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Raised timber garden beds have continued to grow in popularity as gardeners become increasingly aware of their many benefits. A simple and elegant way to raise your garden, Dovetail Timbers garden beds provide a secure and lasting structure. Our raised timber garden beds can also be easily possum and bird proofed with kits we provide. Our Dovetail Timbers garden beds are available delivered to your door throughout Australia. Raised garden beds can produce up to twice  the amount of  vegetables and flowers per square meter when compared to normal in-ground beds. Raised garden beds are much easier to work on as they can be designed to a height that suits you particular needs. You can use them to create a garden on a concrete or paved areas and by internally lining them with a geo-fabric, only the water will seep through leaving your soils nicely contained. THW Landscape Construction sources timber products from a wide range of high quality manufacturers. Constructed from durable, chemical free and sustainably sourced Tasmanian hardwood, Dovetail Timbers garden beds will be standing for years, guaranteed.

Mini sleepers are very vestatile as they can be used vertically to create walls as shown below.
The benefits of using new oak sleepers is that they're durable, long-lasting, don't bleed and are non-toxic to plants. Landscape timbers are used to build walls, lay walkways, fence the gardens and build little houses and huts. Their applications are diverse and only limited with your imagination and tool handling capability. Landscape TimbersLandscape timbersare a versatile and useful material for the home landscape. Used for retaining walls, sandboxes and raised flower beds, the countryside timbers are inexpensive and easy to use.Uses of landscape timber Landscape timbers are used to raise flowerbeds, to give your landscape a warm look or to make a readymade garden. There is wide range of timbers nowadays, and you can even purchase little logs with a flat base or manufacture it at your own. Even though they look natural, actually, they are made from plywood; hence they are a reused product.
Nevertheless, people prefer to cut the actual timber instead of buying the landscaping timbers.Real wood landscaping timber isn’t chemically handled, while ply board is. Consequently, real wooden timber can last only for seven or eight many years but they are less dangerous and healthier, especially if you will find children in your own home.

But they are not good for health owing to their chemical treatment.Easy steps to install landscape timberCollect pressure treated timbers and other supplies Landscape edging is quick to install. With the mini-trench (created by the hand edger) in place, now it’s time for next step. Remove any sod that remains within the confines of the border planting, using a shovel.Rake the ground to make it level With the help of the garden hoe, rake the ground to make it level. When you think you have the ground reasonably even, walk on it, right along the inner edge of the string, to pack it down.
Add soil if necessary to bring the area up to the proper level, then pack down againCut a landscape timber in halfThe next step involves cutting one of your 8-foot landscape timbers in half. The purpose of this step is to furnish you with the side pieces for your border planting.Use corner braces to build the cornerBefore building the corners, we formed a temporary corner by laying out the landscape timbers (one 4-footer and one 8-footer, placed so as to form an elbow) in the corner area. The string and stakes were still in place, so that we couldLandscape Timbers Gardendouble-check ourselves.This is an especially helpful step for those of us who are absent-minded. For example, it would have been easy for us to forget that we needed to build the corner in such a way that it would come out 4 feet 3 inches away from the fence (measuring to the outer face of the landscape timber), rather than just 4 feet.

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