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As a custom barn builder, specializing in the centuries-old techniques and traditions of timber framing, our Horse barns, homes and structures are both stunning and durable. Our drafting software shows you interior, exterior and cut-away views with proposed architecture and materials. We are always happy to help you continue to form some of your ideas or just discuss some of your creative vision. Let your imagination run wild as you take a peek at these two DC Building custom homes in Oregon and California. Just 20 miles from Portland, Oregon sits this spectacular 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house in Boring, Oregon. Horizontal Tongue & Groove Siding is available in fir, spruce, pine, and other timbers on request.
HardiePlank Lap Siding is composed of fire-resistant fiber cement, a mixture of wood pulp and Portland cement. HardiePlank Vertical Siding is like its lap siding cousin, only with an upward orientation.
Perhaps it’s unwise to judge a book by its cover, but visitors will inevitably judge your barn or barn home by its siding. Our latest infographic explores modern wedding trends and the use of custom barn designs for wedding ceremonies and receptions. At DC Building, we create custom designs and build barns using traditional post-and-beam methods and quality lumber. As passionate home and barn builders, our designers thrive on custom projects, where their imaginations can be put to good work matching designs to clients’ dreams. Beauty abounds in this monitor-style barn—and given its personalized design, it’s not surprising that owner Leslie Schoradt has exclaimed, “It’s my dream home!” With Classic Equine stall fronts and a stable comfort mattress system inside, this monitor barn is a horse lover’s dream. Our California custom barn builders’ creativity shines in this tailor-made equestrian facility. Our California barn builders worked 12 hours per day, six days per week to erect this facility to exact specifications. From the Classic Equine stall fronts to the all-wood Dutch and breezeway doors, this barn is completely custom-made.
As these projects show, our California barn builders enjoy working closely with clients to create the perfect structures for their properties. Monitor Barns, sometimes called Raised Center Aisle (RCA) barns, are on the other end of the barn complexity spectrum. Selecting from these basic structural options is often the first step in the design process we follow with clients.
From Maine to Washington, barn builders from DC Building are passionate about creating stunning structures for our clients.
We’ve built barns with living quarters across the United States, from Maine to Louisiana, and from Washington to New Mexico. Our Washington barn builders created what our client called “the greatest barn in the world” for her horse boarding business, Four Gables Farm. Rancho Milagro is a comfortable, multi-purpose building where our clients Ed and Trudy Healy can care for their horses and special guests. Many of our clients prefer to situate their barn homes to best highlight stunning mountain views. Our clients envisioned an apartment barn where they could care for their dogs, horses, and cat without commuting.
Whatever building you imagine, in whatever location, we can deliver the barn home of your dreams. Since our nation’s dawn, barns (and the farmers they represent) have figured large in American philosophy. Unfortunately, barn razing has eclipsed the barn raisings that were so common in America a century ago. Perhaps the cleverest American barn design is the bank barn, which takes advantage of a slope to create multiple levels of productivity. George Washington’s sixteen-sided barn at Mount Vernon is representative of the round barn’s appeal. As experienced barn builders, we’ve created barns across America, from private facilities to commercial barns. We are passionate about building dynamic equestrian facilities were horse and rider can enjoy ideal conditions. Timber-frame construction is incredibly flexible; it can provide phenomenal structural support without the need for cluttering inner walls. To conclude, we’ll mention that we’ve also created commercial properties, from wineries to special event buildings. If you’re looking to work with California home builders to create your custom home, give us a call. Picture this: A private arena where you can ride any day of the year in comfort and beauty.
Stable Comfort Flooring and Hoof Grid Systems can create the ultimate comfort for your horses. Custom Rub Rails, Gates, and Doors are available to give your riding arena that tailored feel. Look through our galleries of equestrian structures that we have built across the country and bring your ideas and the unique aspects that you would like to have for your own structure, or come up with a completely new design from your own ideas.
The design experts will work to get your ideas on paper as we at DC Building use the latest in CAD design software and cloud-based project management systems until we have a working plan to help you visualize how the structure will look like.
Have the safe and fully functional equestrian barn to house your horses or provide horse stabling for your commercial business. Check out our gallery of completed projects to see what DC Building could do for you and your horses.
If you're looking for a quality structure for your horses, DC Building is the best in the business. Whether you're looking for a barn with two stalls or twenty, we have the designers, project managers, and experienced crews to get the job done. With years of experience working across the country, DC Building is the best choice for any horse barn project.
Using state-of-the-art machinery B&D creates one-of-a-kind structures with authentic detailing. With granite counter tops and slate floors, this stunning home certainly does not reflect its town’s name. We have built more than one hundred structures across the country; some have been custom structures from the ground up, while others were adapted from pre-set plans.
As with horizontal tongue and groove siding, its surface may be strengthened and customized with paint or stain. In the last three decades, fiber cement has quickly become a darling of the construction world, because it offers the beauty of wood with the low-maintenance endurance of masonry. You still get the fire-resistant, easy-to-maintain fiber cement, but in a direction that emphasizes height. Custom wedding barns have dramatic open spaces that blend unconventional aspects with elegant solutions for a truly unique and memorable experience.

Check out some of the awesome wedding barns we’ve brought to life here at DC Builders. Gooseneck lighting pairs perfectly with the rich timber framing and striking red metal roof.
Featured here is an all-wood barn complete with five custom stall fronts, pine-covered ceilings, and stamped concrete made to look like beautiful hardwood. As owner Joe Leonard recalls, “The process with DC Building was actually enjoyable, which is kind of rare with contractors.” While other contractors had focused on the negative, our own expert Dustin arrived for a walk-through, and explained how DC Building could create their dream barn.
It features a beautiful wraparound porch that serves as a relaxation space and a refuge from the summer heat. By starting with a review of structural options, our barn builders can get a big-picture idea of which barn shapes would best suit the client. They are named after their unique roofline, which includes a dual-pitched, triangular roof with an elevated center section. Two distinct roof pitches—the outer pitch steep and the inner pitch shallow—create extra storage space in upper stories. Whether your ideal location is in the heartland or on a coast, we can create the building of your dreams.
The Healys are well known as art patrons in the Taos area, and so it should be no surprise that they allowed our designers and builders free reign to carry out their creative vision. To make their dream a reality, we worked into the night, bringing in different crews for framing, concrete, and finishing. Thomas Jefferson understood that the newly minted republic derived its freedom and stability from citizen farmers. Round barns are efficient, in that they require fewer materials to create the same amount of storage. A 2007 USDA census of farmers making more than $1,000 of farm income annually found that there are about 650,000 barns left in America. As dedicated barn home builders, we appreciate the growing popularity in barns with living quarters attached. While we call Boring, Oregon home, our veteran crews travel the nation to create unique buildings for families, businesses, and their animals. One of our favorite barn projects was the 3,200-square-foot HGTV Lodge created for the 2013 Country Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.
Oftentimes, our clients prefer to combine riding arenas with barn and storage facilities, for the ultimate in multi-use performance. Our clients love our fast building schedules, as well as our unparalleled construction quality. Our industry experience and construction approach allows us to achieve cost efficiency while manifesting clients’ custom designs. It would be an arena beloved by horse and rider alike, with a supportive, level riding surface, easy access to horse care materials, and a calm atmosphere.
Cut down on mud, eliminate the need to resurface, and give horses the confidence of pasture-like footing.
The DC Building Design Center is the perfect jumping off point for realizing the riding arena of your dreams. Our design specialist and drafting experts will hold web meetings with you to make your dreams a reality.
Every aspect of the design, project planning and construction process will involve your constant input and approval.
DC Building will work with you from start to finish until you have the perfect custom-designed building. As experienced custom horse barn builders, we pride ourselves on the ability to meet your needs and the needs of your animals. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals for the project, ensuring their barn meets deadlines, fits their budget, and exceeds expectations. We thrive on close relationships with our clients and strive to create one-of-a-kind structures that meet their unique needs. Whether you need help deciding on basic building features, or have a detailed vision, we can design and build a home to fit your unique needs. Our Oregon custom home builders worked creatively alongside the homeowner to develop the garage door from scratch, making this home truly unique. In Camarillo, you’ll find a resplendent barn home example built by DC Building’s California custom home builders.
For a classic, timeless barn look, partner board and batten siding with horizontal tongue and groove siding. It pays to spend some time electing an exterior siding option that will provide excellent protection in your area, while also adding beauty.
Barn builders include sought-after rustic elements in the charming building alongside necessary amenities, such as electrical capabilities, shelter from unexpected weather conditions and a space that’s intimate yet ample. Check out these gorgeous projects—they’re great representations of our designers’ unique work. Its cedar board and batten siding make the exterior shine, while post and beam framing with heavy exposed timbers gleam on the inside. This familiar barn structure dots the American landscape, making it ideal for those looking for a classic structure for their barn homes.
Today we’re highlighting four barn homes we’ve built in four very different landscapes, in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Washington State.
Lincoln passed the Homestead Act, writing, “The wild lands of the country should be distributed so that every man should have the means and opportunity of benefiting his condition.” In other words, Lincoln saw farms as a way to give every American a fair chance.
Yet these historic structures deserve our attention and preservation efforts because they embody our nation’s rich, historical past. Building materials vary according to location as well; Idaho barns may be built of basalt (a volcanic stone), while the Southwest boasts adobe barns. There are problems with this survey—it doesn’t include barns that are being used for other purposes, for one thing—but it does suggest that the number of American barns has dropped since 1950, when National Barn Alliance president Charles Leik estimates that there were 6 million barns still standing in our country. The barn portion of the structure is often included on the ground floor, while living quarters are situated above.
Today we’re discussing the wide array of wood structures that we specialize in constructing.
We were able to complete the project in just five days, with over forty workers pitching in. We work to the client’s preferences; some opt for year-round covered arenas, while others are looking for outdoor riding areas.
Whatever your dream, we can work with you to create a custom design, or to adapt a pre-drafted custom design. To enjoy a stress-free construction process, it’s key to work with an experienced contractor such as DC Building. In such a high-demand area, it’s key to create designs that nearby residents will rally around.
You want to have the perfect equestrian barn designed to accommodate your horses or to provide stabling services for other horse lovers. We will inform you about all products, materials, construction methods and cost as our skilled draftsmen will modify the plans so that they meet all building standards.

The layout of your barn is extremely important, and DC Building has the experience to create a space that is both elegant and functional, incorporating tack rooms, wash bays and feeding areas. Whether you are a horse breeder, boarder, or a recreational rider, DC Building can build the best horse barn for you. We travel across the United States to bring custom home visions (including barn homes) to fruition. At 10,000 square feet, this barn home has ample room for a four-car garage, a 36’x 60’ barn, and a 3,400 square-foot multi-level home. On the other hand, if you’re in the market for a completely unique home or barn, we can accomplish that goal as well.
This goal is perfectly achieved by pairing horizontal tongue and groove siding with board and batten siding. We love how much easier HardiePlank Lap Siding is to maintain when compared to traditional wood siding. Contact us today to discuss which siding choice would best complement your ideal home or barn. Complete with a custom turret and rubber aisle pavers, this barn perfectly complements the Suncrest Vineyards of Traveler’s Rest in Penn Valley. Complete with a customized iPod docking station, a hobby shop in the loft, and trail entry to the Woodside Equestrian Park, this barn is simply stunning. Our client Joe was impressed with DC Building’s creative finishing work, which included custom-made doors, and cedar trim boards placed in alternating colors.
As the raised center aisle is often filled with windows, RCA barns enjoy excellent circulation and natural light.
A DC Building design team works with each client for drafting and design meetings conducted via live web meetings.
The upstairs features a luxurious wet bar, a U-shaped seating area, and a large open area that perfectly suits the weddings and other special events that Four Gables Farm hosts. A stunning barn home with a diamond theme that resonates through structural supports, deck bracing, and even barn doors. The 1,700-square-foot living area upstairs features a soaring great room where the family can relax in their year-round, full-time residence. And Eisenhower celebrated that “In no other country do so few people produce so much food, to feed so many, at such reasonable prices.” Throughout our history, barns have represented close-knit communities with strong ties to the land and to family. The interior of a Dutch barn is reminiscent of a church, with a central aisle, H-shaped beam structures, and mortise-and-tenon joints with rounded ends. Oftentimes, this “daylight basement” level faced south, and provided a protected space where animals gathered in the winter months.
The variety of barns in our country reflects our nation’s cultural and geological diversity.
And we are happy to work with you to include design features that echo America’s rich barn history.
Our industry background gives us insight into design options that equestrians value, such as drainage solutions, hoof grid systems, and caretakers’ apartments.
Combining stables, tack rooms, and an indoor riding arena will also minimize construction and maintenance costs. We can attach simple living spaces for guests, caretaker apartments, and even spacious homes to accommodate the whole family. Or, if your location doesn’t allow for comfortable riding conditions, we can add skylights and cupolas to bring in nature. At DC Building, we will assist you with designing the appropriate equestrian barn and most effective layout for your property to meet your needs and specifications. Given the visibility of exterior siding, it pays to be choosy when picking siding for your custom project.
Last but certainly not least, HardiePlank Lap Siding comes with a 30-year, transferable warranty.
With timeless, rustic weddings proving to be a long-term trend, wedding barns offer distinctive, creative way to use your land.
For a gorgeous example of a Monitor Barn, check out the Morgan Hill Barn that our California barn builders created.
Our advanced yet approachable drafting software and cloud-based project management system allows DC Building customers to fully envision the final structure before building begins. Downstairs, we installed three horse stalls with automatic washers, a wash and tack room, and a laundry room with an attached bathroom. Nowadays, although fewer Americans make their living at farming, barns still resonate as powerful symbols of a simpler, more traditional way of life. The second story was level with the top of the hill, and allowed wagons carrying hay or wheat easy access for threshing and storage. Gaps between floorboards on the first level allowed the grain to fall through to a lower story, where it could be gathered for storage.
Next, choose what we should deliver—just floor plans, plans and materials, a building shell, or a turnkey property.
Generous wood windows allow plenty of light while complementing the stained concrete floors.
Let’s examine the variety of siding choices we offer for DC Building barn homes, barndominiums, and barns.
The 36-foot-long structure features four horse stalls, a 12’ by 24’ tack room, a half bath, and solar-powered radiant heat in the concrete slab of the first floor. The upper story’s 1,700-square-foot apartment boasts granite countertops, a Corian shower, tile floors, and wrapped timbers. At times, this location sees 100 mile-per-hour winds, and the client notes that our quality construction work prevents gusts from whistling through windows. You can also select from structural styles and foundation types, as well as siding and roofing options.
Upstairs, you’ll find a stunning 21’ by 34’ great room with 14-foot-high ceilings at the upper ridge. A final advantage is that round barns may be built with self-supporting roofs, eliminating the need for interior supports and increasing storage space.
In this home, the animals are so close that the owners can practically lean over and kiss their horses goodnight! Cedar clad supports carry through from the barn to the living quarters; their warm honey tones shine in the Taos sunlight. Featured in a 2013 issue of the Ventura County Star, this barn home is a truly a dream come true.
Then contact us to learn how our experienced builders can help you create the ideal riding arena, commercial center, barn, or home of your dreams.

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