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A place for everything, and everything in its place a€” it sounds good, and it can be with Designer Closets from Wilson. We offer five distinct types of installed storage systems, plus professional design services to help you choose the best option for your situation.
If your life could use a little organization, call Designer Closets and put everything in its place. Oh, I use my home office as much as any other regular guy I suppose.A  Do a little studying, log in to work on occasion, I even keep my guitar in there. My problem has been that we've neglected that room "until we save enough to work on it".A  So as a foundation, here is where I had been doing my home office-ing. Now, it's not that there's something wrong with a simple desk and filing cabinet.A  On the other hand, it's certainly not all that functional and definitely not warm or creativity inspiring.
The Garage Organizers and Gliderol FreedomRail Storage Solutions take garage organization to a whole new level a€” a level that adds value, beauty and comfort to your home.
FreedomRail’s truly adjustable components make it one of the most versatile garage storage systems available.

Uses for your garage can change with the seasons a€” a child’s sports interests one day to your own hobbies and interests the next. For Contact Information, Driving Directions and Store Hours for all of our locations, click here. Even if you are not a good handymen or into DIY projects, it always helps to know where a specific tool is because there are so many different problems that can pop up with home ownership that you will find yourself doing several runs to the garage on a weekly basis just for ad hoc things.One of the best garage storage solutions for tools is a pegboard. With our complimentaryA design service, we can garantee a functional storage systemA designed specifically for your needs. This system is engineered to adapt to those changes; you can do and undo anything at any time. A pegboard is nice because it can go directly on a wall and does not take up a whole lot of space.What it does do is help to get all of your tools organized nice and neatly so they can be easily found.
Whether you simply need high quality ventilated wire shelving or want the top-of-the-line Classica storage system, Wilson can help. Once installed, these systems are engineered and manufactured to withstand real-world use and abuse.

This system of garage-tough cabinetry, wire shelving and a huge array of thoughtfully designed accessories can guarantee you a clutter-free garage.
Not only does it make them easy to find, it will also prolong the life of your tools and keep them from getting dull or dirty when they are stored properly. Keep in mind that most tools can run you anywhere from $25 to $100 and you will have quite a few of these in your garage that you accumulate over time.The last thing you want to have to do is to replace a tool because you failed to take the time necessary to store it properly or even worse, think that the tool is lost because it is buried under a pile of junk so you buy a second tool.
I offer flooring solutions that will cover up the mess and provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing solution.

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