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We are North Raleigh’s premier garden center!  Located on nearly 6 acres we are packed full with high quality plants plus everything you need to garden – and then some!  Our garden center staff diligently cares for all of our plants until they find a forever home. The mission of our garden center is to provide our customers with the best quality of plants and products. While the feature of our business is our array of beautiful plants, we have a selection of gardening tools, seed growing supplies, lawn care products, fertilizer, pest control products, and birding supplies.  We also carry a variety of fountains plus everything you need to start and maintain a beautiful water garden or koi pond.  We strive to satisfy all of your gardening needs in one place!
We have a great selection of items to beautify not only your outdoor living spaces, but also the inside of your home. An orchid or orchid arrangement is the perfect addition to any home.  They offer gorgeous color with blooms that last for months, long after cut flowers have died.  They help breathe life into offices and homes and are the perfect gift for anyone – or for ourselves! With the primary election over, efforts on both sides of the marijuana debate are ramping up for the November general election. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. We carry all supplies for your gardening needs from basic fertilizing or repotting of your houseplants to the extreme master gardener with components for soil systems, hydropoics, aeroponics, or anything in between whether it be indoors or out. Please call or stop in and let us assist you in getting your gardeneing experience headed in the right direction. Our garden center staff is also always available to answer any and all of you questions or to help you identify a problem you’ve discovered in your garden.  Whether it be a pest or disease, we are sure to help you find a solution! At our garden center you will find the triangles best selection of these wonderful plants along with houseplants and tropicals in our 5,000 sf greenhouse. However, it has been imported without the approval of the registered owner of the trade mark and no guarantee or warranty, if any, will be honoured or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer.

However, some of them (such as Gelish, Essie, and CND) have been imported without the approval of the registered owner of the trade mark and no guarantee or warranty, if any, will be honoured or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer.
We are a locally owned and operated garden and greenhouse supply store located in the beautiful Missoula valley. Our store carries the largest supply available of outdoor fertilizers focusing on organics not found anywhere else in the city.
Whether your looking to repair or piece together your own greenhouse, or are looking for a brand new setup, our farmtek products are top of the line. We love to garden and love to share our gardening knowledge with our customers.  We also offer seminars and workshops periodically throughout the year for a more in depth explanation of specific areas of gardening or the hands-on creation of something unique to take home. We also have a fabulous selection of other unique gift items including jewelry, serve-ware, candles, fragrance lamps and much, much more.  One of the best gifts we carry is also the feature of our business – our beautiful orchids. Being Montana born and raised we are experienced in helping our customers garden to this specific region. Ranging from backyard hobbyist to the commercial grower we have the components and kits to make your greenhouse a success. Call or visit our store today to see just what we have to offer for you and your garden.Contact UsWelcome to Green Garden StoreGreen Garden Store is a trusted lawn and garden supply store in Rocklin. He swears by a place called Evergreen Garden Supply, and says it’s the only place he shops for his garden supplies.
The Journal of the American Medical Association just came out this week with a study that shows that any increased access to medicinal marijuana can lead to a decrease in overdose deaths from prescription drugs for example.a€?As both sides lobby for votes, Martin hopes to fill a niche demand. With over 20 years of experience, our experts truly enjoy meeting your organic gardening needs.

That speaks volumes to me, because he is a master grower and goes through more gear than most.One of my favorite things to do on this blog is highlight businesses that give back to the movement. The owner of Evergreen Garden Supply has made a sizeable donation to New Approach Oregon, which is seeking to legalize marijuana this November in Oregon. I haven’t heard of any other garden supply store making even a small donation to the campaign, in Portland or anywhere else in Oregon.
If you are a gardener in Oregon, support Evergreen Garden Supply because they support you.Evergreen Garden Supply was founded in 2007, and is considered by many to be pioneers in the industry because of their vertical integration vast knowledge of indoor horticulture, organics, and hydroponic gardening supplies. It can also help to decrease the chance of accelerated disease in your family due to consuming produce treated with harmful synthetic chemicals.
They manufacture, distribute, and retail hydrponic equipment for the indoor garden industry. Compare that to other stores which simply order from a catalogue and put stuff on shelves and provide next to nothing in the area of solid advice.Evergreen Garden Supply has a massive selection, which is also something that not every garden store provides.
Along with our affordable everyday prices, we also offer 35% off on Advanced Nutrients products to help you save as much money as possible on your lawn and garden needs.

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