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Share6 Tweet +1 Pin472 Reddit Stumble EmailShares 478Fallout 4 launched a little more than 11 days ago, and people playing the game have already begun going crazy with using the provided toolset to create some amazing feats of construction, not found anywhere else in any other game to date.
The Starlight Movie Theater is one of the first Fallout 4 settlements that you’re asked to liberate, after you join up with the Minutemen.
The Red Rocket Garage is a really lonely place when the player first encounters it in the main game.
Sanctuary Hills, being the first settlement you visit after emerging from your Vault, is not really much to look at. While many custom made Fallout 4 settlements out there are really impressive, this one has to be among the best. After re-conquering the former stronghold of the Minutemen, and beating a really hard boss to do so, players gain access to The Castle, a crumbling ancient stronghold.
Nerd Much LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program that allows websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. In no real particular order as we're not ranking mods already here are the top 10 mods that people have already created for the recently released Fallout 4. While not perfect this mod freezes the counter on settlement objects so you don't reach a dreaded maximum count when trying to build what crazy sort of thing you want.
Like the description of the mod many are not a fan of the lockpicking system and I honestly just don't care for it. Thought it might be nice to include some preset characters in this list as well considering it is the first week and almost everyone is just starting out. This is another mod that aims to enhance the textures of the game though this mod doesn't aim to improve the resolution of blood, yet improve the decal number of duration for a more realistic effect.
It's time to cook some meth within the wasteland of the future as you play with the grizzled Walter White preset which perfectly captures the character from Breaking Bad quite well. I always like the look of Noire type things and this mod brings just that into the wasteland. This mod is more subtle in how it changes the water though while watching the motion you can see there's a different between the water qualities.
I always love smaller mods that focus on just a single item since it allows me to collect a pile of them for my unique world and honestly the pre-war money texture was bad.
Check out my guide on how to build your own custom player home in a custom location, along with links to all the mods you will need to get started.
Bob is going to build the best tree house ever, it's going to have turrets, rope bridges, and a lift.
This is a trope about initial ideas and grandiose plans than ultimately are unattainable in real life. A good way of showing this is holding the plans in front of the camera and then lowering them to show the finished product. The soldier digging in the book The War of the Worlds is planning on keeping civilisation alive underground.
Knights of the Old Republic II was supposed to be a truly epic followup and was originally planned to be much larger than the original, as evidenced by the massive amount of content Dummied Out of the final release. Concept art for Epic Mickey reveals a deeply disturbing vision of a rotting Disney universe.

BioShock Infinite's Irrational Studios had to put up with a lot of Executive Meddling and make a lot of concessions (heavy focus on combat, a tough male main character, etc.) in order to secure the funding they needed to complete the game, but nearly all those concessions became thematic fodder for the game's story. The famous cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris was originally supposed to have a massive central spire rising far above the two existing towers, which were meant to be far higher, as well.
TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Created by Girlplaysgame, this settlement actually floats in the air above a picturesque lighthouse, boasting more bright colours than the rest of the Fallout 4 wasteland combined. Girlplaysgame has made some pretty impressive settlements before, including a glass treehouse and a home that’s inspired by the Normandy crash site from Mass Effect, although this is by far the largest in scope. For more details, including Girlplaysgame’s Bioshock paintings mod, the list of mods used to build this settlement and the save file you can download for this Fallout 4 Columbia, head over to her blog post about it here. A horde of cosplayers took the stage at the League of Legends theatre at PAX East in Boston today.
Once you do so, you find out that it is nothing more then a small bar and yard full of car wreckages with a radioactive pool of water in the middle of it.
Sure, this is the place you meet your first companion, Dogmeat, but apart from that, it is a Molerat infested garbage dump.
Inhabited only by your former robo-butler, Codsworth, and full of ruined houses, it was just asking for an overhaul. You probably remember the giant Death Robot that the Brotherhood of Steel had in Fallout 3. A beautiful and serene place, with lots of grass and vibrant colors that make us forget that we’re actually in a post-apocalyptic game and that the nuclear holocaust happened. While The Castle, itself, is really not much to look at, another creative gamer has managed to completely restore the place into something to rival even Diamond City. We do not have any relationship with manufacturers, and all product choices are made by our editors, themselves. At this point these are mostly some small texture tweaks, character designs and file changes to benefit players trying to get a quicker start.
I have a thing for redheads and this was, like the title suggest the most beautiful starting character. Already we've been given a mod that greatly improves the quality of the eyes within the game which honestly didn't look great in vanilla style. While better blood mods will come to improve the textures this is a great start for your first playthrough of the game.
Honestly the mod really only seems to make the game black and white though I still appreciate the customization. After playing with the vanilla water I'll really take anything that makes it look better as it's not very appealing, additionally this mod now contains foam! With this mod it greatly improves the textures for pre-war money of current money by including a fresh mod version and a worn out version as well which both look great.
There really isn't any texture changes present within this one it's a standard nude mod, it's just a first week anyways so I'm going to assume more will show up in the future. I built the Glass Treehouse in the Robotics Pioneer Park (located here), a beautiful location in the Commonwealth that spawns occasional of Brotherhood of Steel enemies.

One look at concept art for some computer games can have you asking, "Why isn't the finished game like that?" Lack of time, money and resources is usually the answer. The finished game is pretty obviously a Lighter and Softer compromise between Warren Spector's original vision and Disney's brand-enforcing creative police. For example, the obligatory ISO standard male shooter protagonist is an Atoner with a laundry list of past sins, many of which involve murder, and more than one critic has theorized that the reason the game has far, FAR more combat than necessary was Irrational passive-aggressively commenting on the artistic demands made of them. Once when they had to rebuild the treehouse, everybody had great plans but they ended up basically rebuilding it as it was before.
None of them quite compare to the picturesque splendour of this floating settlement in the sky, inspired by Bioshock Infinite’s Columbia. It's taking speedrunner Distortion2 just over an hour, and he's cutting off minutes every single day. One creative player has completely changed the Red Rocket Garage into a comfortable place for any Wastelander out there. The Red Rocket redux has a full Nuka-Cola vending machine, along with multiple magazine racks, a ton of food and almost all of the entertainment holotapes found in the game.
Well, one intrepid gamer has decided to build his own version of it, in the form a gigantic power armor suit. The house is built around a huge tree, complete with a custom stairwell, a huge veranda with lots of space for furniture and decorations, along with the house on top of this multi-tier construct. Every building is built from wood, there are trees everywhere, and the town even has a custom crafted windmill. Two-storied houses, bridges and completely restored walls are just a few of the features of the new Castle. Note, it also is just scaled to your perk level so you still need certain perks to unlock some areas so it just skips the mini-game for you. It doesn't quite note the resolution used which slightly annoys me, but the quality is clearly present within the material provided. There's just something calming about the game within these textures, not for everyone but great for others I'm sure.
This particular tree was my pick because it is surrounded by water, thus, obviously superior. And again when Grandma Thora gave Arthur and DW her attic to use as a clubhouse - Arthur wanted to make it into an adventure park and DW wanted to turn it into Mary Moocow-topia.
It’s the perfect place for any weary wasteland hero to relax with a few beers and feel safe. You might remember my Mass Effect Normandy-themed player home which was pretty epic but sooooo 2015 :D If you like that playerhome, you may like my new batcave, a glass treehouse with gaming-themed decorations.
Construction began with part of the Currie building built against the Mackenzie building but the college ran out of funds to complete the project, so they left the Mackenzie building standing and joined the Mackenzie and Currie buildings together. Sanctuary Hills now sports a huge wall surrounding the entire town, along with massive defenses and even an Inn, with its own pool table and lots of beverages. The result is one larger building that looks somewhat disjointed◊, though the consistent architectural styles help to mitigate the effect somewhat.

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