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Robert will have 3 staff working in his VF Office, and he wanted separate toilet facilities so that he still had privacy in his home. Bespoke CollectionSuprisingly Affordable, built to your specification.Standard Models - Non-planning collectionSmart and functional. Read more about our bespoke collectionRead more about our affordable non-planning garden buildings. Room StylingFrom Contemporary Garden Rooms to Traditional Garden Rooms, we have a style guide to help you plan your garden building, read more. GalleryBrowse our photo gallery, seeing our buildings will show you the quality of our workmanship and inspire you to plan your idea building. Planning and BuildingThe build process is fast and efficient, and often does not require planning permission.
Being at home is our chance to enjoy some down time, and indulge in our favourite recreational hobby.

As an alternative solution, look outside to that empty space in your garden for your new music room.
A Garden Lodge or a Garden Studio lends itself perfectly as a music room or recording studio because all our structures are made using structural insulated panels (SIPs). We have one all-inclusive price for the foundations, construction and electrics through to the flooring, glazing and decoration.
He said that the nearest equivalent he could find, quoted him almost ?60,000 for a similar size.
As a musician or music producer, the dream is to have a sound proofed music room or professional recording studio in your home, where you can play till your heart’s content without bothering the neighbours. A sound proofed music or recording studio in the garden is an ideal place for you to be away from the main home, whilst not being afraid to make noise.
The panels seamlessly join together creating the ideal environment for good acoustics and sound proofing, critical to the work of a music producer or a musician.

Building Regulations will sometimes see music rooms having to be further insulated to keep all frequencies of sound escaping, this is not a problem, and we can change plans to include a second skin to the internal walls, if need be. Read more.BlogOur blog shows our recently completed builds, as well as other features we know you will love. As much as this would be nice, it is likely that giving up the space in your home needed for a dedicated music room, would just not be possible.
So whether you go for a pitch roofed traditional Garden Lodge, or a contemporary styled Garden Studio, you can be sure that you are getting a bespoke garden music studio, that’ll be perfect for you and your family to enjoy.

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