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Many have refinanced their homes and purchased new automobiles over the summer.  Now it’s time for much needed garage organization so you can keep the new car looking new over the winter months.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Garage is not only a storage shelter for your vehicle, but also a multipurpose storage center for house ware items, garden tools, outdoor sports equipment and workshop crafts.
Take a look at these garage storage and organization ideas so that you can easily and quickly get things in good order.
Use sliding locks to keep your wheelbarrow standing up against the wall and out of the way. Enjoyed your garage organization idea, it help me keep my stuff in proper order & easy to find. The first step in organizing your garage is to clean out anything you haven’t used in the past few years. Measure the distance from hub to hub on the wheels to determine how far the two hooks should be positioned apart.
Find the direction of the ceiling joists and measure out from the wall to the joist on which the bike will be hung.
Mark the hook positions on the ceiling of the garage and check the location of the joist by hammering in a small nail. Measure in 1” from each end of the pipe and drill holes through the pipe to accommodate the two eye bolts. Hang short lengths of chain from each of the ceiling hooks, and attach the chain to the eye bolts using “S” hooks. Hooks or racks mounted on the garage wall are a great way to store lawn and garden equipment.
Cut a 1”x 4” board to length, and mount it horizontally on the wall high enough to accommodate your longest rakes or shovels. Measure the items you plan to store to be sure the shelves are deep enough and the proper distance apart. Measure down from the ceiling at each end of the garage, and mark the location of the shelves with a chalk line.
Attach metal support brackets to the strips even with the top of the cleats using 2” or longer screws.
Cut two triangular particleboard or plywood end supports and attach to the cleat and support strips.

Make and attach L-shaped wooden runners to the bottom of the countertop workbench to accommodate slide out recycling bins. You can also buy specialty garage cabinets from companies like Garage Tek and Gladiator GarageWorks. Hang a practice golf ball from the ceiling on a piece of string so it touches the windshield when the car is far enough in for the garage door to close.
To secure a plastic bag to the rim of a garbage can when bagging leaves, cut the center out of the garbage can lid then snap it on the can over the bag. Up to 40% of the heat loss or gain in a home is due to leaks in the thermal envelope surrounding the living space. You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. The Garage Shelves section looks like your shelves are wider than 8 feet… How did you do that, or is the angle of the photo just tricking my eyes?
Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. With a few easy storage ideas and brilliant tips, you can keep the garage clean and organized. If you're like most of us, your garage tends to become a collectiing spot of all miscellaneous household goods, sports gear, and yard maintenance items. Organizing your garage can be a lengthy and costly process, but it will save you time and eventually money. Make the most of your garage’s storage space without hiring professionals to build custom garage solutions for you.
Hangs scrap sections of plastic lattice to store everything from lengths of molding to fishing poles. A great idea to recycle your old things and keep the spray paints from spreading out over shelves and bins. Short lengths of PVC pipe held in the rack serve as compartments to store each clamp individually.
Screw the jar lids into the wooden shelf that sits above the work top, and then screw the jar onto the mounted lid.
Make a good-looking bike shelf with recycled wood crate, and keep the bike out of the way and easy to access. Use PVC pipes to keep your lawn and gardening tools out of the way yet still easy to access. Connect large pieces of PVC pipe with screws and use it to store all of those bulky yard tools.

Use pie tins cut in half to safely store those circular items you need, such as sanding discs, circular saw blades and abrasive discs.
Rather than throwing it away, consider holding a garage sale or donating useable items to charitable organizations.
While children’s bikes are best lined against a wall for easy access, adult bikes can be hung upside down on plastic coated screw hooks from the ceiling to reduce clutter. To save energy, make sure the attic has plenty of insulation, and fill any cracks or gaps around windows, doors, plumbing pipes, and HVAC lines. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420.
Today I have rounded up a few inexpensive, simple and completely great garage organization Ideas That will help You to make your visit to the garage not so overwhelming. Often, the clutter takes over to the point that many homes don't have room for the car — a large investment that when left outdoors can suffer damage from UV exposure, bird droppings and tree sap. With a few supplies from your local hardware store or recycled materials, you can maximize the storage space offered by this versatile area.
Get all that stuff up and out of the way and into unclaimed space near your garage ceiling.
Swing down the drawers to be available while working, and out of the way when done working. Because of the open design of the lattice, you can quickly see the items stored overhead and has easy access to them.
A few bungee cords hung on studs gives you a great place to store all sorts of sports equipment.
Create these hangers on the wall, and make each one easy to access and remove, instead of having them stacked on top of each other. A great idea for a number of organizational needs: in the garage, the office, or for your craft space.
Those small holes allow you to select specific areas for each hook or basket and ensure you have enough room for each item. Installing foam gaskets behind switch and outlet covers is another good way to reduce air infiltration in your home. Power and Associates and LMC Automotive project monthly auto sales will hit the 16 million level in August for the first time since late 2007.  August 2013 being a five weekend month should help boost monthly sales.

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