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And, as some industrious design students figured out, you can create a bike frame at home by learning to laminate and mold your own plywood elements.
Wow, that frame looks great, i'm thinking of building one too, where did you get all teh dimensions from to make the holes in the right places? It's basically two 8 foot long 1x2s with a bunch of cross pieces to hold the tires in place. You can use 2x6's for the cross pieces and save yourself a bunch of time (cut a bunch of 24" long 2x6 sections, screw them in, done),  but stores were closed to I used what I had around. A new design for a bicycle which comes in a flatpack has been presented at the Dutch Design Week. Rather than using a welded frame, the bike is engineered as a sandwich of two weatherproof coated frames of layered plywood. It gives my Eames lounge-ish chair its perfect shape, and is quite functional in my walnut magazine end table and this laptop riser I hacked from an IKEA stool.

These are bonded by ‘smart cylinders’, aluminium frames and components which combine with the plywood to form a solid transportation device that is eye-catching and durable.
Besides repelling water and dirt, these layers are also breathable, so the wood doesn’t get damaged by residual moisture. A saw can be used on the plywood, but this is also true for aluminium frames, and all that a thief or vandal would be left with is two unusable bike-halves.
Even if you're not digging on building a bike frame, this is a great tutorial for learning how to mold and bend plywood.
If I get one more bike, I'll probably need to build a second rack, so I might copy this one! Instead of sanding the sides, is there any harm in covering the wood with duck tape where wheels go?
Small plastic profiles fit between the aluminium beams and the plywood, to manage material stress and redistribute loads.

The entire construction has been load-tested on heavy-duty machines to ensure the bike has long-lasting potential. I thought that having a suspension system integrated into the frame was a really cool idea. I used some as-is IKEA MDF slab table-tops and screwed pairs of 12 inch deep MDF flaps to the undersides of the tables to create angle-parking down one side of my garage. Ideally vibrations and bumps would be absorbed into the frame and returned back to the wheels, without making the frame too bouncy. The frame I built consists of plywood, fiberglass, epoxy, and even paper, so there is no welding required.

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