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Being widely recognized as a Source of FREE Hi-Quality Joomla Templates, JoomlaShine focuses on the product quality, which can be clearly seen in the design, functionality, and usability. You can find everything from the most basic landing page to highly stylized templates for almost any purpose. JoomlArt has produced well over 100 Joomla templates to date, and they are also the creators of the T3 framework, which is one of the most used Joomla template frameworks by independent developers. JoomlArt's templates are generally very clean and offer a lot of potential for personalization. According to their website, Joomlashack was created one day after the Joomla Project was officially launched. JoomShaper is a premium Joomla template developer offering both free and club templates and extensions. JoomShaper is also the developer of the Helix Framework for Joomla, which many of their templates are based on. YOOTheme has produced some of the cleanest designs for the Joomla template world, while still providing great support for vivid colors and bold graphics. YOOtheme has maximized functionality by producing a great multipurpose tool for almost any Joomla site, Widgetkit, and a fantastic Content Creation Kit called ZOO. Known for their bold designs and feature packed templates, RocketTheme also creates some excellent Joomla extensions. The newer templates in their portfolio are all responsive, based on the Bootstrap framework, and are available for Joomla 3.0.
TemplateMonster offers a massive selection of Joomla templates from various sources and developers. With such a large number of templates for sale, somewhere over 1200 at the writing of this article, TemplateMonster does a good job of providing a filtering solution at the top of the Joomla Templates page to make finding the right theme for your project much easier. Gavickpro is a development company that has been in existence since 2007, and the quality of their templates keeps improving. Their most recent templates are built with a responsive design, have social media integration throughout and feature eye catching custom typography. Joomla-Monster features templates for nearly every web project, and they have several free templates so you can get a feel for their work before you buy.
Shape 5 claims over 135,000 members, has over 70 paid templates and several free ones as well.
With templates designed for everything from e-commerce to the medical field, Shape 5 tries to make their work available to any developer working on any project. ThemeXpert began when the founder, who was then creating Joomla sites for clients, decided to build his own set of template development tools. One great thing about ThemeXpert's template club is that all extensions are included with each demo template installation, which is a great value at their price point. Their latest templates are all Joomla 3 ready and are built Bootstrap, so their designs are fully responsive. Tutorials, reviews, case studies and other tips to help website owners and website developers master the Joomla content management system. Until now, there have been several Joomla solutions to consider, each with their pros and cons. When it came time to produce ecommerce tutorials for our Joomla Pro course, we whittled the list down to RedShop and Tienda.
The next thing we looked at were our big three ecommerce killers - tax, payment and shipping.
As mentioned above, we need to spend more time testing with a real shop, but I think this could be an excellent ecommerce solution for Joomla.
We've been looking into eCommerce extensions for Joomla recently and found Virtuemart and Hikashop quite bloated, whereas simpler solutions such as Rok Quickcart are really only suitable for shops with a very small number of products.
As a relatively new Joomla developer I was pretty nervous about upgrading one of my sites to add a shop. As an OpenCart developer I highly suspect the issue with Magic Zoom not working was the fault of AceShop. We have installed the (FREE and awesome) AusPost extension on two sites this week alone and it worked straight off. Happy to help anyone wanting to use AceShop in Joomla - as it is so much amazingly better than VM and the other options, there's not much point at looking at the other ecommerce solutions anymore - makes us VERY happy little devs. When you subscribe to AceShop they have a heap of written AND video tutorials for you to watch.
There's also a heap of videos and written tutorials for OpenCart, which is "more or less" your interface and what you see when using AceShop.
It is one of the easiest e-com systems out there for the shop owner to use, plus a heap of videos and other support. AceShop does feature Product Attribute Groups, but not sure if they manage stock based on those attributes.
When you hover over the "Login" menu item at the right side of the top menu, you will see the login module drop down. To log out of the website, hover over the "Members" menu item in the right side of the top menu. Select the Text Filters tab and in the Filter Type column, change the Super Users option to No Filtering.
If you use TinyMCE as your HTML editor (that's the standard one that comes with Joomla), then go to Extensions – Plugin Manager – Editor – TinyMCE.
Or if you're using the popular HTML Editor JCE, go to JCE – Profiles – Default – Editor Parameters – Options – change Allow JavaScript to Yes.

I will continue to try and get an answer about RSForm as I think it is the best free one, but if that fails, I will choose a new solution and produce new lessons. They have great applications but it does not mean a thing if you do not support the people that have made you what you are, and no in reality they do not care! I don't want to give the impression that I am calling them out as much as using this experience as an illustration as to why it is vital to keep communicating.
Thanks for introducing us to Wufoo, I am looking for a good contact form, I am having problems with core Joomla form.
I found RSForms a lot of hard work conpared to setting up the basic built in contact form which does work for the single contact my sites need. For those like me (us) who like to take control of submitted data, I think those forms from joomla!
Richard commented elsewhere on a new RS Media Gallery recently and I was quite impressed with the marketing email I received from them - but after reading the comments here, I think I might just leave it on the shelf! One sees so many positive comment about the support offered by some developers I think they should be actively rewarded. Following your steps, but there is no "Text Filters" tab sitting between the "Integration" tab and the "Permissions" tab. I have not heard of anything that does not use the database to store information in Joomla. Storing your form info in your Joomla database is a common feature of good form builders actually. They're building "versatile, elegant professional Joomla templates" for their members as well as customized extensions to go along with them.
ThemeForest has done a good job lately of trying to bring in more and more Joomla templates and extensions, and there are several developers on ThemeForest that produce top notch templates. They also claim that over that time, more than a million Joomla powered sites are using their templates.
Their club memberships start at $40, which gives you access to dozens of great Joomla templates as well as the new releases as long as your membership is current. In that time they've produced dozens of popular templates and one of the most widely used Joomla template frameworks, Gantry. In addition to templates, JoomlaXTC also produces a large number of extensions to work alongside their themes.
They focus on producing solid templates that stand out from the crowd using their own Gavern Framework.
Knowing that some developers will want one template while others prefer the club style subscriptions, they have structured their pricing to appeal to almost everyone. Shape 5 also creates their own extensions to fit right in with their Joomla themes and is the developer of the Vertex Framework. I left it running for more than 24 hours to process but nor it concluded but the database is created. If you are on Windows theres WAMP, Linux is LAMP, and a universal version is XAMP, so the process should be similar. Display products, store the products in categories, keep a track of items added to each customer's cart, collect the shipping information and process the payment. It is a stand-alone solution, but a "bridge" is available that allows it to run inside a Joomla site.
Well, technically it isn't new as it is a reincarnation of AyelShop, which is now part of the JoomAce family under a new name. Payment is pretty straight-forward and the usual suspects are there; PayPal, 2Checkout, Worldpay and many more. I would also like to hear from more developers, but so far, the JED reviews are mostly positive. I have had some small issues with mods from Open Cart not being out-of-the-box compatible (JoomAce says all of them work that way, but that is not always the case). Ace Shop was on our list to test as the next extension, so it's great to see this review - we'll give it a try. However I was pleasantly surprised with AceShop, I found it pretty easy to get my head round the system. I'd be very interested to see a series of reviews of alternative e-commerce extensions, and to hear about the experiences of people who have used them.
One of the things I'm running into is that the affiliate function is pretty bare; we just switched over a website from Wordpress to Joomla, and the affiliates who were already signed up are complaining that this affiliate program does not track the traffic they bring to the website. When I first looked at it I thought it was too confusing for beginners, which is most of our audience.
Our Beyond the Basics course includes lessons on how to create forms using a free extensions called RSForm! I have been a long time member of RSForms and over the years I have found it best to just figure it out on my own as to ask them for any help. In fact even with their support ticket system in which I think the biggest reason they only wish subscribers to use it is they built and sell it. These developers need to be called out on their attitudes once in a while and my list of those that need it is fairly long.
I tried doing this through the "parameters" button on my joomla 1.5 system and I "whitelisted" the "super administrator" and I then removed the "script" from the tinymce configuraion page but this didn't solve the problem. As far as I am aware Chronforms includes an option to store the the data submitted via the form in the website database. Joomla is a database driven CMS and everything that is collected is saved in the database and I would be cautious of any extension that writes to a file for anything but primary function.

Instead of the traditional club, they have template "packs" based on developer needs or your specific market. You'll find full screen image backgrounds and full width image sliders among other features. AceShop takes OpenCart, a popular open source ecommerce solution and wraps it inside Joomla. Many options are available in AceShop including free, flat rate, per item, by weight and others.
A 12 month subscription is $99, 24 months is $149 or pay once for a lifetime subscription for $499. This is enough to get a good feel for its stability and functionality, but not enough to decide for sure if it is good enough to receive the Joomla ecommerce crown. I have made use of JoomAce support on these issues and without exception they have resolved the issues. When I did get an issue (regarding checkout with out payment) the developer was fast to respond and offered a great work round. I'm searching for an opencart affiliate plugin that is more feature-rich, and I'm hoping that I can integrate it seamlessly with the store we currently have. Wufoo is a comprehensive online form builder that is a joy to use and the basic account is free. This means that if a Super User is logged in, the Joomla core will not filter anything you enter into an article. I could not agree more about the forum and have asked the same question as to why even bother with one if you are not going to support it? In the HTML code editor for an HTML module, the system keeps deleting my code after I click "update".
I am lost and need to get several previously configured Wufoo forms embedded into a newer site. If not, ask the person who built your site to upgrade your level or make this change for you. I still have to check out how to implement this in my new Joomla 3.0 site, but it the option does not seem to be available in many of the other form extensions. This approach means that JoomAce hasn't had to develop an ecommerce application from scratch. But for some, you might need to create two or even three levels of (local, state and federal). JoomAce's other extensions such as AceSEF are well regarded and their support is excellent. So far, I am happy with AceShop - it's the first Joomla e-commerce system I feel good about using. Now they are sending me sarcastic messages to problems with Tags which I haven't even mentioned.
Creating a form with Wufoo is easy, but embedding the code into a Joomla article requires a couple of extra steps.
It would seem to me they would welcome answering questions on the forum if for no other reason than to cut down on the support tickets and answering the same questions over and over. In fact I did and there is another ticket system that is much cheaper and free that puts it to shame. Also, if something is unclear on the frontend, a customer is less likely to buy, so it is critical to choose a solution that works well.
They don't need to maintain one either, however this doesn't mean they're getting a free ride as there is still significant work to integrate it into Joomla. The top navigation options are shortcuts to the most commonly used functions such as Products and Orders. The danger for JoomAce is they are relying on a third party to an extent and if the OpenCart project becomes stale, they can't do much about it. Pro has been upgraded to Joomla 2.5 and our lesson is useful if you choose to go with that option. On the downside I found when testing out the forms there is too much Wufoo branding, but this maybe limited to the FREE version.
But we have received a number of forum inquiries asking about the free version and we have been holding out in the hope that RSJoomla will release an update. I would be interested about form extensions compatible with J3.0 which also offer this option.
However the time it has taken kills our confidence that the product will receive timely updates in the future and adequate support which is so vital with ecommerce.
I looked in their forum and noticed a couple of people had asked if a new version was coming and they received no replies. It did have a 34 step manual installation process, but when this was followed, it still didn't work. But I can't help wondering if the process would have worked directly into an OpenCart installation. To be fair, they state that their forums are not their support mechanism and when I have sent them tickets in the past, the response has been good. I know I am at times and I know how hard it is to keep on top of each communication channel.

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