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Prefabricated or ready-made fences (fences that are available in sections or rolls for easy installation) give protection and privacy at a minimum cost. Fencing is also available made from high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) making the fence virtually with no maintenance – will not discolor, fade, flake, blister or peel so it never needs painting, staining, scraping, sanding or sealing. Basket-weave fence as a privacy fence and a section or two, strategically located, can give a terrace in even a city back yard an air of seclusion.
Rustic close picket fence serves the same purpose as the basket-weave fence, is generally less expensive and is ideal for an informal setting. Rustic and colonial picket fences are offered in sections, and posts and gates are available to match.

Contact a local fence company or drop by the large home improvement centers for a wide display of fencing options.
There are basket-weave, close picket and louvered types for privacy and protection, and picket, post and-rail and hurdle fences for protection. On some the pickets are fitted tightly side by side; on others, a small space is left between each picket, and while it is difficult to see through this fence from a distance of a few feet, air circulates through it. They come in several different heights enabling you to select one in scale to your house or garden. Basket-weave fence is equally attractive on both sides a decided advantage when you want to have privacy and be neighborly at the same time.

A third type of close picket fence has pickets that are edged with a saw and nailed to a backing strip.
All are made of #1 grade cedar, pressure-treated lumber or redwood and may be allowed to weather to a beautiful natural patina or may be painted to harmonize with a house or point up a color scheme of a garden. This type is generally sold in panels, costs a little more than the woven types and like them must be nailed to a frame.

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