plans that suits your need, yet without a gauge of the expense you will acquire to assemble it, you are not set to get much of anywhere. Maybe the kitchen needs to be a bit larger or you'd like to have a three car garage instead of the two car garage shown in the plan.

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