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We shared the above photo on our facebook page and got a ton of requests on how to actually do this. Hay wagons can transport loads of hay, produce, and workers around a farm, and traditional celebrations and events commonly host hayrides where riders pile into hay wagons for a trip around the local countryside. Because of the stringent laws associated with both farm equipment and hauling passengers, choosing a lightweight and sturdy car undercarriage instead of building a new base from scratch is a smart choice.
You can build your own tongue bracket from rolled steel or aluminum or purchase a premade system for hauling and towing that attaches easily to the vehicle chassis.
Buy as many lumber boards as required for the desired width of the hay wagon, ensuring each board is at least as long as your chassis.
Use metal brackets that match the height of the walls of the hay wagon to provide the necessary support. Most hay wagons have at least two walls, one on either side of the chassis, while others have four walls and a latched gate in the center of the rear. The magazines and internet have misled you into believing that a swimming pool is something for the rich, or at least for some who have a couple of thousands of dollars to spare on such a project.
I am smarter than even a 12th grader, and I know that our nation’s groundwater is a limited supply.
Pay more attention to the chemicals you buy, the drugs you take and the food you eat as every one of these items has an effect on the water supply that’s magnitudes of order greater than a swimming pool that. Jennifer, if you have the space and aren’t prohibited by city regulations or homeowners association covenants, you can easily construct a rainwater collection system. What a way to kill it Jennifer , there are such things as filters and I think it sounds great with or with out filter , and it’s called having fun !!!!!! My husband is a really tall guy and he’d love to have a tub that he can just sit and soak in. Most plastics break down very quickly in the sun, leaving you with a lot of trash and wasted water during the nation’s worst drought ever.
I am from Mississippi and a true booded southern down to earth redneck and here in the Delta this would be welcomed with opened armws and mouths. These kids were probably just bored and looking for some way to occupy themselves on a summer break.

I think the boys deserve to be congratulated on using their brains instead of just expecting stuff to be handed to them.
However, it does look like since the above photo is clearly taken on a farm setting that they may have used a hay tarp to line the pool.
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He owns a Dairy there and put that ingenious pool together with Bales of Hay, rope and a Silage Tarp. You can convert a used car undercarriage into a hay wagon for a roadworthy way to move almost anything, but take care to comply with local vehicle laws and registration guidelines. Using an existing structure that includes basic steering and suspension makes it easier to comply with local and state laws and codes. Screw the center and external boards directly into the chassis undercarriage using the appropriate fasteners, and glue, screw or staple the other boards into place. Use Buy It Now to quickly get the parts and tools you need to assemble your own hay wagon, or participate in auction-style listings to get competitive rates.
We’ve received enough rainwater in Missouri this year to easily fill a large pool, possibly in a single day.
I have a fabulous trough intended to water livestock that is almost 3 feet deep and 6 feet long. NO WONDER AMERICA IS SO NEGATIVE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WITH THIS ATTITUDE THINK THEY RUN THE WORLD!!
The grumpy wet panty brigade should keep their noses out of other peoples business, I didn’t see one post asking you to pay for the water, nor did I see them ask for your hay.
Strip away all unnecessary components, leaving only the DOT-compliant axles and support structure in place.
Check to ensure that no gap exists between the boards, and add a layer of lacquer or similar wood protectant to safeguard the deck against the elements. Use search filters on the left-hand side of each results page to narrow down your choices and get the right parts for the job.
Some states may also require registration and functioning brakes and lights on the wagon, even if it never ventures onto the road, and this setup simplifies making those additional changes later.

Ensure that the far ends and center are welded completely to the metal components of the chassis for added structural support. Tighten the screws or nuts and bolts firmly but not so tightly as to crack the wooden walls.
And with the summer slowly building up its hot days to stay for the next few months, you might be tempted to choose their cheap and simple solution to make your own swimming pool. If you live in the country and want to do a little research, you can build a bio-system which uses plants and even fish to purify the water and pump it back in the pool. You are to never swim anywhere, use a toilet, don’t drink soda, juice, coffee, alcohol or tea. Use a high-quality sander to remove any rust from the undercarriage and smooth any sharp corners or angles.
If you plan to only haul light loads or loads that don't shift easily, your wagon might not need walls, but installing at least two walls can help prevent hay or other materials from falling off as the wagon bounces around. The DIY project only involves using bales of hay, plastic sheets, some rope and (obviously) water. Well I guess if u have the funding to BLEND your landscape you would not be shopping for a pool over here.
After you’ve chosen the right spot for the hay, place it evenly across and in a square perimeter. Many of these bio-filter systems are beginning to be used by larger municipal treatment systems because they are easier and less expensive to maintain. And they are much better for the environment because you don’t need to pollute the water or the atmosphere with chlorine, which is a poison.
In no time you will get a perfectly usable swimming pool, great for lounging beneath the hot summer breeze.

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