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The techniques of Green woodworking cross many disciplines, from boat and house building to expressive arts,A furniture-makingA and home crafts. We'd love to hear your comments, tips and advice on this topic, and if you post a query, we'll try to get a specialist in our network to answer it for you. This three page section is a summary of my entry into the world of green woodworking, starting with making a shave horse.
Abney's green woodworkers aim to introduce people to a rewarding and therapeutic activity, connected to a long tradition of craft.
At their outdoor workshops people of all levels of experience make crafts alongside one another using hand tools and green wood straight from the log. They offer free drop-in sessions where beginners can learn the basics and the more experienced can pursue their own projects.
There is usually a small charge for board material - ie seats or table tops, of around A?10 - A?20. Today, green woodworkers help to preserve these craft traditions by using the tools and techniques of the past. There is something about handmade crafts that connects us to the past, and enhances the beauty and meaningfulness of our everyday lives. Freshly cut wood contains a lot of water which will eventually evaporate, causing shrinkage.

Then, if you’re serious about green woodworking, get yourself a basic collection ofA hand tools, plus a shave horse and pole lathe, after which you can easily start making presents, kitchenware, toys, furniture, garden structures and general fixings for the home. Martin April 22, 2016 at 2:38 pm on CrayfishThanks, it would be interesting to see if anyone has had any success with meat. Working outside and using wood felled locally and in the cemetery, they bring heritage crafts into the heart of the city and make basic woodcraft skills available to all. They also run affordable short courses where even complete beginners can make something to be proud of.
A You are welcome to bring your own materials if you have them, please call me to discuss suitability. Simple, functional crafts such as chairs, stools, and hayforks have long been made from green, or unseasoned wood.  The simple secrets of traditional woodcraft have been handed down, from generation to generation, for centuries. They split green wood straight from the log, shape the material with hand tools, and join it together using age-old skills.
During this time the moisture content drops below decomposition level (below 21%) and a substantial amount of shrinkage takes place.
Ash is good forA furniture-makingA as it’s so strong (and pretty), and oak or sweet chestnut are good for outdoor work as they are very durable.
Look up your local foresters, and especially tree surgeons, who might well be happy to give you wood for free if you collect it.

Wood can still be considered green for up to a year if left in a round log before being worked. Nowadays, most timber is kiln-dried down to below 12% moisture content, and modern carpentry relies almost exclusively on supplies of milled and kiln-dried timber.
A shave horse is a leg-operated vice and a pole lathe is a leg-operated piece of kit that allows you to turn wood using hand-chisels. Green woodworking techniques generally involve splitting and working with the grain rather than sawing through it, causing minimal distortion of the wood during shrinkage and seasoning. Frames are assembled from large sawn or hewn timbers connected with mortise and tenon joints and fixed with wooden pegs.
Green woodworking requires a different set of skills and tools to modern carpentry, as well as a closer understanding of the nature of wood and the character of different trees. These techniques evolved to shape unseasoned wood when it was soft and pliable, and the wood simply dried over time after it had been worked.

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