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With its piercing tines, a garden fork or spading fork can sometimes get into the soil easier than a garden spade.  A garden spading fork is especially useful when we are working with compacted or rocky soil.
Garden rake can level ground, move gravel or sand, gather up materials, and clean up leaves in our gardens. A garden hoe has many uses, for examples, weeding our gardens and tilling the soil.  There are many types of hoes and gardeners probably collect several kinds of different sizes for different gardening jobs.

The garden tools we use become especially important when we work on some heavy duty gardening jobs.  And for gardening tasks like breaking new ground, removing sod, tilling the garden, and aerating the soil, a good garden spading folk will surely make our life easier. There are garden gloves made of different materials.  While many gardeners (including myself) prefer to use lightweight cloth garden gloves, other gardeners prefer a good pair of leather garden gloves for those tough jobs. This is a very resourceful list for the gardening “challenged” individual like me, lol!

There are some really nice soft cotton ones with rubberized fingers – those are my current favorites.

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