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Skillion roof models offer headroom at the shed front plus added depth compared to flat roof models. 3 Tier Shelf UnitThe 3 tier shelf unit is a great accessory for your garden shed and makes excellent use of the wall space! The Garden Master 2318 is a generous sized quality shed suitable for storing the mower, wheelbarrow and a few tools. Unless other arrangements have been made with the delivery company when they contact you to arrange delivery, there must be someone at the delivery site to accept, sign for and check for damages. Once in a blue moon damages do occur, if this happens please sign for your item as “damaged” and contact us immediately as we must claim insurance within 7 days. The Garden Master Garden Sheds can be collected from your nearest PBT depot for a $50.00 discount, just enter the code DEPOT at the checkout.
If you require a Rural Home Delivery this will be an additional $35.00, otherwise you can collect your shed from your nearest PBT depot. We had been looking for some time for a suitable sized and affordable shelter for our staff. Thank you again Lance for your help in organising my beautiful Garden Room, very much appreciated. I would recommend using your company and assembly service you provide, Robbie, the assembler, was very obliging and did a great job! For an affordable home storage shed or workshop, look no further than our EasyShed Gable Truss Shed.
People living in Adelaide enjoy warm weather for most of the year and much of our lifestyle revolves around outdoor activities.
If you are looking at storing just tools, perhaps a lawn mower and a bag or two of fertiliser, a garden tool shed would be ideal. Many of Adelaide’s hardware shops sell garden shed kits for the DIY enthusiast that come in set sizes.
Garden sheds can also be accessorised with louver windows, gutters and drainpipes, skylights and door handle locks to suit. Depending on the location of Adelaide you live, you may need to consider the wind strength; as in the case of Adelaide Hills suburbs. If you are looking at purchasing and installing a garden shed yourself, spend time before hand creating a solid floor that is sufficiently raised up to avoid water from flooding your shed. You may also want to create a paved garden footpath to your garden shed to avoid foot traffic creating a mud line.

Unless experienced, two people helping will be better than attempting to erect a shed by yourself, as you will need to have the wall and roof panels lined up before you either pop-rivet or screw them together.
As licensed builders, customised verandas and garden sheds are no problems for Visual Landscape Gardening either, handling everything from design ideas to council approval to completion. Whether you have just one landscaping project in mind, or would like your whole garden professionally landscaped, contact the landscapers in Adelaide from Visual Landscape Gardening. This provides additional storage area yet still remaining compact to fit in small yards.  EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges are included in all EasySHED models for protection during handling and a lifetime of use. You’ll be surprised at how much will fit in this shed especially if you make use of the wall space by ordering a shelf unit. However, please be aware the truck driver may not be able to place your items directly where you want them as they are only contracted to move your items from the truck to the ground. If you feel you cannot check the entire pack over for damages please sign for the item as “Received, yet to be checked.” However, we will still need to be notified within 7 days if damages have occurred. Your Garden Master garden shed and timber floor come in kitset pack and will fit on a single axle 6 x 4 trailer. If you require a Rural home delivery the same requirements must be met as an urban home delivery – see above. The kitset would be the best I have ever worked with so very well done to whomever designed it.
We settled on the Formsteel Classic Patio C3030 and clad three sides of it with translucent sheeting to provide a pleasant place for our staff to enjoy their breaks outside all year round. Sheds and Shelters did the best to satisfy me, so sad others can’t meet the level of service you have set. I even lined the inside with cheap plywood, was quite simple with the wooden timber framing making the assembly process a lot easier. You have made this process smooth when compared to other companies that I have tried to get quotes, dimensions and information from. Lindsay, the assembler, did a Fantastic job and even attached the bracket for the washing line! Using additional steel and changes in design, this style of shed construction supports bigger sheds, where workspace or larger machinery and equipment storage is a priority. Whether you’re planning to house a boat, car or fleet of bikes, this shed promises the size you’ll need for weather-tight storage plus ample circulation space for construction and maintenance tasks. Whether working or playing in the garden, we tend to accumulate many tools, large pieces of equipment and sporting equipment like push bikes that simply don’t belong indoors.

These come in many colours and sizes and with different styles available including different roofing designs, there is sure to be a garden shed made from Colorbond® steel to suit your needs. These typically start under 2000mm wide and 1000mm deep with a height just under 2000mm for a small tool shed to a larger garden tool shed with dimensions of 4000mm by 3000mm which would be ideal for adding bikes and other sporting equipment; ladders and even long pieces of wood. Visual Landscape Gardening are licensed shed builders and installers, so can install these for you; including creating a solid paved or concrete floor to bolt your tool shed onto. If you would like to work in your shed, consider space for a work bench and perhaps shelving to store nails, screws and the like that you will surely collect over the years. Garden sheds installed in strong wind zones would require reinforced internal stud frames for the walls and roof sheeting to attach to. Even typical windy conditions can cause a shed to lift up if just pegged into soil, so either lay pavers or pour a concrete slab that your shed can be bolted to.
This could be as simple as dropping down some large format pavers as stepping stones or laying a more detailed paved path to suit your garden’s theme. Being able to work in your shed at night will be a real advantage and having some sort of garden lighting along the path to your shed at night will create a practical garden feature too. Skillion roof EasySHEDS make an ideal garden storage shed, lawn locker or site office storage. You can select a different colour for the roof and the walls, giving you greater ability to match your shed to it’s surroundings or local environment.
The Garden Master sheds are made from high quality steel, are fully customisable and come with an 18 year warranty.
The depot will be able to forklift your items onto your trailer for you and you will be able to unload your packs directly where you want them at site. This article looks at the range, sizes and types of garden sheds available in Adelaide, including the benefits having one will make to your lifestyle.
The need to have an outdoor storage area gave rise to the humble garden shed made from Zincalume® corrugated sheets that were painted to help them look less obtrusive. Often though the design and size you are after does not come out of a box, so Visual Landscape Gardening can custom design and install a garden shed that will suit your unique requirement and dimensions.

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