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If you came here from the previous section, this means that you have decided that a static website is what you need. Last week we taught you how to make a web site from start to finish, including finding a reliable web host to host your site. The first thing you need to learn when making a web site is basic HTML, and that’s what this lesson will teach you.
Before we let you go, here are some additional resources to help you keep learning and make your web sites great. Also, if you want all of the text from these lessons in one convenient PDF, you can download one here. When you pass gas, or someone next to you does, a cloud of stink is sure to hang around for a while. NOTE: While this article is a bit dated now, the core process and tools are still applicable.
On an average web space will cost you $60 a year and a domain name will cost you about $13 a year. One way to do that is to create your web page a€“ in a software called Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. Once you have created your web page on one of these software, you need to choose an option to a€?send your website to the server companya€? to upload what you have created on the internet.
The only limitation is that the design of the web page will be like that of a blog and the free version has a limited number of fixed designs you can use. So uptill now, we have bought some space, given our website a name and added content to it. The difference between the world of the internet and the real world however, is that in the real world, its all about location. So to attract customers (or readers), the first step to take is to submit your website to the major search engines.
Apart from submitting your website to the engines, you also need to a€?establish yourself as a credible websitea€? in front of Google and other search engines.
The first way to do that is by using special words in your content or articles that people are searching for the most on Google. You need to make sure that all your articles or posts have the best keywords repeated many times in them. The best keywords are those keywords which are being searched by thousands of people on Google but which also currently dona€™t have many websites catering to them. If you take the keyword a€?travela€? for example, there are hundreds of websites if not thousands catering for that keyword even though the demand a€“ the number of people searching for the keywords is also high.
If you use these keywords in your articles and content, you will have a good chance to rank well at Google. Apart from using the right keywords, you can also build credibility with search engines by a€?building linksa€?. Google and other search engines take into account a€?the number of websites that link to your websitea€?. So if you have that bungee jumping site a€“ and many popular adventure sites or sports sites link to your bungee jumping website, then Google will think a€?Ah, OK, so many good websites are linking to this website, so this website must be a good one.a€? If you then have good keywords too, then Google will very happily rank you at the top ! The point is a€“ the more the websites linking to you a€“ the greater your a€?Google credibilitya€? and the greater the chance that you will feature in the top 10 results on Google.
Wordpress does not provide any resources to help you gain credibility with Google a€“ so you will have to put in all of this effort yourself if youa€™re using Wordpress.
Ita€™s as if your shop has now established credibility in the market and is getting quite some visitors. To further boost your shopa€™s sales, you could conduct a special event every week or every month a€“ where you could provide free value to your customers. And now that your website is receiving more and more visitors and has good credibility at Google a€“ you can start with that yummy thing a€“ monetization a€“ money making.
However having said that, you can also go ahead and choose how to make money from your site yourself. If you read this entire 'how to build website' article in one stretch a€“ really, hats off to you! Free, but you will have to learn how to use Joomla - and that will take some days to master. Free, but it only tells you how popular a keyword is, not how many websites already use it. Whether for personal exposure or to promote your business, there are any number of reasons you might be considering building your own website. This flowchart from Basekit allows you to see if various social media sites could serve your purpose more effectively or if it’s time to get down to business and claim some real estate on the Internet.
In order to take advantage of the easiest website builder on the internet you will need to sign up for a 100% free Starter Member account at Wealthy Affiliate University as it is their exclusive website builder, training in basic keyword research and SEO, creation resources and hosting that you will be using all for free.
If you wish to join you can do so at any time from within my Wealthy Affiliate Review page or within the below video. First off WordPress is a widely used website CMS (Content Management System) and it is favored by Google because it makes it very easy for their spider-bots to crawl the website.
Once you have accessed your WordPress Dashboard area as seen in the picture above, you will notice the various menu items within the left side menu. If you click on the word “Posts” within the left menu of your dashboard it will open a screen that will display any of the Posts that you have created.
The same functionality is true for when you wish to create a new Page when clicking the word “Pages” within the left menu of your dashboard. After clicking on the “Add New” button for either a Post or a Page, you will be taken to the WordPress Edit Page. In the blank area just below the title bar, URL, and text icons is where you would type your content and add your media (images & videos).
NOTE: If you should do the same and type up your content in a word document program, you will want to copy and paste that content within the “Text” tab of the editor window and not the “Visual” tab which you are currently within.
Writing your content within WordPress is very similar to writing within a document program.
Those icons will help you in the writing of your content by giving you ways to manipulate how your text will look. When you click the Kitchen Sink icon it will display another row of text editor icons as seen in the picture below.
To the right of the Visual and Text tabs you will also see the Save Draft and Preview buttons.
That is basically it as far as the two main areas of the WordPress editor that are the most important aspects for getting your content created.
If you should decide to join Wealthy Affiliate University for the best online training in up to date WordPress website design, I highly suggest that you join as a Free Starter Member first. My Invitation to YouDo you want to discover a proven and easy way to make money at home, in an online business of your own choosing? GoDaddy is offering Monthly Website Hosting and a FREE Domain Name for only $1.00 per month – only $12 per year!
A wonderful opportunity for an experienced Bursar or, alternatively, a financially aware senior manager. When I came to Labour conference in 2009, a few months before David Cameron came to power, I must have met hundreds of people but only one person argued with me and it was the conservative contrarian, Peter Hitchens. SwagGrabber is a free online resource to find the best online deals, freebies, coupons, and a whole lot more! Every deal you see, every coupon posted, and every freebie shared has been researched and tested for validity by our team.
Simply start following SwagGrabber each day and signing up for deals and watch your mailbox fill with goodies!
Before you start to build a website you should decide the concept of your site, you need to know who is going to visit your site and decide what type of visitor you are looking for and build a website based on that.
Once you know what your concept is and the type of visitor you are targeting you will have a better understanding of how to build a website that will appeal to their needs, and this should influence the overall design of the site you are going to build. By doing your homework and checking your competitors websites out you have a better insite on how to build a website that will not only look better but preform better as well. Sometimes its not possible to have all your keywords in your domain name as the domain might already be owned by someone else.
If someone looks at your domain name it should also give that person a good indication of what the website is about. Domains are purchased for 1 year at a time and cost less than $10.00 for the year, you can purchase them for longer and save. Choose a company that has stood the test of time and has a easy to use control panel like GoDaddy. When you build a website the website building software that you use will store all your files on their computers so that your web pages can be viewed on the internet.
Others like WordPress are free to use but do not include hosting, if you decide to use these to build a website you will need to sign up for hosting.
There are lots of website builders on the web that you can use to make a website some even offer you to build a website free, bad idea if you think you can create a website that will work with these.
Think about it nothing is free, when you sign up and start to build a free website you will soon realise that you have to upgrade to build a professional website and this costs money.
If you would like to use a website builder find one that offers a free trial, this way you get to use all the features, try the templates, and see how easy it is to use with out spending any money, hosting is included. Make sure you choose a reliable company that has been around for a while, not some cheap company that offers you the world then closes down in a few months time, find out how to build a website with the best web site builders. A good hosting company will have the WordPress installation icon in their dashboard as well as other web design tools. Now that you have either signed up to a website builder or web-hosting and using WordPress you should try different templates if you are using a site builder or themes if you used WordPress to get the design style that you want, edit back-ground-colours and get the look and feel of your new website.

You have checked out the competition and have some idea of the content you want on your site, pages you would like to build and how your navigation will work.
Divide your content up using the heading tags, H1 is the most important followed by H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 least important. Start with the H1 heading tag place your main keywords in the tag, you can include other words to make it natural if you want.
Next add some text which you have prepared about your site, followed by the H2 tag followed by more text another heading tag more text and so on. You can only use the H1 tag once on the page, all the other tags can be used more than once. Images should be optimised to compress their file size and make them faster loading, use image tools to get the best results before you upload the image to the page. Include relevant keywords in a number of prominent areas on your site, from the titles and body text of your pages to your URLs to your meta tags to your image file names for best SEO practice. Place social media buttons on each page of your site, visitors using the share buttons will be promoting the page they share on Facebook, Twitter and the rest.
Create a sitemap and submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools. Once the home page is complete continue to build the rest of the pages until your site is completed. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to build a website, if want us to create your website or need help building your own please contact me.
Free domain included or add a domain you own - Install WordPress in a few clicks - Great support team.
Narrow down your vision and think before you launch your website?  What are your objectives?
Your second step to build a website for your business, services, products, or organization is to decide a Domain Name. Instruct yourself on the nature and purpose of copyright and trademark possibilities, and then do an investigation to see if it’s something you may want to do. Search the web for various and unique web templates and add-ons or widget you might like to use for your website.
Search Engine Optimization is a procedure to make your website or an individual web page to make it rank highly and more likely to be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for a unique keyword. The next step to build a website is signing up for an analytics service to understand what type of content better for your website, how visitors found your site and how you enhance the visitors experience.
The webosphere is a big and busy world with over 100 million website and growing and you want to make sure people are viewing all of your content. Recognize other websites you like or related to yours and comment on their posts or website. If you came here directly you can go the previous section Find Out if You Need a Static Website or a Dynamic Website to determine which type of website do you need.
Here’s the complete guide so you have access to all the lessons in one convenient location.
That's the magic of the differential, a seemingly complex meshing of various gears and splines that delivers separate power to each driven wheel.
However, many more tools than the ones mentioned here are now available to build a website. Wea€™re going to cut the crap and try to figure out how to build a website and make money from it.
Both these software require some effort to master a€“ so you will have to practice a bit before you can actually create your web page.
Your a€?servera€? is basically the computer that actually a€?hostsa€?or provides a€?spacea€? for your website. This is a software that has an easy website builder where you simply have to enter text, upload pictures and click a€?add pagea€? and the page gets added onto your site!
Wordpress has an extremely simple a€“ a€?learn in 15 minutesa€? site builder that anyone can use to create a web page in minutes. If you have a website about bungee jumping, you will most likely get people visiting your site when people type stuff like a€?I want to bungeea€? or a€?Places for bungee jumpinga€? on Google.
On the other hand if you take the keyword a€“ a€?Haberdashers in Western Mauranipura€? a€“ there will hardly be any demand for this keyword. The greater this number of links and the credibility of the website that links to your website, the more credible your own website is with Google. Wordtracker has excellent keyword choosing packages (paid) that help you choose high demand and low supply keywords.
Similarly, to further help your visitors and increase your credibility, you can now start what is called a a€?newslettera€? This newsletter is an email you can send to visitors to your site a€“ telling them about the latest bungee jumping offers or facts about bungee jumping. I know thata€™s a terribly complicated term a€“ but all it simply means is that visitors to your website can easily receive updates to your website by email or by using special software called a€?RSS readersa€?. You simply register here a€“ and Google starts supplying you with adds that you can display on your website. You basically sell other people's books, guides, or products on your site and when any visitor to your site buys them, you earn a commission. Wea€™ve basically discussed the crux of what all is involved in answering the question - how to build a website and make money from it. Uploading is very easy but there is a limited "blog like" design you are compelled to use (in the free version). Uploading content is extremely easy and you can get a "website style" look without much effort. However I am going to show you how to build an easy website using WordPress that will surprise you in its simplicity.
You will not need your debit or credit card to join, just your name and a valid email address.
This video will show you how quick (under 30 seconds) your website will be created for you. The easier a website is to be crawled by the Google spider-bots, the better Google can index your content and in turn rank your content. Though there are several items within the menu, I am only going to focus on two of them as they are the main points of interest in creating your content of the niche you have selected for your website.
I personally write all of my content in a word document program and not directly into the WordPress editor.
It utilizes many of the same typing and font functionality which are displayed by way of icons along the top of the editor window.
However there are more important text editor icons that are not visible, yet are very important for the creation of your website content.
From left to right these are: Paragraph (Text Type), Underline, Align Full, Select Text Color, Paste as Plain Text, Paste from Word, Remove Formatting, Insert Custom Character, Outdent, Indent, Undo, Redo, and Help. I recommend that you experiment with many of the various menu functionality buttons to see what they do. Just like you would test drive a car before you buy it, you should test drive the features and training of Wealthy Affiliate before paying for any upgrades.
Then I want to invite you to become a free member of an amazing training community of successful entrepreneurs.
Learn more on how you can get results in becoming your own boss with this easy to understand approach.
Any one can use this program, it includes templates and easy explanations to help you build a basic site. Exposure to clients from day one and working on a wide range of challenging projects with like minded experts.
There is NO Spam on SwagGrabber and it is updated all day everyday with the very best deals available! Building your own website can be a challenge, but not if you follow our beginner tutorials on how to build a website for dummies.
Is it well written with accurate titles and a good paragraphs of content that relates to each title? Look for the sitemap and click on it, this will give you a list of all the pages on the website and you can visit any page. Blogging is a great way to add fresh content to your site, and that means the search engine spiders will keep visiting to see whats new.
Comments are great for visitors to interact, think about allowing comments on your pages, you have to approve all comments so no spam will get through. It will give you ideas on the design layout, the amount of pages they have on their site (use their sitemap) and the quality of their content. The domain name that you register should be the same name as your website or as close to it as possible, and include your main keyword-phrase.
Search engines will rank your site higher, they know you intend to be in business for at least 5 years, and it works out cheaper.
Do not copy content from other sites, those sites are already indexed and search engines know every-word, copy from them and your site will get penalized. Images should be named with a keyword phrase, the image alt tag should also include your keywords for the page. This will slow the loading time of the page down, and will effect your page position on search results and you could loose impatient visitors that have a slower internet connection as they will not wait for the page to load. Search engines like content and plenty of it, this does not mean the more pages you have the better your site will rank. Once done start a blog and post a new blog post every week this will keep those search engine spiders visiting and help your on page SEO.
Find a few good quality back-links with the same content as your site and post your link in blogs, comments and forums. If you want to build your own website but are not sure where to begin, the following key steps will help you to make it simpler, quickest and more modernized process.

Wording, Spelling and its length are the important factor when you’re deciding a Domain Name. You will find almost every functional tools for your website like an RSS feed, weather update, Twitter Badge, Digg News, Facebook Like and Recommend, Google Map Widget, YouTube Videos or a search bar. If you have a website, then you will need to update your Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter etc. But the work can be speed up by using a Development Software or a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor like Dreamweaver, CofeeCup, Aptana Studio etc. This pre-World War II video produced by General Motors is actually an incredibly straightforward and informative look at what goes on underneath your car to make it move. The advantage is a€“ that without the hassle of buying anything, you can just go ahead and start building your site! It provides a domain name (and also helps you choose the ideal one), web hosting, a site-builder and helps extensively with each and every point I will mention in this article.
They are however better than the system in the olden days when you had to type out HTML code to create a website.
Everyone asks this Google guy a€“ a€?where do I get bungee jumping information?a€? Or "which is the best hospital in town"?
Leta€™s say there are a lot of people searching on the internet about a€?how to bungee jumpa€?. But the advantage is that there will also be hardly any websites about this keyword already present, so it will be quite easy to rank within the top 10 search results on Google for this keyword. Basically, it is an email they will frequently receive from you and establish a connection.
Imagine a€“ if 1 hundred thousand people visit your site every month, then even if you sell a t-shirt to those 1 hundred thousand people, at least 10-20 people will buy right? It also has detailed step by step instructions related to pursuing each money-making method for example a€?writing an e-booka€?.
Of course wea€™ve not really gone into the exact a€“ details of each thing wea€™ve discussed but I guess you've got the big picture. If you are familiar with writing document files in a word program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, then creating content for your WordPress website will be quite easy. Getting the highest Google rankings is what many who create websites want so they can gain traffic and then customers. NOTE: A Page is the content that by default appears within your website menu, which most times appears along the top of the website screen.
The first thing you will want to do is type the name (title) of your Post or Page into the Title bar. When you first open the editor there will be one row of text editor icons along the top under the Add Media button, as seen in the below picture. NOTE: You want to click the down arrow next to “Paragraph” so that it will display other options, such as the Heading Tags you may want to use. When you are in the creation phase of your content, prior to actually publishing it on the internet, you will want to save your work by clicking the Save Draft button.
If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get back to you shortly.
It really is the best way to build a website and Google loves WordPress websites, which means they will rank better and are simple enough to be used on mobile devices, which is also very important now in 2015 and going forward. I have never seen them offer this before so make sure to take advantage of this NOW – it could end at any time!
This really is an AWESOME opportunity to take that idea you have for a site and make it a reality! There are so many free tools readily available, you need to find the one that best suites your needs.
The sites that you find on page one of the search results are there because they are doing something right.
Type the name you would like in the search, if its available purchase it if not try again with a number or add the letter s at the end, or add your name followed by the domain. If you have more than one image on the page use a different keyword phrase in the image alt tag, or you will over optimise the phrase.
It means take your time on each new page you build, write for humans not search engines and try have at least a minimum of 500 words on each page when you build a website.
On this page you’re going to find a few different options on building a website of your own.
YesORNo Close this popup Discover My New Helpful Wordpress Tutorials & Plugin Reviews Subscribe! Keeping your ideas unique will support you to develop a suitable name and relevant content. Luckily for you there are several Open Source Content Management System (CMS) available in the market that allows you to build a website in seconds such as WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, and Drupal etc. Several Analytics services are available on the web but we have showing you the best free analytics tools: Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics or StatCounter. Although if you don't know Html and CSS, you can still do things with the help of Development Software, but learning Html and CSS is a lot better (trust me on this :) ).
Later, if you want your own domain name and a different design you can buy tools and features and make your changes. Basically, it is like a website building coach who sits next to you and guides you at every step.
I dona€™t recommend buying web space and a domain name right away if ita€™s your own website (not an established companya€™s) and budget is a constraint.
The web hosting company will provide you more details related to their server when you buy web space from them.
Joomla is the most popular content management system in the world (it's free) and it has been used to create Harvard University's and IHOPa€™s websites. Then it makes sense to write an article whose heading is a€?how to bungee jump?a€? This article should also then include the word a€?how to bungee jump" many times to let Google know that the article is indeed about a€?how to bungee jumpa€?. The best keywords are therefore the keywords in the middle a€“ keywords which have a high demand but a low supply. So, to make things easier, herea€™s a table that summarizes how to build a website and how to go about online website building! It also has videos and articles that tell you exactly how to implement RSS, how to get regular visitors and how to monetize.
After watching the video, please continue reading below , starting with my next section entitled, How to build a website with WordPress. It also gives me an extra way to save my content for emergency purposes should something go wrong with WordPress and my content is lost.
Like I said above, if you are using a document program like Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write up your content, you will want to copy and paste that content into the “Text” tab area of the editor. Then if you wish to see what it will look like on your website you would click the Preview button. Make sure to Save Draft any content that you made changes prior to experimenting with any of the editor functionality. Visitors sharing your content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks will give the page a free good quality backlink from the social network they share your page on, helping your off-page SEO. A good sitemap pings search engines every time you build a new page, update a page or get a comment on a page, and this will help the page get indexed quicker.
Once you have your own domain name hosted you will need to install these CMS on your website. However, Joomla is still a bit complicated in the sense that you will have to spend some days familiarizing yourself with how things work. This will help to strip out the added hidden code that those document programs embed into the text. What can I do that is better than other sites with the same topic as the site I want to build.
Some webhosts also have 1-Clcik install feature (Softaculous and Fantastico) that makes your life easier. We were also talking about the fact that most people will find us ONLY on Google or other search engines. So now every time you want to publish any changes made as you build your website, you will click the Update button. If you show me how to do something via a video tutorial I’ll have no problem repeating the process. I believe it was at this point I realized that my video tutorials were actually helping people.I then created myself a new YouTube account and started creating videos for YouTube, Wealthy Affiliate and my own websites. That way I can help many other people like yourself who want to create their own website or blog without having to pay a professional company $1,000’s of dollars.
As I mentioned in the beginning you have a few options when it comes to building a website, and I want you to know that which ever option you take you can come to me for help.Option #1  Follow my step by step tutorial, but you will need to purchase a domain and hosting. Hosting varies from $5 to 10 per month.Option #2  Create a free siterubix website and become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community. This video is around 1 hour and 24 minutes long, so I recommend that you grab yourself a coffee plus a pen and paper to take notes.
The biggest benefit is that you don’t need to invest any money to build a website or access the community and in-depth training.
If you’re stuck on something or do you just what my opinion on your current progress.

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