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The acronym I Can Do It is the acronym people use to remember the 8 steps of organization.  I is for Imagine, C is for Create Desire to be organized, A is for Assess what you have and want, N is for Note Down Your Regions, D is for Determine Your Containers, O is for Organize, I is for Inscribe, and T is for Train you family to maintain. The first step when organizing a garage is to put on your thinking hat.  Imagine the garage organization of your dreams. Wow!  A garage can be functional and beautiful.  Being organized frees up space for a gorgeous wall mural and the family can park their car and recreational vehicles to boot! My motivation was to create an organized space that would stay maintained.  Since I had never labeled the garage completely, I wanted to try an experiment to see if labeling the garage would help it stay clean and organized longer. My sisters motivation was to create a place to actually park her cars and that would take the pressure off her 3 bedroom home by creating a space for a mudroom, workshop, gardening center, food storage room, and garage. Figure out  your families’ organizational style.  Does the age, training, and abilities of your family lend to a high ability or low ability style? Determining the container means to get make sure you have the right space and the right container to organize in;  that means you may need shelves and containers that fit the shelves. Shelves – to store totes, containers, and gear on.  Garages shelves are super important in a garage – if you don’t have enough then build or buy more shelving. Tool boxes – 5 gallon bucket tool boxes, stand alone types, carry types, or tiny tool drawer units for screws, nails, and bolts, etc. Hanging folding chairs may open up valuable floor space in your garage.  Entertaining company is easy since these chairs hang in between the yard and kitchen which is where this family entertains.
This works well because you can see into each cubby, however it would be better if it was labeled. The clear lid is awesome since you can see what you have and it lifts for quick accessibility. This means to label all containers, totes, or shelves with a label so everyone can put things away correctly.   Inscribing is critical!!!  Do you think the family can memorize where everything goes in the entire house?  Inscribe on each container so that EVERYONE can put things away EVERYTIME. I allow myself to have one holiday tote per month to decorate the house with because I enjoy decorating – except Christmas I have more.
Choosing storage cabinets though is something that should be done with care, Here are a few things that you need to look for tips with these expert suggestions. Are you tired of having to walk through a messy and unorganized garage and wish you could get more valuable use out of it? If your garage is beginning to resemble something similar to a junkyard, you may want to consider taking the time to organize it properly. Step 1 – While it may seem like a daunting task at first, you will have to begin somewhere. We?re pretty sure that at any given moment each one of us, has dreamt of owning a treehouse, an object that makes us dream of freedom, nature contact and a reminiscence of childhood carefree life.
Inveno Design Studio are the creators of this futuristic lamp collection, they have named them "Octopus lamps".
Sarreid Furniture are experts in combining exquisite materials and time-honored techniques of master craftsmen to create unique mid century pieces for modern interiors. With just a few pieces of scrap wood you can keep your recycle bins from taking up valuable floor space with inexpensive materials you probably already have laying around in the garage.
I’ve looked high and low, explored the web, and have had lots of fun compiling and creating lists of stuff that I want to learn more about and share with you!

10 Helpful Tips That Will Make You A Better DriverWhether you like to drive or not, chances are, it's a big part of your day. If you need an affordable, high quality system for some serious garage organization, this is it.
If your customer is more value-driven but still expects quality, our wall mounted product line will fit the bill. Living with a messy garage is a growing epidemic among many homeowners who have two and three car garages.
Unbeknownst to the masses is that there are storage system options available designed specifically for the garage. This particular garage got a great new look when outfitted with powder coated wood garage cabinets from RedLine Garagegear.
Before the transformation the entire west wall could only hold a few of the family’s bicycles. When we look at the before and after images of the full garage side by side it is absolutely clear that this was an extreme transformation. If you happen to be someone who said “Yes!” to the first question above, you should know that you are not all that far away from success! Decide a region for bikes, helmets, and bike supplies so your family can find and put away their bike needs. Do you notice the yard stick that’s screwed into the unit as a handy measuring stick? Get EVERYTHING OUT of your garage so you can see it with new eyes, clean the empty shelves and reorganize. There are a number of things that you can do to improve the cleanliness and usability of your garage.
Having a properly organized space allows for more room, less stress, and the ability to use it for an area other than storage. The modern light fixture is made from DuPont Corian and is available in different colored LED lights. Their collection of vintage chairs is distinctively eclectic, of high quality, and a source of lasting pleasure. This also makes each one easy to access and remove, as opposed to having them stacked on top of each other. Many of those homeowners have tried to adopt solutions for cleaning up this area of the home. Having to look at it constantly or trying to find things in the mess can be very discouraging. And I write that based on my own experience. The options I’m talking about are far better than the plastic shelving and cabinets you would find in most any big box store.
Storage systems were added to three of the walls eliminating the piles that had accumulated on the floor. The garage closet is a specialty solution for large and bulky items that would not otherwise fit into any other storage system (i.e.
Previously clutter would meet the homeowners right as they entered the garage from the house.

Her job is to organize the bees, the systems, and to train others to maintain the garage hive. As a bonus, when the neighbors borrow something we might know it’s missing since the area is labeled now. Here is a simple 7 step guide to garage organization that you can use to get back the great looking garage that you were once used to. It brings traditional styling and classic designs to create something all together more transitional. Sure you want to have a large enough space to park your cars inside but who has the room to use their garage just for parking? In fact, you can have anything from a semi-custom solution to a fully custom wall to wall system.
Beginning from the left, there are three tall double door cabinets, two upper double door cabinets, and two base double door cabinets. Now all seven bicycles and two scooters can be stored on the wall with room to add more two wheelers if necessary. They can now open their garage door with pride, boldly walk out into the garage to look for an item, and still park both of their cars inside with ease. If you’re ready to give your own garage an extreme makeover click this link to claim a free, no-obligation consult with a certified RedLine Garagegear design and installation expert. I could do all of this but the problem is that my husband would not be “into” this organization project like I am!! Quite a bit of the stuff being stored in this space, however, is still on the floor and makes the area look junky.
What about the kids outside toys, lawn and garden maintenance equipment, bikes, plastic totes, tools, and all the other stuff that may end up out there?
On top of the base cabinets there is a countertop with a black finish creating a workbench area. This garage closet features a slat wall back instead of a back panel and no bottom panel at all.
Garage Organization Guide, because everyone can find Dad’s precious tools in the garage easily when he needs them. The entire system hangs from the wall to keep both the cabinets and the items being stored safe from water or any other liquid that may spill on the floor. Various hook, clip, and basket accessories are available with slat wall making this a convenient solution for hanging a shovel, rake, broom, lawn trimmer, etc. On the other side slat wall and accessories are being utilized to keep sports balls, tennis rackets, and hockey sticks off the floor.

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