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My kids made these last night and loved it so much I decided to make a printable and give them out as gifts and use them at our Christmas party this year as the kids craft station. Put 1 spoonful of frosting into the tiny baggie and place in the snack baggie with other supplies. I’m so excited to do these as the kids craft at our family Christmas party this year!! The Disney movie of the moment is Frozen, and if you’ve ever watched it, no doubt, as you read the title to this post you also sung do you want to build a snowman? You’ve now got the free printable label to make your Frozen Olaf party favor bags, but what goes inside the cellophane bags? If I recall, I just snipped the ends of the marshmallows and the sticky edges then stuck together! He comes with head, body, arms, feet, carrot nose, 5 sets of eyes, eyebrows, hair, buttons, scarf and because he likes summer – sunglasses!
Just print onto white card, cut the pieces out (young children may need help) and build a snowman! Frozen has been a huge hit this past year, and as a Disney fan, I knew I would have to design a free Olaf printable for Create Christmas 2014! If you love Frozen, you will also love my Do You Want To Build A Snowman Party Favor with free printable, which is perfect for a Christmas party! Day 1 of  Create Christmas – an annual series on The Purple Pumpkin Blog where I blog each day with something to cook, craft or create for Christmas. Printables created by The Purple Pumpkin Blog are for personal use only and not for resale.
I just checked out your post again and shared your daughter’s masterpiece on my Facebook page as it looks so awesome!!
What great ideas, will be printing the A4 sheet off for the little lady today :) Thanks for sharing it.

The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Do You Want to Build a Snowman?.
Elsa provides a tacit answer to this song during her own number, "Let It Go," as one of the very first things she does is build a snowman. As a child, Anna is voiced by two of the film crew's daughters: first, she is voiced by Katie Lopez, daughter of songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, and then, she is voiced by Agatha Lee Monn, daughter of director Jennifer Lee. Despite the song's cheerful title and tone in the beginning, the song is quite sad and tragic, as many sad events took place during this song: the deteriorating friendship of Elsa and Anna, their growing loneliness due to being isolated from society and each other, and the death of their parents, which left them both orphaned, sad and alone. At the end of the film, viewers can hear the instrumental reprise of the song along with "For the First Time in Forever" (known as "Epilogue") while everyone in Arendelle is skating and in the credits. Since the film's release, there have been many internet parodies of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" focusing on an alternative response from Elsa in song. Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, said on the ABC documentary "The Story of Frozen: Making a Disney Animated Classic" that "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" is his favorite song in the film and that it almost did not make the final cut. Elsa apparently clearly remembers Anna singing this song, for she takes Anna for a bike ride around the halls in Frozen Fever.
I was trying to think of a fun kids craft about building snowmen with marshmallows and came up with this idea!
Pop all the snowman pieces into a cellophane bag and then fold it over, depending on the length of the bag. My printer is out of action at the moment, but as soon as it’s up and running again, I’m printing my own Olaf to build! You can share it with me on Twitter or on Facebook, or, if you’re a blogger, you can join in the Create Christmas Linky which is running for the month of December. This year I’m also sharing a round-up post with ideas and inspiration from other bloggers. If you wish to link to, pin or share my printables, you are welcome to do so as long as a link back to the blog post is shown and the watermarks are kept intact.

I got a ping about it and I love checking out what others have written :) I’m going to create a larger version later this month, just need to slot it into my schedule! It can also be heard on the DVD and Blu-ray's main menu with a sort of "mash-up" between "For the First Time in Forever". Today I’m sharing a party favor idea that would be great to give out as thank yous at the end of a Frozen themed party. The "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" instrumental reprise could be a reference to how at the end the sisters were finally reconnecting.
There are several non-Frozen parodies of the song as well, such as one called "Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend?", "Do You Want to Build a Robot?" focusing on Hiro and Tadashi from Big Hero 6, and a Power Rangers-themed one sung by Alpha 5 called "I Want to Fight Like You Guys", which focuses on Alpha's friendships with the Power Rangers and his secret wish to become one himself so he could join his friends in battling evil. Making favor bags filled with treats is definitely one of my favourite party thank you gifts to give to my guests! One famous parody is a called Do you want to build a SPACESHIP, replacing the word snowman with spaceship.
I’ve designed a label that you can print off and fold over a plastic food bag which will hold the snowman elements inside! This song is a parody of The LEGO Movie, representing Benny the spaceman's love of building spaceships. There is even a Star Wars parody in which an Imperial TIE fighter pilot (who repeatedly confirms his hatred of rebels) attempts to convince Darth Vader, who is busy thinking about Luke Skywalker and his deceased wife Padme Amidala (who Darth Sidious tricked him into thinking he killed, though she actually died in childbirth), to help him shoot down enemy Incom X-wing starfighters, with "Do you wanna build a snowman?" replaced with "Do you wanna kill some rebels?".

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