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Here, you can pick the upgrade for your gardenOn the note on the desk, in the living chambers, there is a list of available upgrades for Skyhold. Required items:1 Logging Stand30 Elfroot30 Spindleweed30 Blood LotusThen, go to the garden (M12,13) and pick the structure that you want to craft. Pots in the garden with oversized plants in themAnother interesting option is to grow plants (it requires the Skyhold). Note: The upgrades are irreversible so you may wish to save the game before choosing one in case you don't like your selection. Once the required requisition item is crafted, you implement the upgrade at the upgrade marker in Skyhold's garden next to the well. Despite its description, the Chantry Garden does not produce resources or gold for The Inquisitor's use. Once the required requisition item is crafted, you implement the upgrade at the upgrade marker on the stairs at the entrance to Skyhold's main hall.
A cosmetic upgrade that declares the Inquisition's promise to be both welcoming and protective for all who seek its support. A cosmetic upgrade that declares the Inquisition's investment in the recruitment and training of its soldiers, so that all who wish to fight are put to their best use.

Once the required requisition item is crafted, you implement the upgrade at the upgrade marker on the battlements east of where Cassandra stands.
They are divided into basic (they improve regeneration, mana amount), tonics (resistances and constitution) and grenades. To upgrade, you only need to pick the potion and see the details to learn about the list of the available upgrades. In the garden, there are two plant pots - you can plant there any plants that grow from below the ground (as opposed to the ones that hang from above) - both the common and the unique ones. After you gather all of the necessary ingredients, go to the quartermaster and complete the quest.
The selection of the former allows you to receive temple donations and unlocks the Eyes of the Maker operation, and you also receive a standard.
Each of the characters has his own set of two potions, where the regeneration potion is the only to be free and it replenishes after each stay at the camp. To speed up the process of gathering ingredients, you can use the Optimal Cutting Inquisition perk (Secrets category), which gives you a 10% chance of picking more plants at one cut.
However, the scroll only contributes to the Patron of the Arts song collection if you choose the Herb Garden.

In the case of the latter, you will be able to grow more plants in your garden but you receive no rewards (3 additional pots in the garden). The number of potions and an additional potion slot are available to unlock with perk points and Inquisition points.
Also, you can enter the tactical mode and have the party pick the ingredients for you (this takes around 11 minutes). In the Inquisition tasks, you will also receive one that relates to the option to upgrade your garden.
Purchasing the codex from Willvan afterwards does not update the collection either so it appears the song is not available if you choose the Chantry Garden.
To brew a potion, you only need to find a brewing table (at the herbalists in the HQ, at strongholds and in outposts) pick the potion (drag it over to the appropriate field) and click it. After you complete it, you can expand your garden - either receive more pots, to plant more plants, or turn the garden into one accessible to the citizens, who will offer the Inquisition gold and ingredients in return.

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